In another rush today, and the Feed

I have to get this post done early today, because I have to get on the road and do things like buy beans, and also stuff for the government that I can’t tell you about until it’s done. It’s bike-related stuff.

I have been tempted to do a post that was just a list of links and headlines, but not today. I think it would be boring to read and definitely boring to do, but quick to put up on days I don’t have much time to work.

Up first because it’s from TX is a story with several links. Bicyclist killed after getting hit twice Later Elderly bicyclist killed in Mercedes hit-and-run accident and Pickup truck impounded after hit-and-run kills Mercedes bicyclist The initial wreck that caused the cyclist to go into the street was never explained, the van just “hit” the cyclist with no other explanation given. It wasn’t written explicitly, but the part about the van driver trying to flag down other traffic to prevent the cyclist from getting hit again indicates the rider was down for several seconds, long enough for the initial weapon vehicle to stop and the driver get out and start waving arms around before the cyclist was hit the second time. It also wasn’t spelled out explicitly that the cyclist was “down” down, he could have been knocked off the bike and trying to get back on his feet when the second vehicle struck him.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running, they killed another one. 18-year-old bicyclist dies in Ruskin crash This looks to be another “Stale Green” wreck as there is a long way to go from one side of the road to the other. Also there is a T intersection there which indicates a very short amber phase. more links Deadly crash detours traffic off Highway 41 in Ruskin for several hours and Bicyclist, 18, dies in Ruskin crash

Another FL wreck. Bicyclist Seriously Injured In Hit-And-Run Crash The wreck description sounds like hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid becoming a victim in a similar wreck. More Delray Beach bicylist hurt in Boca Raton hit-and-run crash also Boca Raton Police Investigate Serious Hit And Run Accident

Moving to OH we have links to a fatal bike wreck there. Shelby man killed in bicycle-car crash Charges pending Charges pending in bicyclist’s death and also Shelby Man Killed Riding His Bicycle In Madison Township The fact that manslaughter charges are in consideration is a Big Deal in this hit-from-behind wreck. You can see from the crime scene pictures that there was no place for the cyclist to go except the main travel lane because of the piles of snow in the shoulder, which reduces the cyclist’s choice of escape routes for using the hit-from-behind protocols. More A bicyclist was killed after being hit by a car in Madison Township Sunday night.

And that’s all the links that give me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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