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Monday on a Saturday, a huge Feed

Well because I allowed the real world outside my computer room to interfere yesterday I have a 2-day Feed to filter and place into something cogent resembling order. The Full Moon service went wonderfully as we used fine-point markers to place the runes that symbolized our goals and desires for the coming year, then inscribed the rune on a paper cup so we would know which bean sprout had which rune on it then planted the bean in the paper cup with the matching rune. I have a flower bed that hasn’t had flowers in over a decade that I will plant the sprouts in and allow them to grow to maturity. I hope I like fava beans, because that’s what we used for our bean runes.

Up first because it’s in the same state as WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, a TX man is found guilty of killing a cyclist while driving with a BAC of 0.14%. Valley man convicted of killing cyclist The cyclist was hit-from-behind by a drunk driver, speeding was suspected but not provable. Hit-from-behind protocols might have either reduced the degree of injury or prevented the wreck, bur SBR would have made the wreck pretty much impossible. More At trial, police procedures criticized and Guilty verdict in death of cyclist The fact that the DA could get a guilty verdict after the police botched the investigation and lost the video of the driver failing a field sobriety test says mountains about the determination of the DA’s office and the eloquence of the prosecutor in this case.

Still in TX a man is brought back after being hit by a heavy-duty tow truck in Tyler. Update: Tyler cyclist struck by wrecker identified Nothing about the mode of the wreck, but it happened at an intersection that had previously killed a pedestrian, so intersection protocols, and this might have been a short light from some of the comments I read which could mean that the cyclist was caught in the intersection for several seconds after the light changed in spite of going when he had the green. More Tyler bike accident victim evicted from home…long entertainment career and 70 year old cyclist hit by tow truck had ‘Showbiz’ past also Cyclist hit by tow truck was clown and singer

Non-TX links from OR. Bend Cyclist Badly Hurt in Collision With SUV and Drunk Bicyclist Hit By Car I’m of two minds on this one, first the cyclist was drunk, and cycling while intoxicated is never a good idea, but also the cyclist was hit head-on on his side of the center line. It is possible that the cyclist went on the wrong side of the road and then corrected faster than the motor vehicle could dodge back, or the driver could have been playing “chicken” with an obviously impaired cyclist, or aliens could have abducted them both and dumped them in the middle of town with the cyclist under the SUV. I place the likelihood of the last two possibilities as about equal with maybe the aliens being slightly more probable. This is an area that has had many abductions in the past.

A PA cyclist is killed at a dangerous trail intersection. Palmer Township man hit by car dies; some local residents concerned about crosswalk safety Intersection protocol, but the restrictions placed on cyclists at this intersection will result in wrecks with injury. Requiring cyclists to dismount and push their bikes results in longer clearing times than even regular pedestrians.

A cyclist is killed in a SWCC. Cyclist killed on White Lane near S. Real Rd. Nothing indicated the driver was actually speeding except the fact that after hitting a cyclist the car had to be towed from the scene. I used the link in the article to find out the speed limit for that stretch of road, but I was unable to see one after looking for about a mile back up the roads from the wreck location. One thing I did see was the road was located through a residential area with houses on both sides for the entire mile I was looking for a speed limit sign. I also noticed the street was way overbuilt for a residential area, with a total of 7 lanes of width including the median turn lane and parking in both directions.

A L.I. NY cyclist is hit-and-run in front of her children’s elementary school going to pick them up. Woman falls off bike, struck by hit and run driver and L.I. Mother Riding Bicycle Critically Injured By Hit-And-Run Driver Something of the wreck can be blamed for the cyclist riding too far to the edge of the road and riding salmon, but the driver speeding and leaving the scene was all on the driver. Obviously if the cyclist had not run into the mirror and fallen this would not have been a wreck.

There were a lot of links from the UK about HGV being allowed to roll through the same streets as heavy bicycle traffic especially after the release of the report that cyclists were almost 5 times more likely to be killed by an HGV than by a car or light truck, but they were all pretty much a re-hash of links from earlier this week, so I’m going to save bandwidth by not sharing those links. 😛

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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