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I wasted a lot of time and effort today, and the Feed

If you click on the link to my BikeJournal journal, you’ll see a ride for a bit over 18 miles in temperatures that ranged from high 30s to low 40s. What you won’t see is that ride was to pick up a pair of watches from a local car dealer that was trying to get people in to buy cars. Now I like cars, as art objects and on a race track. Sharing the road with me, not so much. Drivers be crazy, you know? Anyway, I ride all this way against a heavy headwind (when you can feel your clothes press against you that is a heavy headwind, I don’t car what weather.com says the winds are) to get this watch, get it home and open the box and follow the instructions to start the watch and set the time, and the watch runs about 15 seconds while I’m trying to get the time set and quits. Ninety minutes of riding time, frozen fingers from the cold and the wind, scorn from the salesmen as they see the bike, and I don’t even get the time set on the watch before it quits running. I tell you there ought to be a law…

Up first are two more links to that drunk driver that hit a cyclist from behind on a Portland OR bridge. Driver arrested in St. Johns Bridge bike crash and DUII suspect hits cyclist on St. Johns Bridge Sorry about the comments section for that second link, Facebook apparently put every comment to every article on that web site on the link to that article… Anyway the same advice applies to the wreck that I gave before, narrow lanes with high curbs and no place to get away from idiot drivers make this a bad choice to ride on, unfortunately it’s pretty much the only choice across the river for several miles in either direction. Given an impaired driver there was no way for the cyclist to avoid this wreck.

Bouncing to the other side of the country we have multiple links to a hit-and-run on Staten Island NY. Cyclist is killed by hit-&-run driver on S.I. and Relatives of cyclist killed in S.I. hit & run ask public’s help to find driver And Bicyclist Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver on Howard Avenue also 29-Year-Old Cyclist Killed by Hit-And-Run Driver in Staten Island finally Wagner College mourns the loss of Staten Island hit-and-run victim Ronald Tillman At this point it appears the cyclist was riding salmon when he was hit no word on how much that affected his actually getting hit, but it had to contribute some. Anyway, don’t ride salmon, and use hit-from-behind protocols to prevent this from happening to you, assuming that the driver was paying any attention to the road at all. Late link from Gothamist [UPDATE] Cops Search For Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed Cyclist On Staten Island

Back to OR for a SWSS. Cyclist injured in Highway 20 crash My hackles rise when I see stuff like this quote: “The crash took place after bicyclist Victoria Howry, of Bend, crossed in front of a 1989 Toyota Corolla that was driving behind her, according to a Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office news release.

A little Infrastructure! news from the UK. Senior policeman calls for tougher sentences for drivers who kill You know when you get a bigger fine for running a red light than you do for running over a person and killing them, something is screwy… just sayin’.

More infrastructure news from Oz. Greens push for increase in bike ‘dooring’ fines Considering that the current fine is just a fraction of running a red light, but at equal danger to cyclists as running a red light, the legislation is a bit overdue. To quote one of the comments: “On the same day The Age is reporting that over 17,500 Victorians were last year given on-the-spot fines of $180 for putting their feet on a seat on public transport, fining offenders $120 for potentially killing a cyclist seems trifling to say the least. Good on you Greg. It sounds like traffic and other fines generally need to be reviewed.

And I have to run, I have a ritualist’s meeting at church to plan our next Sunday service, nad as I’m supposed to take a part in this service, I had best be there hadn’t I?

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