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Sorry about the late night blunder over what day it was, and the Feed

Yep, when writing at 0100-0200 you sometimes get a mite confused as to what day it is, even when you have the day and date on the bar at the top of the computer screen. But I’m not changing the title of the piece I threw up yesterday after it had been wandering around in my mind for a couple of months only to resurface last night after working on a service with the rest of the ritualists on an Introduction to Mysticism. I know a bit about traditional Japanese magic after watching it used in anime and doing some research on how well they translated it from their culture to their pop culture, but I don’t know the spiritual underpinning of it, the mysticism that supports traditional Japanese magical practice, so I was able to lend advice on the magical validity of part of the service but not on the spiritual validity of the act. I also used to watch Star Trek to figure out how they did things and how the physics of the ST universe worked. What can I say, I’m an unrepentant geek.

Something else I’m unrepentant about is standing up for a woman’s right to control her body, because I know a lot of women, and I would prefer that they be kept happy. This woman is doing a lot for enabling women to control their own bodies by introducing a proposed law that would require men seeking ED treatment watch a long and painfully detailed video of EVERYTHING! that could go wrong when taking ED treatments no matter how far-fetched the possibility of the complication and making all the complications sound equally likely, just like the proposal for women seeking abortions. Incidentally, there are some really gruesome potential complications that can happen with some ED treatments including penile explosions or necrosis (you don’t want to know if you don’t know already). Fortunately as a person that gets regular physical activity and does not ride on a bike seat that causes perineal pressure I don’t need to worry about the complications of ED treatment.

Up first and my only North American link as I begin this post is an update on the cyclist hit from behind in IN, ‘Quiet man’ rode bike everywhere The victim was an experienced cyclist that rode his bike as transportation for considerable distances and was quite familiar with the laws, unlike the person that “couldn’t see” him riding in the road in front of her and hit him so hard that his bike had to be cut out of the front of her car.

Late link to a man getting away with murder in the death of a cyclist in WY. Lander man pleads no contest to DUI charge after crash that killed cyclist Note that the more serious charges were dropped. Again in TX this crime could have been tried as capital murder with a possible death sentence. Original link to the story. Plea deal reached in charges tied to cyclist death last year Drunk and on drugs at the time of the wreck, with additional illegal drugs in the vehicle. If he hadn’t hit a cyclist he would be looking at life or worse.

Update on the SI hit-and-run of a nursing student. Mom of Staten Island hit-and-run victim Ronald Tillman turns other cheek in son’s death Nothing more I can add to this story.

The other big news is the cyclist in that Lamborghini crash in India was hit by large debris in the segregated bike lane, and may be permanently crippled as a result. That crash proves there are people with more money than brains. The driver in the wreck is now believed to have been going about 130 MPH when he hit the guard rail protecting the bike/bus lane from regular traffic. One hundred thirty miles per hour in an inner city area, not driving on an open highway out in the countryside. It’s a good thing the driver died instantly in the wreck, because if he hadn’t he would have died from the people that want to slap him in the face.

Infrastructure! news, a bike/ped bridge in MN is perilled by bad cable connections supporting the structure. Martin Sabo bike, pedestrian bridge closed after failure The connections failed after the bridge just passed an inspection a couple of months ago. I suspect someone or something overloaded the bridge, possibly by trying to drive a motor vehicle over it, because the structure was completed in 2007, making deterioration highly unlikely, and the damage appears to be confined to one end of the structure.

And an infrastructure link from Enn Zed. Is New Zealand Too Dangerous for Cycling?

And that’s all the links that give me fits, aside from that Lamborghini story from India.

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I mangle an old Internet meme, Wreck-free Wednesday morning

You have to go way back into the depths of Internet history to find this, but there used to be a big thing about a bad Engrish video game. The Game itself was not so bad, decent mechanics and replayability, but the cut scenes were so bad, because the dialog was badly translated subtitles, that people actually plugged quarters in it just to see the cut scenes. The game was Zero Wing…

Someone slipped us the car! Main screen turn on channel 4.

All of your roads are belonging to us!! Ha, ha, ha!

You have no chance to survive make your time. Your puny bicycles are no match for our motor vehicles.

We take to the roads for great justice!

If only real life was like video games, all bicycle riders would at least have something to shoot back with. We would probably still die in the same numbers we do now, but we could take a few cagers with us when we went.

PSA, Opus