Another one of those days where you feel like chucking it, and the Feed

I’m trying to calm my nerves with my favorite meditation music (Blue Man Group’s first CD, yes I meditate to polyrhythmic drum music) after the first run-through of the Feed, but I’m not having as much success as I normally do. I guess trying to get in the meditative state and writing are not a good mix?

I’m going to open up with a link to the world as drivers see it versus the word as cyclists see it. Seeing Things I draw your attention to the upper right corner of the picture of the world as cyclists see it, something I missed on first inspection. And yes I sometimes am that dense, but they again if my skull wasn’t that dense I might not be here to write this blog.

Our first wrecks come from the state that has killed more cyclists and pedestrians than any other state in the US for 6 years running. 74-year-old bicyclist killed in wreck and Milton man killed in accident The cyclist was hit-from-behind in the inside lane, possibly while preparing to make a left turn. Looking at the Street View for the area I think it’s possible he was trying to get to a legal place to turn around through the median. Anyway, lights reflectors, and SA to avoid under current conditions, or SBR to make the wreck impossible.

Still in FL. Sarasota man dies after being hit while riding bike across U.S 41 and Bicyclist Killed By Oncoming Car Again looking at the street View of the site, this is a huge street, with 8 lanes to cross. The cyclist could have been caught by a stale green or even a light that would not detect his presence and change for his safe passage. Given the cyclist’s age I would be more inclined to the stale green, especially if he was balked by a turning driver and had to slow or stop after entering the intersection, us old guys sometimes don’t have a whole lot of acceleration unless we are training specifically for that.

Not clear of FL yet as an SUV cuts off a group of cyclists, intersection the path of 2 of them. 2 UF students hurt in cycling accident near I-75 Note that the cyclists were in the bike lane/shoulder when the SUV pulled across their direction of travel too close for the cyclists to stop after leaving the stop sign. Whether the driver actually stopped at the stop sign is a matter of conjecture.

Moving just a little bit to AL, another link to the cyclist hit on a recumbent trike. Retired Milwaukee Firefighter killed in crash in Alabama There’s no reason to hit a vehicle from behind that had as much neon-colored reflective material and lights on the back as this guy had. More Police search for driver in hit-and-run death of cyclist in Gulf Shores also Cyclist Death Investigation In Gulf Shores and Roadblock used to get info on accident

A rider in Seattle is injured in a mystery crash. Bicyclist very seriously injured in North Seattle crash and Bicyclist suffers life-threatening injuries in Seattle crash That link was especially frustrating to try to read as it would vanish about 3 seconds after it loaded Police seek leads in bicycle crash near North Seattle C.C. The cyclist has severe injuries but LEO can’t find a hint that a car was involved? How about “the cyclist has life-threatening injuries”?

Moving down the coast a bit to CA, a cyclist attempts to cross an off-ramp while riding on a freeway (legal because so many freeways have been built they destroyed all the other through route in some areas) and gets hit. Bicyclist Injured In Freeway Collision With Car – February 23, 2012 Lesson to learn from this one is to time your crossing so that your exposure is reduced to a minimum by crossing perpendicular to the lane from one shoulder on the ramp to the shoulder on the freeway. A better solution would be bike infrastructure that provides through routes where freeways have removed them, SBR.

Moving to Jolly Olde, we get a combination wreck and Infrastructure! story as a 2-way bike lane/path next to a road is blamed for a cyclist’s fatal wreck. Jo Walters death: Fatal cycle crash path ‘below standard’ Not wide enough for 2 cyclists to pass each other without one or both going off the path and having a major highway moving high speed traffic off one side, oh yeah that’s real safe. Just because you have SBR doesn’t mean you’re safe, it has to be good SBR or it just kills people in a different way than riding in the road.

A resolution to a bike wreck from Oz. Truckie fatigue cited in cyclist’s death Tired driver sick to his stomach, smoking pot for nausea blacks out and runs over 4 cyclists in the bike lane alongside the highway. The only good thing is the driver admitted total blame for the wreck. Still to come sentencing and the trial for the driver’s employer, who sent him out knowing he was sick and tired.

And the big Infrastructure! story from the UK is a debate in Parliament over bike safety and how much should be spent to ensure it with bike share approaching 40% on some roads in spite of having the worst bike infrastructure in the EU. Parliamentary debate: Cross-party consensus among MPs present shows government the way forward and MPs #cyclesafe cycle debate: the speeches for perspective, the US equivalent would be a packed House debate on the same subject with real money being committed to the projects with £100M being roughly equal to $500M in the US in terms of GDP or $1B in terms of land area.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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