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Back from refining my writing, and the Feed

OK I just got back from going over the writing in this blog, and the consensus was “You’re doing it right”. With what I have to work with I can tone down the snark a bit or ramp it up a bit, but basically my subject matter is dictating the writing style for this blog. So the amount of snark will vary depending on my mood for the day, but the style of the blog is pretty much set. I don’t feel very snarky at the moment, but I haven’t even opened the Feed folder yet.

A link that BikingInLA reminded me of for our opening “Nobody Got Hurt Link”. City Questions I’m really starting to like Bikeyface, the blog. She has a slightly skewed outlook on life etc, that is close to mine, when I’m in a good mood. I especially like that last panel of comic, “The Secret of Life”.

Up first because it’s in the same state as WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, a cyclist is hit by a struck in Corpus Christi. Man On Bike Seriously Injured After Being Hit By A Truck The picture shows a bike that was hit from the left front with some damage to the right rear on the rack, but most of the bike seems in pretty good shape. The article said the wreck was in an intersection, so intersection protocols through this choke point crossing the Interstate Highway. This would be a Red Alert area for cycling, no choice to use a different route and no bicycle accommodations so you have to watch every direction at once, because there are turning movements that can be made across lanes of traffic that bikes normally ride in. The only real solution for something like this is a separate crossing for bicycles that keeps bikes away from the idiots getting on and off the freeway, aka SBR. More links Bicycle Rider in Critical Condition After Being HIt by a Truck A comment on that from a person claiming to be a witness said the cyclist was hit while crossing with the green light Bicyclist in critical condition Friday after striking side of pickup near Interstate 37

Another wreck a little closer to WoaB. Driver Arrested For Deadly Crash Not a lot of information on this wreck. Apparently a hit-from-behind wreck that then became a hit-and-run, the cyclist was not in the actual lane of travel for motor vehicles when she was hit.

A wreck in CA that I’m still trying to figure out the geometry of. Bike rider killed in collision with big rig in Fresno I don’t know if the cyclist was left-crossed, right-hooked, or ran a red light and hit the side of the truck. All I know is the truck was turning the cyclist hit the side of it and was run over by the back wheels of the trailer. A better link Bicyclist dies in collision with big rig in Fresno From that link we know the cyclist had a brake failure before the wreck (how long before is a matter of speculation) and rolled into the right side of the truck making a legal left turn.

Another hit-from-behind wreck in KS this time. Car-bike crash sends 1 to hospital The wreck caused the bike to go to the right and landed on the north side of the street.

A NYC cyclist is almost left-crossed and gets hit by another vehicle. Bicyclist Critically Injured in Gramercy Park The cyclist was cut off by the left hook and then fell in front of the other vehicle. In this case the cyclist was completely blameless, and while successfully avoiding one wreck got involved in a second.

An encouraging report from the UK as a driver that intentionally rammed into a cyclist is sentenced for dangerous driving instead of assault with a deadly weapon. South Wales woman who used car as weapon, injuring cyclist, convicted of dangerous driving I don’t understand how ramming a cyclist with 2 tons of high speed mass is not assault with a deadly weapon.

A cyclist in Brazil was almost hit by a bus and when she started “talking with her hands” she lost control of her bike and was hit by another bus. Cyclist killed by São Paulo bus

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Ways to make Britain a biking nation If we make the US a biking nation then with our widespread roads system we would dominate international cycle sport. If just 10% of the trips over 50 miles was made by bike our cyclists would be the most fit in the world and the talent pool to choose from would be miles deep instead of a couple feet as it is now. Not to mention we would face far fewer problems with obesity and other diseases related to our sedentary life styles.

Infrastructure report on the site of that triple bike collision in FL that put 2 riders in the hospital and destroyed one bike. Cyclists Consider Lake Hollingsworth Spot Dangerous Notice that the spot is dangerous because drivers don’t pay attention to cyclists and pedestrians in the separate lanes for their travel. IOW the problem is cars, not the roads.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. Check back in tomorrow when I have funny stories and cute pictures and don’t even read about anything sad or unhappy. Yeah, BOOOrrrrrinnnngg! But if you want a sane blogger the other 6 days a week you have to let me have this pressure relief on Sunday.

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