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Trying to get done early today, and the Feed

I will be having a busy evening with lots of stress (church business, with potentially life-changing consequences for some people), so I want to get this over with as quickly as possible so I can have a couple of hours to not read about people dying in the streets because some degenerate failed to look where he was going and ran over them, or worse deliberately ran over them “to teach them a lesson”. This will be stressful enough as it is, I don’t want to be bringing in residual stress from the day.

I like to start with a funny bike picture or article because let’s be honest, the majority of this blog’s subject matter is not healthy reading material for long-term consumption. Well this is this day’s dose of Happy Thoughts. Event Recap: Tiny Bike Shop Concert I wish I was close enough to ride to one of those concerts. I mean sure the winter riding would be a little rough(er), but how many days do they have 110°F temperatures in the Twin Cities? I can always put on more clothes and make my own studded tires to keep the rubber side down and the fingers unfrozen when things get sub-freezing. Actually my Ice Tire plans call for putting the hex heads of the screws on the outside of the knobs and making the screws short enough to not go all the way through the carcass of the tire and cause punctures (but I would still run a liner and a slimed or equivalent tube, or maybe Stan’s No Tubes).

Up first are several links from a wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running. 2 bicyclists hit, injured by truck in Lakeland and Two Bicyclists Hurt in Accident With Truck also Bicycles and truck collide, man seriously injured another one Two cyclists injured in crash with pickup last link Seeking more safety for cyclists OK this is either a right hook OR a left cross I can’t tell from the description of the wreck because the direction of travel for the cyclists is never given, but the fact that the driver violated the right of way of cyclists in the bike lane is not in doubt. From the description I did get it sounds like the driver pulled suddenly into the bike lane and stopped in front of the cyclists as all 3 hit the truck at different rates of speed from frame-breaking to no bike damage or injury. The first bike that hit I’m going to assume was the broken crabon frame, followed by the LeMond with 25K miles (!) on it, then the cyclist that escaped injury or bike damage. Anyway, intersection protocols for existing infrastructure, or SBR to prevent it entirely.

One of those really stupid things that happens to people on bikes. Police: Multiple men shoot at bike rider in NE Portland Really stupid people there, just sayin’.

A cyclist gets right-hooked coming out of a parking lot in Canuckistan. Cyclist injured in collision This is what happens when you pound AFRAP into cyclists’ heads, they always pull up on the right of cars even when this is not a safe thing to do. To avoid with the current built environment stay in line behind motor vehicles when leaving parking lots, but really bicycles should not be sharing parking with motor vehicles when we have SBR.

A child cyclist is hit in Germany. 6-year-old girl killed in accident near Spangdahlem This is such a rare thing to happen that a DoD dependant is killed overseas that it made international news. From what I can tell about this wreck the kid was not using the infrastructure that covers most of Germany. While not Dutch level or even Copenhagen, it is still 1000 times better than the infrastructure we have here in the Suburbs of Hell.

And those are all the links that were still active when I did this post, there were a bunch more, but for one reason or another they are no longer active links now.

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