Trying to figure out how to make my butt survive Bike MS, Wreck-Free Subday

OK I’m still working on doing Bike MS. The big thing now seems to be making my backside survive as my legs are doing fine in the rides I can make my butt do. So far I can get about 20 miles before my backside starts protesting, but I don’t know if that is a per-day limit or just a per-segment limit, that if I get off the bike every 10 miles of so I’m good for a Century ride or even longer. One thing I do know is that the gel seat pad I’m riding with now is part of the problem, but the other cover/pad combination is even worse than the gel pad. So… yeah, trying to figure out that one. The legs, though, the legs are butter, the legs are soooo smmoooothhhhh.

I was busy last night blowing up kobolds at the RPG so I’m watching the Bud Shootout on the replay and I just got to the part where Jeff Gordon did the barrel roll down the back straight, up until now it was a good clean race with nobody getting hurt, in spite of some visually spectacular wrecks. I didn’t hear about the winner last night so I’m watching this like it was live and waiting to find out who wins. I only know one driver in the race last night, Michael Waltrip. I used to know a lot more active drivers, but they eventually retired (or died). So as I watch this, they are getting ready for the green, white, checker finish. I’m not into live blogging, so I’m going to cut it off here and watch the race.

PSA, Opus

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