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I don’t think it will come as a surprize to any of my readers to find out I am somewhat liberal by US standards. The rest of the world would call me a flaming conservative, but in the US I’m dang near a communist infiltrator (which is kind of funny, one of my first assignments was pretending to be a communist infiltrator and blowing up infrastructure (that needed replacing anyway)), because I think that workers should be paid a fair wage with decent benefits, that health care should be paid for and run by the government, that teachers should be paid commensurate with the costs of their requires levels of education, and that taxes should reflect your costs to government as well as your income. What does this have to do with anything? Just that there is a concerted effort in the Congress right now to deny poor women access to birth control via their medical insurance. I could be unkind and say that for any employer that wants to deny women access to contraception they must also deny their male employees access to ED treatments, but that would be wrong on two counts. First ED treatment is a use at need medication, and second contraception protects women against conception after unwanted sexual contact, like rape. In other words ED treatment is only taken when men want to have sex, while contraception is needed even for women that don’t want to have sex. It ain’t a matter of “just don’t have sex”, it’s removing a layer of protection from women who don’t want to get pregnant even when they don’t have the option of saying “no”. This is why allowing employers the option of removing contraception from their health care plans is immoral. And by some standards that makes me a flaming liberal.

Up first is a funny report on a cyclist that wanted to fight after he was hit with a car. Drunk Bicyclist Arrested By Santa Monica Police For Challenging Paramedics To Fight OK first of all don’t ride drunk, second don’t ride in the sidewalk, and third I know the adrenaline is high after you are in conflict with a car because you are literally in a life-or-death situation but you really need to confine your violence to the driver of the car. As for the wreck itself it appears to be a SWSS except the “suicidal cyclist” survived the wreck.

Another sidewalk cyclist wreck, this time a fatality in KS. Bicycle rider run over, killed by garbage truck in Hutchinson and Bike Rider Killed In Accident With Garbage Truck I like a comment from the first link “Why was the garbage truck being driven on the sidewalk?” From what I can pull out of the reports the truck ran over the cyclist either from the side or the back as the cyclist continued straight on the sidewalk and the truck turned across it. The cyclist had right of way in this wreck, not that the driver of the truck cared before hitting him…

Some good news in that Shreveport hit-and-run fatality with another cyclist that survived, the surviving cyclist has been released from the hospital. Injured cyclist leaves hospital The most important quote from the article:”Authorities said Joseph Branch had a .307 percent blood alcohol content at the time of the crash.” Branch being the driver that killed Crowson and nearly killed Morris. That level of BAC% would be fatal for a normal person who didn’t drink to excess regularly, and even most alcoholics would be comatose for a time, which makes this not the second DUI for the driver, just the second time he got caught. And the thing is if LEO had not caught this guy while he was still drunk it would have been so much worse for the victims, who would have been at least partially at fault for “being in the way”.

More on the cyclist hit-and-run on his way home from school in NYC. Cyclist Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver Was Studying Nursing, Family Says Well it’s sad he was killed, but the driver has had adequate time to sober up now so the wreck will be the cyclist’s fault for riding salmon.

I’m not sure if this is followup or Infrastructure! 9 NYC Cyclist Deaths That Still Raise Questions The one thing that all of these have in common is a lack of investigation by NYPD, they were all “accidents” and “nobody’s fault”, or the cyclist being blamed in spite of zero evidence one way or the other… More Council Examines NYPD Actions in Traffic Crime Investigations Gothamist weighs in Here’s Why Drivers Get Away With Murder In NYC Some good comments in that link.

From Oz, a hit-and-run from almost a decade ago is still raising hackles because of perceived privilege on the part of the driver. Attorney-General under pressure in McGee hit-run case You have to read the article, there is no simple way to summarise it…

Also in Oz a cyclist that was run off the roads swerved to miss a wreck. Cyclist injured in near miss with car at Bray Park Nothing about the vehicle the cyclist was trying to avoid (after all those things kill people, to the tune of 33000 in the US in 2010). And I can say from personal experience that a tib-fib fracture is painful and takes a long time to recover from (especially if it isn’t diagnosed until they get around to trying to fix the messed-up knee they didn’t diagnose until 3 months after the wreck). I still have a painful bone scar from my tib-fib fracture…

And final link from MD with a LifeStyle article. Q&A: City cyclist Rev. Andrew Foster Connors

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today,

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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