Still waiting on the 500, and the Feed

Well I’m still waiting on the rain to quit and NASCAR to get the Daytona 500 started. The current news is that they hope to have the track dried out and the race started shortly after 1900 EST, when I have a ritual planning session I have to leave for an hour later, so I will probably miss the finish.

Up first because the Feed is a dog’s breakfast of unsortable links, is a wreck in IN (I think). Bicycle rider dies after being struck in Jeffersonville The wreck appears to be a SWCC at this point, but is still under investigation. The cyclist appeared to be legally crossing the road at the time of the wreck. Until I know the mode of the wreck I can’t say how to avoid it with the current built environment, SBR would definitely prevent it in the future. More Cyclist dies of injuries from accident in Jeffersonville Well at least I know the direction of travel now…

Some kind of a turning movement into a cyclist in NJ. Irvington man killed after SUV hits his bicycle in Newark Aside from the turn to the street I can’t find a direction of travel for either of the vehicles in this wreck. Another link with nothing more to add Traffic Accidents Claim Two This Weekend From what I can get from these reports is that the cyclist was JRA and the SUV turned into his lane and hit him. What I can’t find out is if the SUV hit the cyclist from the front because the driver cut the corner, or if the SUV hit the cyclist from behind because the driver did not pay attention to what was in the road in front of him before and after making the turn. Either way there was no way for the cyclist to make an avoiding maneuver in the amount of time he had to assess the situation, he went from JRA with no other vehicle on his street to BAM! lying on the road, dead. The only thing that would prevent a wreck like this would be SBR…

A cyclist is hit-and-run in NC. Bicyclist injured in hit and run in Orange County I was able to see a few frames of that video and the road did not look good, but if the driver had been actually driving instead of just sitting behind the wheel of the car and keeping it between the ditches it would have not been a problem. Of course there is the possibility that the driver did it on purpose, but unless that is proven I’m going to say hit-from-behind protocols would work with the built environment, but SBR would prevent it entirely.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running, not even members of the local gov’t are immune from idiots behind the wheels of cars. Bike collisions with vehicles on rise on Marco; three bicycle committee members hit Note that of the three wrecks none were the fault of the rider, all involved a motor vehicle violating the right of way of the person riding the bicycle, including one driver that ran a stop sign (something only cyclists do, right?)

A really strange wreck in GA as a cyclist is hit by a stolen… firetruck? Makeshift Memorial Marks Site Where Pedestrian was Killed by Man Driving Stolen Firetruck Apparently the cyclist was pushing a bike when he was hit…

A serious wreck in Enn Zed as a cyclist is hit so hard he ended up inside the weapon vehicle. Cyclist in hospital after windscreen collision Not much there on the mode of the wreck, but SBR would have prevented it…

Infrastructure! from Seattle. 104 pedestrians killed in 8 years; more Seattle streets should be on a diet, advocates say

Infrastructure from the afore-mentioned deadliest state. Make streets safer for bicyclists and everyone else Notice the number of comments screaming “roads are made for cars” and that everyone else should just stay home…

A person that has been trying to get decent infrastructure to the rest of the world has taken his fabulous blog off line because he can’t make any money off it and people that should be paying to use his content are stealing it without attribution and passing it off as their own. David Hembrow, A View from the Cycle-Path As sad as I am to lose this resource (that I have sent my elected officials to on numerous occasions) I see his point. He has done a ton of work on this and has made less than $15/year in compensation for it…

LifeStyle from MD as they remember a cyclist that died from a right hook by a driver that was half-blind from the effects of age. Family, friends and cyclists remember Krasnopoler – and pledge to fight for him and Hopkins student Nathan Krasnopoler remembered at candlelight vigil one year after bike accident And Hopkins Student Killed In Collision Remembered At Vigil The calls for better infrastructure, better laws, and better law enforcement against drivers that kill are the same thing I call for every day in this blog, sometime explicitly, sometimes implicitly.

And as a reward for reading this far, a nice picture

And that’s all the links that give me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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