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While I was doing my normal routine prior to writing the blog post somewhere in a half-mile radius of WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell (which aside from the wind id quite pleasant today) something exploded and cut off my power for a few seconds. It took more than a few minutes to recover what I had been doing at the time of the explosion, but eventually I had everything back the way it was before whatever it was blew up and temporarily shut off the power.

Going first because it effects everybody even if they don’t ride in the street. Fuji Recalls Women’s Cruiser Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard The reported area of the frame break, the center of the downtube, puzzles me. This is not a weak spot on most bicycles. The only thing I can think of was that somehow during the manufacturing process the tube had a thin spot in the wall of the tube, because as I said this is not a highly stressed part of the frame and there are no welds in the area that would cause loss of strength from the HAZ (heat affected zone). But now that the picture finally pulled up I can see that there are welds on either side of the area in question and a water bottle boss near the site of the breaks that would act as a stress riser on the compression side of the tube.

Another recalled product, a handlebar stem. Shimano Recalls PRO Atherton Mountain Bike Handlebar Stems Due to Fall Hazard Soft alloy, combined with short bolts results in mounting threads that can pull out of the unit leaving the rider holding a handlebar that is only connected to the bike by the brake and shifter cables.

Our first wreck, by way of proximity to WoaB World HQ in the balmy suburbs of Hell (today’s forecast high is 76°F) is a report of 2 cops getting run off the road and assaulted. Driver, 22, reportedly put bike officers at risk Notice that there were no charges filed for the actual assault of a LEO, just for running from the arrest in a vehicle and DUI. So it is OK to assault cyclists even if they are cops, apparently. Just don’t be drunk when you do.

Moving to the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years running, a cyclist is hit from behind on a bridge. Bicyclist Killed After Going Over Desoto Bridge in a Crash There was no mention of the cyclist not being dressed in a glow in the dark clown costume or not having lights and reflectors, which is a favorite subject of with their bike wreck stories, so at this point we have to assume the cyclist was extra-legally lighted and refectored and the driver just did not process the fact that there was a slow-moving vehicle in front of him. I would really like to see a picture of the weapon vehicle in this wreck, as I have questions about what happened especially concerning the speed of the weapon vehicle. The oldest link I can find to this wreck was days ago: Bradenton man hit, ejected from bicycle into Manatee River and several more after that starting with Bradenton bicyclist dies in crash that sends him over bridge and Bicyclist on bridge hit by car, falls into Manatee River and Bicyclist hit by car, falls into Manatee River and dies still more Bicyclist on bridge hit by car, falls into Manatee River still nothing about the weapon vehicle Bicyclist hit by car, dies after falling off bridge into river another link Bicyclist hit by car, dies after falling off bridge into river not done yet Bicyclist hurled over bridge into river in fatal collision with car” not done yet Police: Bicyclist Fell Into River still no pictures yet Palmetto man’s death steers attention toward bike safety more Safety under review after cyclist thrown from bike into river still more links In wake of accident, Manatee County debates $1.6 million for DeSoto Bridge, U.S. 301 last link and still no pictures of the weapon vehicle DeSoto Bridge improvements considered by Manatee County

Still in FL, a cyclist who was hit just hours before the horrendous hit-and-run on the Rickenbacker causeway speaks out. Cyclist hit by car urges motorists to be careful Yep, in both of the recent FL wrecks (all 3 of them now) the driver did something wrong to cause the wreck.

In NYC the perp in a murder case is still at large. Suspect still sought in Staten Island hit-run There was no actual information, or at least nothing new, in this article.

A rash of Vulnerable Road Users were killed or injured in or near Portland OR in a 2 hour span. Bicyclists, pedestrian hurt in rash of Washington County accidents and Deputies make arrest in hit-and-run of cyclist in Aloha The comments seem to be mostly trolls who hate cyclists, but there are a few intelligent people making comments.

Another article about the NYPD dropping the ball if not deliberately throwing the ball away on bicycle wrecks. Council Grills NYPD About Cycling Death Still stupid? Yep.

The driver that killed a cyclist by the door prize is found guilty, of driving without a license. NYC woman whose car door resulted in bicyclist’s death found guilty and Motorist guilty of driving with suspended license after she opened car door, fatally injuring bicyclist Because of sloppy investigation (see the previous paragraph) and an incredible court ruling that only moving vehicles can be involved in “accidents”, the only thing this waste of human skin could be charged with was driving on a suspended license.

The family of the cyclist killed by a drunk driver as police investigating a previous wreck watched helplessly speak out. Family of cyclist killed in collision issue statement and Family of cyclist killed on Carling Avenue says thanks for rescue efforts and also Family of Cyclist Who Was Killed in Hit and Run Collision Releases Statement I wish the family of the deceased solace in their time of grief, and justice as the person responsible for the death pays for his crime.

From Jolly Olde the killer of a cyclist who was a former aide to the Queen is actually found guilty of a crime. A40 driver guilty of causing RAF officer’s death Now to see how many hours of community service he gets for killing a human being… that being the usual sentence for killing with a motor vehicle in the UK.

Life is almost as cheap in EnnZed as it is in NYC. Driver who killed cyclist to pay $37k to family and Academic who killed cyclist to pay $37,000 and also Fatal crash driver will ‘always feel terrible’ The driver will feel bad for a while, the cyclist will be dead forever…

A cyclist in South Africa who was injured when he hit a 6 foot long by 1 foot wide and deep pothole gets compensation from the people responsible for it. Cyclist wins battle over pothole injury

Bicycle LifeStyle from Portland ‘Ben Hurt’: Portland bike warriors smash and crash and ‘Ben Hurt’: Portland bike warriors smash and crash and another link to the same story but with a different headline ‘Ben Hurt’: Bike warriors smash and thrash at beer-fueled event in bike-crazy Portland

And that’s all the links that give me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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