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Another Bean Day, and the Feed

While Mrs. the Poet “enjoys” a day away from work by being able to sleep in ’til about 6:30 rather than her usual 3:45 AM rising time, I’m still doing my usual Monday job of making beans and rice. Ordinarily the cats get her up around 5-5:30 when she doesn’t work, but because of the time change yesterday they woke her on Standard time while us humans were on Daylight time. That’s good for right now until the cats’ internal clocks adjust to Daylight time, then come Fall they will be waking us at 4-4:30 AM.

Our first links are to a protest in Peru against the usurping of the streets by motor vehicles. 300 naked cyclists protest reckless driving in Peru and Nude cyclists hit the streets of Lima to demand safety measures There were no NSFW pictures in either article, darn the luck. This was the original purpose of the World Naked Bike Ride, to protest that people riding bikes are essentially naked compared to the protection provided by a car for drivers who act aggressively against cyclists. Now the protest is about the “indecent exposure” of people to pollution created by motor vehicles and also by the support industries for motor vehicles, which in the suburbs of Hell combine to account for about 50% of the pollution on a typical summer day.

First wreck, a cyclist is left-crossed by… a motorcycle? Bike, motorcycle collision leaves one seriously injured Yep, he got wrecked by one of our allies against distracted driving and cognitive blindness, a motorcyclist. Intersection protocols to prevent or reduce injury.

Several links to a wreck reported on here Saturday as more information is released. Police investigate fatal crash in Swatara Township involving 15-year-old bicyclist and Swatara Township police identify teenager killed in bicycle crash There is some indication that the cyclist had the right of way and the driver that hit him may have run a stop sign, the wreck site is a T intersection with a stop sign on the street that ends at the through street. Intersection protocols might prevent or reduce the severity of this wreck, and it’s in a residential area so SBR would not be applicable as cars should already be driving at a speed that’s safe to ride a bicycle around. There were other links in the Feed that died before I could post them to this paragraph. I wasn’t able to get a Street View of the site but the satellite picture showed a quiet residential area with a T intersection near the wreck address.

Sentencing in a DUI hit-and-run homicide of a cyclist in CA. Woman Who Hit, Killed Cyclist Sentenced To Prison Six years isn’t much for taking a life, but it’s one of the harshest sentences I have seen coming out of that crazy state for such a crime.

And to highlight the inequality of cyclists and drivers, the only cyclist to kill a pedestrian in S.F. CA was convicted of running a red light and violating the right of way of a pedestrian in a crosswalk for a 100% conviction record against cyclists vs a 7% prosecution rate against drivers. Cyclist Who Killed Woman Dodges Jail, Not Husband and Widower to face San Francisco cyclist at trial There were no comments allowed at that last link.

And in the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running, they got another one. Cyclist, 73, dies after being struck on Main Street Another SWSS blamed on the cyclist instead of the driver that failed to follow the 3-foot-passing law. Anyway, hit-from-behind wreck, hit-from-behind protocols. This is an area where they could have SBR easily if they wanted, they seem to find the room for 8-12 lane motor vehicle roads that are only close to capacity for about 1 hour out of 24 during 5 days a week.

Still in the most deadliest state, a cyclist is killed when he attempted to cross a road with the right of way. Traffic: Monday’s commute included closure of Skyway, cyclist hit, live wires down and fuel spill

A wreck in Oz. Cyclist hospitalised after Gheringhap collision I can’t say how to prevent a wreck like this as aside from the report of it being at or near a rail crossing and a group involved nothing was said about the actual wreck. I suspect hit-from-behind but because I can’t see either the bike or the car. I see 5 bikes and what may be a 6th and none of them have damage visible in the picture.

A bike wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in crash I could only see one wheel of what I assume is the bike involved in the wreck, and it appeared to be undamaged, so all I can say about this wreck is it appears to not be a hit-from-behind.

A bike race that is also a huge social event. Bittersweet Argus win for Moolman Pasio and Sweltering Cycle Tour a success For the metric-impaired 45°C is dang hot 113°F. I have ridden in heat like that, but only because I needed to get somewhere, not to race. More Cycle tour hype misses townships and Zille saddled with upset tummy in her first race That link was a bout a rider that carb-loaded with curry the night before the ride. As far as difficulty is concerned the HHH is less demanding terrain but similar heat and about 70% longer on the Century course, but the Argus has about 3 1/2 times as many riders. Cyling pulls you in and stuffs you up Typo in the original article. Actually there were lots of typos in the original article.

Infrastructure! from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. James Thompson: Cycling can be a safe way to get around The majority of the LEO problems mentioned in this article are problems of will, not of law. The laws already exist that allow much of this to be punished when not prevented, but too many LEO have a windshield perspective because they spend 8 hours a day sitting in their cruisers, then drive home in private vehicles after work.

And those are all the links that give me fits.

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