Real life interferes with my blogging, and the Feed

I had to go make a house payment in person at the bank again today because of a check that took until yesterday afternoon to clear and a cash deposit that didn’t show up until last night. All told I had to ride 9 miles to make sure I had a place to park my bike at night. I’m still on track to record 2400 miles this year, which is a good mileage to let me ride the Bike MS (though I had forgotten about that, didn’t you?) without having leg issues. I have decided to clean up the kitty-litter buckets and ride with them on the Bike MS. I figure watching someone ride with two of those on the back of a bike with big chrome fenders catching the breeze with a sit-up-and-beg riding position for 150 miles would be demoralizing in extremis.

The cute news today is this link from Cycle Twin Cities about happy hour at a bike shop .

A cyclist moving on the bicycle phase of a traffic signal is hit by a truck making an illegal right turn on DC. Bicyclist Hit By Truck In DC The reports I’m getting now are that the truck made a right turn during a bike and pedestrian phase of the traffic control signal when right turns are illegal. The big thing on the initial reports was that the cyclist was not wearing a helmet on his rented bike. BLASPHEMY! Don’t they know a foam hat will prevent cars from hitting cyclists?[/sarcasm] More Bicyclist injured after collision on U Street NW

A killer driver pleads guilty and is sentenced for killing a cyclist while driving drunk and texting. Newport Coast woman pleads guilty in fatal crash and Newport Coast Woman Heads to Prison in Crash That Killed Cyclist Personally I would prefer to read a headline that reads “Drunk driver that was texting when she killed a cyclist in the bike lane sent to Death Row”, but that ain’t going to happen any time soon. What I am disappointed by is she could have gotten 10 years in prison and a permanent ban on driving, but will only face a 3 year ban after she gets out.

The teens that assaulted a cyclist on a bike trail resulting in the cyclist shooting 2 of them and killing one, are formally charged with the assault (except for the dead guy, he’s already in a box). Charges for 2 Teens in Pa. Bicyclist Attack Apparently the cyclist just missed a second head shot, the surviving attacker had a neck wound. Good shooting for a combat situation. he took out 2 of 3 assailants with no collateral damages or serious injuries on his part, except for the punch in the face from the initial attack.

An OR driver that ran a cyclist over in the left turn lane while she waited for oncoming traffic to clear faces homicide charges and is being held without bail. Motorist charged in wreck that killed bicyclist Fortunately there were cyclists who witnessed the wreck and saw the victim signalling her turn before she was hit from behind.

A child cyclist is hit in a crosswalk in the Great White North. Boy injured in crosswalk The cyclist activated the crosswalk warnings that gave him right of way in the crosswalk and then used his bike to clear the crosswalk as quickly as possible and was hit with a truck for his troubles, But the media outlet that carried the story still somehow managed to blame the kid for getting hit.

A bad spot to cycle in Enn Zed takes down another cyclist. Cyclist hit by car at site of earlier accident Something that is infuriating me about wreck reports from NZ is the constant “HiViz and helmets” barrage as if these would prevent wrecks even when it’s proven to not be effective (as in this wreck).

Still in Kiwi land, a couple riding a tandem get a bad case of the speed wobbles and crash heavily. Tourists riding tandem bicycle injured in crash If the cyclists were riding a rented bike hopefully the bike shop will not be renting that bike to other people now that it’s crashed and caused injury. If they were riding their own bike they don’t have to worry about shipping it home now…

The big Infrastructure! news has been that bridge in the Twin Cities that had a structural failure (fortunately an easily repairable failure). As I guessed from the early reports there had been several motor vehicles over that bridge just before the failure was discovered. Ambulance Drove on Sabo Bridge Days Before Failure The blog that broke the story Two-cents on the Sabo bridge deal. Apparently the bridge is designed to carry one or 2 motor vehicles at a time, but something wasn’t up to spec in the construction and caused the 2 cables to fail. And the bike link that told me about it Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web

Infrastructure news from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running, after yet another fatal wreck involving a cyclist in the bike lane. New bicycle advisory committee hopes to make biking safer in Manatee and Cyclists, Politicos Convene Bike Safety Summit

More infrastructure from the land of the cheese heads. Tougher Penalties Loom for Injuring Bicyclists, Other ‘Vulnerable Road Users’ The best illustration of why this law is needed is by reading the comments on the article.

And that’s all the links that give me fits.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

2 responses to “Real life interferes with my blogging, and the Feed

  1. Of course the kid in the crosswalk was at fault. Rape victims “ask for it,” too and everybody knows you have to lynch an uppity colored type once in a while to keep them in their place…


    • Opus the Poet

      I read somewhere that the closest a middle-class white kid from the suburbs will ever come to personally understanding what it was like to be black in this country is to ride a bicycle. I don’t know whether to be sad or happy at that statement.


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