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Going on a “date” with my wife, and the Feed

As I checked the Feed this morning I only had a single link, so I’m going to do things with my wife while she has a break from work and have a ‘date” at the local B&N coffeeshop and check back later with the results of the “date” and also see if there are some more links. Of course you won’t see this until after I get back, because I won’t do the rest of the post until then, so stop reading for a few minutes, and worry about the “date”, then read the rest of the post…

OK I’m back. We looked at some books in the “School reading” section of the store, and compared the books to the ones we had to read 35-40 years ago (some of the books had not been written when we were in school) looked at a few magazines (and cried over the prices, $7 and up), and had a beverage and split an Oreo Stack dessert at the coffeeshop, the wife having Black Tea, hot and I had a no-foam latte. It was nice and we had a nice chat away from the usual distractions of home and SQUIRREL! (church joke)

Up first because I like nice things at the start of the links is this picture. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 3.15.12 Isn’t that pretty?

The big story is a cyclist hit by a drunk driver in NC. NCHP: Cyclist Critical After Being Hit By Drunken Driver and Cyclist Hit, Critically Injured By Drunk Driver In Lexington more Bicyclist remains in critical condition after accident” last link Share The Road On An Interstate? Bicycle Laws Clarified. OK from what I can get from this the cyclist was in a grey area because the road was I-85 Business, not an actual Interstate. At any rate the driver was almost twice the legal limit on BAC%, and ran off the roads to hit the cyclist. If the cyclist was in fact legal in this wreck, hit-from-behind protocols would have helped prevent this wreck. SBR would have prevented the two from ever having to share the same stretch of pavement and made the wreck impossible.

Bad news in CA as LEO treat the victims of a bike v car wreck like criminals. Cyclists Terrorized On The Wiggle, Police Side With Angry Prius Driver SFPD shows again why cops need to get out of their cars frequently and find out how the other side lives. Really, the cyclist deliberately rammed the car? Is that cop insane? BikingInLA had a link to a funny picture that I can’t find now that capsulated the whole thing, a car that had run into a thin pole with bad results and an undamaged bike parked in the crease in the front end… If only that were possible in the real world without pre-crashing the car…

A cyclist is hit in AL. Cyclist Killed on Schillinger Road About all they’ll say on this one is that the bike was in the road, I’m betting they’re still figuring out how to blame it on the cyclist.

A UK article about an American bike wreck. Driver jailed for killing Fetcham medical student says sorry I covered this a week ago but sometimes news travels slow over the Pond.

Another wreck in AZ. Phoenix cyclist killed after being hit by car Notice they mention the street was dimly lit, but not that the cyclist was or the car had defective headlights. More Bicyclist towing homemade trailer killed by motorist in Phoenix and the Street View of the wreck site 3500 W Georgia Ave Notice the terrible sight lines caused by the privacy walls Phoenix bicyclist dies after being hit by car and one more 60-year-old bicyclist killed while crossing Phoenix street

More information on the Mathieu Lefevre wreck in NYC. New Video Shows Brooklyn Cyclist Moments Before Death, May Prove NYPD Wrong Another video that proves the truck driver had faded far left but did not have his signal on prior to the cyclist pulling up on the right in a gap of about 8 feet in width from the curb.

Another link to the cyclist hit by a cop car in the Great White North. Elderly Cyclist Hit By Cruiser Still the same level of information being given as they try to figure out a way to blame the cyclist for being there to get hit…TANJ!

Infrastructure! news from CA. Initiative in Tulare County urges bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians to ‘share the road’ Why do I think that drivers will see that sign and interpret it as “Cyclists and pedestrians get out of the way”?

One of the problems with regenerative braking on e-assist bikes has been that batteries would not accept the high currents that regen can produce without dumping some of the current through resistors and wasting that energy. Now an improved supercapacitor may allow using 2 energy storage media for steady-state and accelerating/deccelerating. Graphene Supercapacitor Holds Promise for Portable Electronics The problem with available supercaps has been poor energy density preventing installing a large enough cap bank to use for all the accel/deccel cycles, especially for long downhills.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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