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I wonder if this is doing any good, and the Feed

I sometimes wonder why I continue to do this to myself, because I’m not making much money from it. Donations are trickling in now, which is better than it was but we still had to make the choice between groceries and paying the electric bill this week. My bike business has disappeared as my customer base is going through pretty much the same thing I’m going through except not as bad, while their jobs are cutting back they at least still have jobs as there is no way to outsource those jobs. Instead their bosses are trying to push wages down to Chinese levels to “compete” against some mythical “other”. I really don’t understand what is going on with the economy. Companies are sitting on trillions of dollars in liquid assets but refuse to raise wages or create more jobs that would put that money in circulation and bring it back fatter. Apple alone has more than a billion dollars in liquid assets, and I don’t even want to speculate on the oil companies, considering that Exxon alone made more than $4B last year in profits… Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against “profits”, but when one corporation has higher profits than several small countries’ GDP combined, well there’s something inherently wrong there. And also consider the taxes Exxon paid on the $4B+ of profits last year, why I could almost make a house payment off their taxes on $4B. Yep, something is wrong, but I can’t quite put my finger on where it is wrong… And I still can’t buy fuel for my bike motor because of that.

Another SC cyclist is killed, information being withheld until they can figure out how to blame the victim. Cyclist Dies After Being Struck By Car In Anderson I’m being cynical here on why they are withholding the mode of the wreck, but AFAIK the name of the cyclist is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. A later report has the wreck as a hit-from-behind with the cyclist not having ID on his body after the wreck (before the wreck maybe, the crime scene looks like a yard sale). Bicycle rider dies after being struck by car If you look in the gallery you can plainly see the blinky light on the back of the bike, but no word on the functionality of the light before the wreck. I used the brightness setting in GIMP to be able to see the details in the crime scene pictures outside the flash zone, the really heartbreaking picture for me was the blood-stained shoe sitting on the road. From the few pictures of the bike and car in the gallery I would say the cyclist was hit in the leg as the car passed too close, the missing shoe appears to be a left one and the right front fender of the car is pretty torn up. Also you can see the car was not moved from where it stopped after hitting the cyclist as evidenced by the skid marks that end under the tires. The bike shows tumble damage but no damage from the actual impact from the car, which is what lead me to hypothesise the passing too close scenario. The fork is broken at the dropouts but not seriously bent as it would have been had it been hit by the car. I didn’t see any clear pictures of the bike’s handlebars to determine if the bike had a headlight or if there was damage from the rider holding the handlebars when he was hit. There was a clear shot of the area on the front of the car where the road dust had been removed by contact with the victim, and of the heavy windshield damage. All the evidence I can see points to a buzz job pass, but I can’t say if it was deliberate or a mistake in judgement. There was another article on this wreck but it was behind a paywall so I won’t link it.

More on a driver admitting he hit a cyclist and left him to die in the dark. Man pleads guilty in hit-and-run that killed Santa Cruz cyclist Zachary Parke He faces a maximum of 2 years in jail for this killing.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years running, a child following his mother across a highway through a residential area is hit and seriously injured. Boy, 9, critically injured after car struck his bicycle The intersection in question was uncontrolled with an unmarked crosswalk. The comments for the article have been closed… More 9 yr old struck by car critical and Boy Critical After Car Smashes Into Bike

More on the cyclist hit by a drunk driver in full view of LEO investigating a previous hit-and-run involving the driver that hit the cyclist. Cyclist in coma Somehow the driver made bail (after spending a week in the pokey between his arrest and bail hearing) and has been told to not drive and to not drink. Having car keys in his possession would be a violation of his bail, much less actually driving a motor vehicle.

From Oz, a ninja cyclist is hit in the dark while crossing a highway. Cyclist killed in highway car collision Apparently the cyclist was sitting in the median when the light changed to amber, and one vehicle stopped but the weapon vehicle didn’t and hit the cyclist. I’m still somewhat confused by this as I can’t see the video of the article with the pictures of the bike and the narrative makes very little sense to me.

And that’s all the links that give me fits today.

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