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Working on making things better for you, and the Feed

I’m working on making things better for my readers by doing things to improve my writing. One of the things that will improve my writing is for the writer to be in a better mood as in not homicidal, angsty, or depressed, so that I can concentrate on the wreck, the mode of the wreck, and how the cyclist can work within the built environment to prevent that wreck. Another thing I will be trying to do is also work out how that built environment contributed to the wreck or to the severity of the wreck and what changes to the infrastructure would prevent or reduce the severity of the wreck. I don’t expect to be able to do that very often aside from a generic “Separated bike path road” comment, which I will acronym-ize to SBR. Because let’s face it, the biggest cause of cars hitting bikes aside from drivers that don’t want bikes on “their” roads is putting bikes and cars on the same roads. Even where there is “bike infrastructure” in this country all it usually amounts to is a bit of paint on the street saying “bikes go here, cars go there” with nothing keeping the cars “there”. There is a country that has worked out how to get bikes and cars to and from the same places without getting in each other’s way, that has been doing so for more than 30 years now, and has gotten their bicycle mode share up to 30% nationwide as a result with their car mode share of about 40%. They have done the heavy lifting in design and construction methods and as a result they have the most people riding bicycles, the lowest rates of obesity in the first world, the lowest rate of diabetes in the first world, and the second-lowest rate of heart disease in the first world. I am referring of course to the Dutch.

The big story today was the idiot that drive his Lambo into a guard rail and a cyclist over 120 MPH in India, killing himself and badly injuring the cyclist. The reports I have read are all over the map about the cyclist’s injuries with descriptions that range from “serious but not life-threatening” to “the cyclists’ death is immanent”. Because of several factors I’m not going to link to this story, the first and foremost being the driver died and the cyclist didn’t (yet), with the second being that I don’t know which accounts are legitimate and which are wild fabrications only loosely based on fact, like a movie that is “Based on a True Story”. I have read the cyclist may not even have been hit by the car, just parts that flew off of it during the wreck. There were pictures that showed a shell missing major body parts after the wreck, the doors had only a stump of hinge left attached to the car. with other panels also missing…

Up first in the links is another wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years running. Bicyclist struck and killed along U.S. 41 in Gibsonton and Gibsonton bicyclist hit, killed on U.S. 41 The fact that the vehicle struck the cyclist from behind with the left front fender indicates the bicycle was in the left side of the lane where the car’s headlights should have made the bike visible to the driver. One report mentioned that there were no lights in the area or on the bike, but nothing about reflectors or where on the road the cyclist was at the time of the wreck. Anyway, hit from behind at night so get lighted, SBR.

Moving up the coast, LEO find and arrest the driver that hit-and-run injured a cyclist, Arrest Made In East Hampton Hit-And-Run Hit-from-behind at night, lights and other HFB protocols to avoid or SBR to absolutely prevent. Stricter licensing might help, too, as the driver didn’t seem too keen on following the laws…

Moving out to IN, a cyclist is hit-from-behind. UPDATE: Bicyclist killed in morning collision with car identified and Identity of bicyclist killed on S.R. 23 released and Bicyclist hit and killed by car Another case of poor SA by the driver who never saw the other vehicle in front of her on a bright, clear day with nothing to obstruct her vision. LEO commented on the amount of debris in the shoulder/sidewalk area making the area unrideable requiring the cyclist to take the lane. The driver was totally at fault for this wreck as there was no other rideable area for the cyclist to be. Hit-from-behind protocols for existing infrastructure except the cyclist had no place to get away from the motor vehicle, and SBR.

A cyclist is severely injured by a drunk driver making a left turn. Bike-riding NC State student injured in crash and NC State Student Seriously Injured in Crash The driver was making a left turn into a parking garage. making this most likely a left cross wreck because unless they had bike parking in the parking garage a bike probably would not be coming from the garage. Intersection protocols and SBR.

That Canadian cyclist who was hit by a drunk driver as LEO watched helplessly has died from his injuries. Cyclist hurt in hit-and-run dies in hospital and Cyclist succumbs to injuries after being hit by car In TX this would warrant capital murder charges for a death that came as a result of a felony, I’m sure the laws in Canada are quite different. Another link Injured cyclist dies in hospital

The cyclist killed by a hit-and-run driver in FL has been laid to rest. Funeral held Sunday for Aaron Cohen and Hundreds attend memorial ride for cyclist more Family, friends gather to mourn cyclist killed by driver

A UK driver caught on camera assaulting a bicyclist with a city bus has been sentenced to 17 months in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. UK bus driver gets 17 months in jail for mowing down bicyclist

Another UK report as the driver that hit a cyclist from behind is on trial. Senior RAF officer who served as personal assistant to the Queen killed by van as he cycled home Hit-from-behind wreck caused by a blind driver (“the sun was in my eyes”) not keeping proper lookout on the roads.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits…

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