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Watching the rain fall, and the Feed

The weather is really yucky today, with a cold drizzle falling down. I was supposed to have a celebratory lunch with Mrs. the Poet today for our 34th anniversary and only small amounts of blood shed 😉 The radar looks to be clear or slight drizzle for the ride to the RPG game tonight and definitely not raining for the ride home. Now all I need is to be sure that there won’t be any idiots on the roads for my trips to and from the game tonight.

Up first is more on the hit-and-run in Corpus. Victim of Fatal Hit & Run Identified Next to no information on this wreck aside from the fact that it was in an intersection, so intersection protocols. More Authorities identify man killed late Thursday on bicycle And UPDATE: Brownlee Fatal Hit & Run The last 2 links tell us the wreck was hit-from-behind.

Another link to a Austin hit-and-run where the perp was caught and let go? Witnesses catch hit and run driver after cyclist injured

More on the perp in that fatal hit-and-run on a major bridge bike lane in FL. Driver in Fatal Rickenbacker Causeway Hit and Run in Court

More on the wreck other than about the perp. Cyclist’s hit-and-run death blamed on poor road safety, enforcement and Memorial Ride Held Saturday For Fallen Cyclist

And that’s all the links I have that have pertinence to bike riding less anti-bike snark.

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