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After having a Geeky Tuesday, the Feed

The lawn was still too wet to mow yesterday so I had a geek-fest of anime and webcomics instead. I felt so much better after that I was able to go to bed about 2 hours earlier than normal and also fall asleep that much earlier. Usually I’m stressing so much that even after I go to bed I’m tossing and turning for over an hour before I can shut my brain off and get to sleep. As a consequence I was awake about 2 hours earlier than usual this morning.

Up first in what looks to be mainly court cases in the Feed, a CA driver is convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in the hit-and-run against a cyclist that was “in the way”. Jury Convicts NELA Man Who Sideswiped Cyclist I don’t understand how he could be guilty of the assault with a motor vehicle, but not guilty of leaving the scene. Maybe the logic was “it wasn’t an ‘accident’ so he didn’t leave the scene of an accident”? Anyway, to avoid use hit-from-behind protocol with the built environment, but SBR would have prevented the incident in the first place.

Still in CA a distracted driver is convicted of killing a child and gets less punishment than the cyclist that killed the pedestrian in San Francisco. Distracted driver convicted and sentenced for killing 8-year-old boy on bike This driver was convicted of a more serious crime than the cyclist linked to yesterday, but got a much lighter sentence, notice that the probation is “informal” for the driver, and a total lack of restitution for the death of the child compared to the $15k restitution for the death of the retired woman tourist killed in SF.

A cyclist riding on a sidewalk gets a ticket after getting hit by a car in the Great White North. Cyclist ticketed after accident This is a good lesson to not ride on the sidewalk in the GWN, and a lesson to authorities that the roads are not safe to cycle on there.

And the Big Story is from Oz today as a semi cuts off a group of cyclists as they passed a stopped bus. Cyclists and truck collide and One morning, three cycling accidents That headline was not right, it was one wreck with three victims, not 3 separate “accidents” Cyclists and truck collide Truck collides with cyclists at Port Botany Cyclists in hospital after truck collision From all the links the mode of the wreck would be a left-cross if it were in a country where they drive on the right side of the road, but since they drive on the wrong side in Oz it was a right cross. The cyclists apparently had gone single-file to pass the stopped bus when the truck made its turn directly in front of them. This was not a wreck that human cyclists could have avoided even using intersection protocols. SBR would have prevented cyclists from being on the same road as the bus and truck making this wreck impossible.

And that’s all the news that gave me fits today.

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