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Time to buy gas and mow the lawn again, and the Feed

I’m going to make this one quick, because I only have a limited amount of daylight to cut grass in. This is one of the few times I actually have to buy gas, I think I burn maybe 3 gallons a year cutting grass because the species of grass I planted has this bad habit of sending up seed stalks overnight (it seems that way anyway) that exceed the height my old HP reel mower could cut rather than just roll over it. The grass itself was only about a half-inch higher than the last time it was mowed because of drought conditions, but the stress made the grass seed instead of growing. After a few times fighting that we got a stinky mower (the HP mower had a wheel lock up so I needed to get a new mower anyway).

Up first because it shows how far we have to go in getting death by car treated on an even plane with other forms of homicide, a woman that killed a cyclist by hit-and-run and them conspired with her father to hide the evidence and the weapon gets prison time in CA. Oxnard Woman Sentenced To Prison In Hit-And-Run Death Of High School Senior and Woman Sentenced to Nearly 3 Years in Jail For Hit-and-Run Death of a Teen on a Bike another one Hit-and-Run Driver Gets Nearly 3 Years in Death of Chatsworth High Student more Woman And Father Sentenced In Hit And Run Death And Attempted Cover Up last link Woman, father sentenced to jail for hit-and-run death of Chatsworth H.S. soccer player The thing I am especially mad about is the sentence her father got for conspiracy to obstruct justice in a homicide case. In cases where the weapon was NOT a motor vehicle those charges usually result in years in prison, not days in jail as in this case.

Still in CA, a cyclist gets caught in streetcar tracks and falls under a bus. Cyclist Injured in MUNI Crash and Cyclist seriously injured by Muni bus Aside from advising to stay away from streetcar tracks I have few clues as to how to prevent a similar wreck with existing infrastructure.

Another link to the story on the waste of human skin that hit-and-run a cyclist in the bike lane in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running. Bond revoked for hit-and-run suspect The less I say about this the better…

A former LEO gets a slap on the wrist for killing a kid while drunk. Officer gets 3 years in deadly DUI crash Change that headline to “Off-duty Officer Kills Minor While Drunk” and see what kind of flameage you get in the comments, instead of mentioning that the weapon used was a motor vehicle.

In Far Wast Canuckistan, a SWSS wreck. Vancouver police seek witnesses to west side collision that left cyclist critically injuredThe eastbound truck stuck the cyclist who appears to have ridden off the sidewalk onto the road and into the path of the truck.” Classic SWSS narrative, cyclist is in a coma but still blamed for the wreck because the only witness didn’t see her until contact (if then) and tries to “explain” how he didn’t see the victim.

And last link from Oz, they are finding a significant source of mayhem to cyclists comes from car doors. Bicycle accidents from opening car doors It’s a lawyer site, but still valid in spite of that 😉

And those are all the links that give me fits today (grammar corrected version of sign-off).

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