Making my mind bleed, and the Feed

I really should stop reading anything in the news that isn’t a bicycle wreck, the levels of public schooled, standardized testing approved education with no ability to reason their way out of a paper bag displayed by legislators is making my mind bleed from the cognitive dissonance. I would direct you to the sites in question, but that would mean I would have to read it again and even the headlines cause me pain. I can tell you what they are about: legislators want to take care of the babies that will be born to women that can’t afford them and did not want to have them in the first place but were denied access to birth control and abortion by making it impossible for teh gays to adopt them, a woman at BYU was sexually harassed by a male student because she had a couple inches of tights showing between her boots and her skirt, more ranting about how paying for bike lanes with tax dollars is “socialist” while at the same time advocating for more tax funds to build more roads in the next paragraph. I tell you sometimes I wonder, and then I read what these people have to say and all supposition is cast aside and I know that the Orwellian ideal of “doublethink” has been achieved. For those who don’t know what “doublethink” means, your education has been sadly deprived. I suggest a thorough reading of 1984 for a primer on the ability to hold two conflicting ideas in your head at the same time without dissonance or even a sense of irony.

Up first by reason of proximity and because it’s another example of the thinking that has permeated everything in TX, a hit-and-run driver was given a ticket in Austin after being caught by witnesses and returned to the scene. Witnesses catch hit and run driver after cyclist injured I don’t know what the ticket was for, but hit-and-run is a felony in TX and requires booking in jail. The cyclist was hit from behind immediately after crossing an intersection, so since hit-from-behind by turning vehicles is a part of intersection protocols that is what should be applied in this case to prevent a similar wreck.

Another TX wreck, not as good an outcome. Bicyclist Hit & Killed By Vehicle Looking at those crime scene pictures brought back really bad memories. The vehicle that hit this guy had to be doing in excess of 40 MPH when it happened. And the bike is so badly damaged that you can’t even see if he had reflectors or not, the place where they would have been was destroyed by the impact.

A young cyclist in CT is injured in a wreck with a motor vehicle. Boy injured when bike hit by car Once again the cyclist was blamed for not wearing a glow-in-the-dark clown costume while riding. The police comment about dark bike and lack of reflective clothing was made with no reference to the time of the wreck or if the driver had headlights on that would have made reflective clothing applicable. Anyway, the kid was supposedly playing in the driveway and rode into the street in front of the car, a violation of intersection protocols and common sense. The clothing the kid was wearing had no bearing on this wreck.

Another hit-and-run with not as good an outcome, in CA. Cyclist injured by hit-run driver The cyclist looks to survive, but the driver looks to have escaped justice unless they can connect the owner to the vehicle at the time of the wreck and place him as the driver. This was another wreck caused by a turning driver in an intersection like the TX wreck, use intersection protocols.

More form CA on a wreck reported earlier. Cyclist killed after running stoplight Not a good thing, I’m inclined to believe this report because once cyclist running a red light makes more sense than 2 cars running the same light at the same time and hitting the same cyclist.

Now the big story, one that has gone international, from FL. The cyclist that was hit from behind in the bike lane on the bridge to/from Key Biscayne FL has died, and the man that did it was not drunk or impaired by drugs. Driver who fatally struck cyclist jailed for previous drug charges and Michele Traverso Arrested In Fatal Hit-And-Run On Rickenbacker also Cyclist dies after Rickenbacker hit-and-run still more Cyclist in Rickenbacker Hit and Run Dies, Driver Arrested another link Hit-and-run driver who injured cyclists arrested last link Cyclist Aaron Cohen Dies After Rickenbacker Hit-and-Run; Driver Michele Traverso Arrested I covered the limited things the cyclists could have done to prevent this wreck yesterday, it was a very short list as the built environment of the causeway eliminated almost everything a cyclist can do to avoid getting hit from behind in a bike lane. I mean, once you ride in a bike lane with a concrete wall to your right (that keeps you from falling in the Gulf) you pretty much have to depend on drivers staying in their lanes and not hitting you, or going faster than the cars so they can’t hit you. Given the rate of speed in this wreck (demonstrated by the amount of damage done to the car by the dead cyclist) riding faster than the car is not a realistic thing to suggest. Another link Loved ones remember cyclist killed in hit-and-run

Moving a bit north to GA, a drunk driver hits a cyclist. CRIME NOTEBOOK: University student arrested for DUI after hitting cyclist Hit-from-behind wreck in mid-block, use the protocols to prevent a similar wreck, assuming the driver actually left any road space for the cyclist to use as an escape route.

Moving further north, we come on reports of the trial for the women that presented a fatal “door prize” to a cyclist in NYC. Trial under way for Staten Island woman involved in freak traffic accident and Driver Charged in Fatal Accident With Bicyclist, But Only For Suspended License I know, it’s a travesty.

A rare UK link sees a killer driver potentially walking away with only community service. Karl Austin tragedy: Cyclist’s family hits out at likely sentence in death by careless driving case(M)agistrates’ courts have the power to impose a maximum custodial sentence of six months.” So even if they wanted to give a sentence commensurate with the results of the actions that he was convicted of, they can’t. The most likely sentence will be community service. TANJ!

A heartbreaking Infrastructure! story from Enn Zed. Tamaki Drive’s deadly crash course The article is quite long and documents several times that people in charge were notified that the design of the road was deficient and would get people killed, and that it did in fact kill people. But when one of the things you have to deal with is “removal of a tree planted in the middle of the cycle lane” little things like parking that places the door zone all the way into the traffic lane and blocking cycle access, gets lost in the clutter.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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