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Too busy to go get free stuff, and the Feed

I got another one of those flyers from a car dealer in the mail, and I was considering riding the 20 or so miles round trip to get the “prize” I’m most likely to get, the $5 gift card from Target. I could get one of 2 free cars, but I think the contest is rigged so that the person that won a car already knows they won. But anyway I was going through my schedule, and I don’t have the time to take the trip to get that $5 “prize”, between doing things like getting groceries today, church board meetings tomorrow, regularly scheduled activities like my qigong class and writer’s group meetings in the morning and RPG in the evening on Saturday I just don’t have time to take a 20 mile round trip on Blue and do a blog post. And I can’t not do a blog post and disappoint both my loyal fans[/sarcasm]. I know there are more than 2 of you out there, I have 14 people subscribed to the blog, and 23 (different) people that have subscribed to comments on individual posts. So while I’m not the Huffington Post, I do have enough regular readers that I would feel bad about taking a day off without warning that I’m going on vacation…

The Feed today is remarkably devoid of new wrecks, but has a metric buttload of Infrastructure! articles.

A IL kid that was hit by a driver not paying attention to the roads is still in bad shape. Downers Grove teen hit by car on bicycle remains hospitalized No charges have been filed yet in the assault…The cyclist was crossing legally in the crosswalk when he was hit and trapped under the car. The only legal action taken so far is to issue a ticket for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

A WI driver who was drunk when he killed a cyclist enters a plea of “not guilty”. Driver who struck, killed Henry Dennis enters not guilty plea Hopefully the driver will have a severe sentence, or at a bare minimum be banned from driving for life.

One of the really big Infrastructure links is a report that Scotland Yard is investigating the government agency responsible for a major intersection that has caused several cyclists’ deaths. London roads agency could face corporate manslaughter charge over cyclist’s death Someone could be going to jail for these deaths, which is utterly incomprehensible to me here in the States. Hold someone in government criminally responsible for dangerous road design/construction? That would never happen here.

Back in the States, our big story is people are getting killed in South FL because of crappy infrastructure and people are just now discovering that the infrastructure is crappy. Committee works for S. Fla. bike safety and Quick safety improvements pledged for Rickenbacker Causeway cycling and Cyclists demand new law for drivers after bicyclist killed that link was a little misleading, the cyclists were demanding the existing laws be enforced, not new laws created. The “reporter” did not know about the existence of the laws.

And in TN a family insists that their child did stop and look at a stop sign where he was hit on his bike, but because of the speed limits and the acceleration of bikes, the cyclist was hit by a vehicle that was not visible when he started to cross the road. Family Says Danger Lies In Road Design

Bobby Labonte is a good dude, a native Texan, a serious cyclist, and a NASCAR Cup series driver. Bobby Labonte Foundation Announces Second Annual Archdale Drug “Share The Road” Memorial Bike Ride

And that’s all the links that give me fits today.

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