Waiting on the rain in Daytona, Wreck-Free Sunday

Well, it rained this morning in Daytona, which has delayed the running of the 500. And now there are no more drivers left running the Cup series that I know personally, as Michael Waltrip did not make the race this year. Mikey was the last Cup series driver that I had met personally. I used to work for Sterling Marlin at the tire concession at Nashville Fairground Speedway, back when it was just Nashville Speedway before they built the big track over near Lebanon TN. I used to hang out in Darrell Waltrip’s speed shop in Franklin TN before he closed it and sold the building, which is where I met Mikey. And I met several Cup drivers during special events at the Fairgrounds, like Bill Elliot, and Terry Labonte, I think I met Rusty Wallace there, too. But all of those drivers have left the Cup series since then, and I have heard that the Fairgrounds may be closing, too. That would be sad for me, another chunk of my past that was taken away from me…

As for bikey things that are going on, my proposed job is on hold until the transportation bills wind their way through Congress and they decide if the position will be allowed under the new bill. Talk about a terrible situation, my fate lies in the hands of people that are actively working against the existence of my job.

And the race has just been put off until tomorrow, while I was taking care of Blue out back, lubing the chain and tightening a few nuts and bolts to silence some rattles.

Everyone have a good night.


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