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The rains came and the lawn is still unmowed, and the Feed

Yep, didn’t get to mow the lawn yet. As I was filling the gas can a light drizzle started that became a steady drizzle that has prevented my from navigating my yard with my disability (although this would be the perfect time to run a roller over my yard, had I such a thing to run). One of the things about my wreck is the fact I have to wear a lifted shoe on my left foot to compensate for losing 17mm of length in that leg after the wreck and also I have weak ankles because of the muscle damage caused by the compartment syndrome. That is a bad combination as the lifted shoe has a longer lever arm to cause my ankle to turn, with less muscle strength to resist that turning moment, resulting in more than a few sprained ankles since the wreck that I would not have gotten otherwise. Fortunately I have developed a defense against sprains in situations like this, the controlled fall. I look at it like this: I’m going to get hurt no matter what, I can get a few scrapes and maybe a bruise or two, or I can get a sprain that might keep me off my feet for weeks. Given the choice I take the controlled fall, but the real prevention is to avoid situations that I know ahead of time may require me to make that choice. Hence no mowing when rain makes my footing treacherous.

Just up the road from WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, a wreck where they have no idea what happened. Flower Mound teen seriously injured in car-bike crash At this point about all they know and are releasing is the location of the wreck. I can make some assumptions about this one because I know the LEO in the area, but I will refrain until more information becomes publicly available, More links Teen struck by vehicle (updated) and Automobile Accident involving Flower Mound Bicyclist also Teen struck by vehicle

Another IN teen is hit on a bike, with slightly better results this time. 13-Year-Old Bicyclist Injured in Hit and Run Notice that this time they went after the perps with a vengence, including setting dogs on them to get one out of hiding. Nothing on the mode of the wreck, but that’s not what makes this report important, the reaction of LEO is what made the difference here. Thumbs up to all the LEO involved in this wreck, far catching the perps and getting them off the roads. More Speeding driver seriously hurts teen biker and Pickup hits 13-year-old; 2 in jail after chase and this one Two arrested after truck bicycle crash in Kosciusko County still more Two men arrested after crashing into Amish bicyclist, fleeing police not done yet Teenager hit by speeding drunk driver almost there Hit-skip crash injures bicyclist, 13 last link 2 in Kosciusko charged after crash with cyclist OK after reading all the links we find the cyclist was hit by a speeding vehicle that ran a stop sign while being driven by 2 drunks (?) who were quickly caught before they could sober up. I don’t know if the cyclist was hit from the side in the intersection or hit after the intersection from behind, so I still can’t tell you if there would be any way to avoid this one. If it was hit from the side there was no way the cyclist could have avoided this wreck, otherwise hit-from-behind protocol. Having Separated Bicycle Roads would have reduced the chance of this wreck happening, but not eliminated it completely.

Hit-and-run in VA. Update: Arrest Made in Deadly Hit and Run Hit-from-behind with pretty much no chance to react on the part of the cyclist. More links UPDATED: Suspect arrested in deadly hit and run crash in Lynchburg and Man arrested in fatal Lynchburg hit-and-run and last link to this story Lynchburg police seize truck in hit-and-run death of bicyclist OK from the other links we find the driver crossed the centerline to hit the cyclist head on when he was taking the lane to make sure he wasn’t hit from behind. This was a murder, not an “accident” and in no way could any human cyclist have been able to avoid this wreck. SBR could have prevented this wreck by both separating the cyclist from exposure to the truck driver, and eliminating a source of anger for the driver of the truck (“damn cyclists slowing people down make me want to kill them”). I’m firmly in favor of chaining the driver to the steering wheel of the murder weapon when they recycle it. I would suggest a shredder rather than a crusher for less mess and a more humane execution.

One of the juveniles that attacked a cyclist in PA was sentenced in the assault that resulted in 2 of the 3 attackers being shot by the cyclist who had a CHL. Pa. boy, 16, sent to juvenile facility for attack on Pa. cyclist that ended with 1 teen killed Good.

In OH another “ninja” cyclist is hit. Man hit by truck while riding bike near railroad tracks As I have said many times before, if you’re going to ride Ninja, you have to ride like you’re invisible because for most drivers you are invisible. Half the time they can’t see a cyclist wearing a glow in the dark clown suit covered in lights, why tempt fate by riding Ninja? And I’m not talking about the Kawasaki motorcycle of the same name.

Our first sentencing story from CA. Man learns fate from drunk driving crash that killed cyclist Ten months, that’s all a cyclist’s life is worth. Pardon me while I go visit Ralph driving the porcelain bus.

Another sentencing story with slightly better results. Four years in prison for Nipomo driver who killed English cyclist Well that’s a little better, still not right.More Driver gets 4 years for cyclist’s death in South County

Signs that they are finally starting to take death by motor vehicle seriously in the UK. Driver will face crown court over causing death of cyclist Karl Austin This change of venue will ensure a minimum prison sentence instead of probable community service in this death. I still can’t understand how any death with culpability can result in a sentence of community service.

A one-woman campaign for bike/ped safety in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running (grammar error deliberate to emphasise how deadly this place is) Island resident begins bicycle, pedestrian safety campaign She is doing something similar to what I was doing here, trying to tell people how to use the built environment safely. The problem is the built environment is not safe. She is working on one of the 3 “E”s of bicycle transportation safety, “Education”. The others are “Engineering” and “Enforcement”. All 3 are required to make people safe, but sometimes you have to go with what you have. If you can’t change the engineering or do any enforcement, all you can do is educate.

Another “Helmets First” bike safety story. Ask the Pediatrician: Bike Helmets Well I can cut a little slack, because it isn’t about bike safety in general, and because doctors have tunnel vision because they only see kids that get hurt, not the thousands that get the health benefits of cycling.

Infrastructure news from the Great White North. Changes sought to bike lanes

And a LifeStyle article I’m linking to too many times here lately. Cyclists honor victim of hit-and-run Something must be done to stop this epidemic of hit-and-run. The only thing I can think of is raising the penalty for hit-and-run to include mandatory loss of the vehicle, with a permanent loss of license if the victim dies. More Memorial Ride, Ghost Bike for cyclist killed by hit and run driver

And final link, for those that think riding a bike is just too easy. How To Walk Across America