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Gods give me serenity and patience NOW! and the Feed

I was just reading an article from a VA newspaper that their Assembly has just passed a bill that makes a fertilized human egg a “person”, and subject to all the laws that protect a person in VA. The upshot of this is to make treatments for some life-threatening medical conditions illegal because they kill the “person” of the embryo, as well as several forms of birth control. The bill was submitted by a “small government” Republican who has no concept of the word “irony” when he repeatedly says he “wants government out of our lives”, while he places it squarely in women’s uteri. This is also a person that has railed against “socialist” bike lanes while calmly pushing for more and more roads that only work for motor vehicles. Hence the wording of today’s headline…

Up first because of being in the same state as WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell, a Houston man is hit-and-run. Bicyclist critically injured in hit-and-run Notice the 7 lanes of concrete the cyclist was supposedly trying to cross when he was hit. I couldn’t see any clear pictures of the bike because this computer doesn’t show videos. More Bicycle Rider Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years running 2 cyclists are involved in a hit-and-run in the bike lane with one fatality. 2 Cyclists Struck in Hit and Run on Rickenbacker Causeway and Person Of Interest Located In Rickenbacker Cyclists Hit & Run that link updated while I was trying to post it to the blog also 2 injured in Rickenbacker hit-and-run more Driver flees after striking 2 cyclists Well it seems they can’t decide if the second cyclist is alive or dead some links state he died, other say he is in critical condition with little chance of survival but they are later than the ones that said he was dead, so ??? As for avoiding this one, the cyclists were struck from behind in the bike lane with a concrete barrier to the right cutting off their escape route, the only way to avoid this wreck was to be going faster than the car that hit them.

Still in FL a cyclist is hit when a motor vehicle violated his right of way while turning. Bicycle rider hit by SUV, seriously injured The weapon vehicle was making a right turn on red while the cyclist was making a left turn with the green light. I’m still trying to get the geometry of this wreck worked out as I can’t visualize a crossing that would result in the 2 coming together unless the cyclist was facing the opposite direction of the driver and turned in front of him, but for that to happen the cyclist would have had to be turning during the green arrow phase of the light. Well however it happened LEO say he was not at fault in the wreck and charges are pending against the driver. Since I can’t figure out the geometry of the wreck just use intersection protocols in the general case, head on a swivel and all that.

Not out of FL yet as this 5YO is hit by a semi… 5-Year-Old Critically Injured in Bike Accident The cyclist had poor SA typical of a 5YO riding a bike, you can avoid a wreck like this by not riding on a sidewalk and not being 5YO. More Semi hits boy trying to cross major road on bicycle and 5-year-old bicyclist hit by car in Sarasota finally 5-year-old boy critical after hit crossing busy Sarasota road OK the other links paint a picture that is even worse than the 5YO riding off by himself, the parents were tailing him in a car… OMG

A bizarre wreck in CA. Man dies after falling off bicycle overnight Apparently the cyclist had a mechanical malfunction and had a minor wreck, passed out while washing his wounds in a nearby creek, and died from exposure overnight. More Red Bluff found dead after bicycle crash Bad headline there, the entire town of Red Bluff was not found dead.

NYPD is getting roasted over charges that cyclist and pedestrian deaths are being glossed over or ignored. Mathieu Lefevre Case Prompts City Council Hearing on NYPD’s Investigation of Cycling Deaths and NYPD grilled for Lefevre investigation another one Mathieu Lefevre Death Leads To City Council Hearing Over NYPD’s Handling Of Accidents

And a rare UK link has a driver convicted of assault after using his vehicle as a weapon against a cyclist. Video: driver jailed for using bus as ‘weapon’ against cyclist Warning the video is graphic and disturbing.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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