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Hanging around and giving you the Feed

Today I’m waiting on the lawn to dry out enough that I can push the lawnmower through it, and reading the Feed and trying to decide what to put in the blog and what just isn’t a bicycle story and has to be left out.

The big story today is the cyclist that was given probation for killing a pedestrian, just like 99% of the drivers convicted of doing the same. Bicyclist pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter and Bicyclist pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter also Bicyclist pleads guilty in death of SF pedestrian even Randolph Ang, Cyclist Who Killed Pedestrian, Gets Probation and Community Service not done yet Bicyclist Won’t Go to Jail for Pedestrian’s Death more Bicyclist pleads guilty in crash that killed woman another one San Francisco cyclist who killed tourist to become bike safety advocate still more Cyclist Randolph Ang Sentenced To Probation In Death Of Tourist last link Randolph Ang, San Francisco Cyclist Who Killed 68-Year Old Pedestrian, Strikes Probation Plea Deal The thing about this that really chaps me is first only about 7% of drivers that kill are even prosecuted while the conviction rates are abysmally low for even those, and second drivers convicted of the same offense as Ang usually get a year probation and less than 200 hours of community service. Hardly ever do they have to pay restitution, and having more than a year of probation is so rare I couldn’t find it with a Google Search. Anyway, DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Going from a cyclist getting 3 years of probation to a driver that was given a pass by the NYPD. NYPD Accident Investigation Blames Dead Cyclist For Williamsburg Crash The cyclist in this case was hit from behind by a truck that did not have signals on as it made a wide right turn at a red light, and got blamed because he was passing on the right. TANJ!

Back to CA for another report on the driver that hit-and-run killed a cyclist then hid in bushes to escape LEO. Driver Sentenced in Cyclist’s Death I have already made my statement about this wreck in an earlier post. Another link HIT-AND-RUN DRIVER WHO KILLED CYCLIST SENTENCED

Still in CA, I think cows have the right of way. Woman riding bike hit by cow in California This is sometimes a problem here in TX as well. Usually the cows are well-behaved and don’t have this problem.

A rider is hit in PA. UPDATE: Bike rider, 66, sent to hospital after morning crash in Franconia The bike in the picture (which I’m assuming is the bike in question) was hit head on, which pretty much explicitly states the direction of the bicyclist’s travel. At this point the question is who was on which side of the road, and until I can answer that I can’t say how to avoid the wreck with the built environment, but SBR would have prevented it for sure.

A cyclist is hit-from-behind in the bike lane in AZ. PD: Man riding bicycle dies after Scottsdale collision The cyclist was swerved into and they can’t figure out the charges to file?

Another report on the cyclist hit crossing a highway with the right of way in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running. Bicyclist Killed on Suncoast Trail This is 90% infrastructure and 10% cyclist/driver…

And an ID bike rider is killed in a wreck that gets barely mentioned. Burley Artist Killed in Friday Crash

Infrastructure! from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclists Seeking Changes at Lake Hollingsworth

And that is all the news that gives me fits.

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