Trying not to explode, and the Feed

As you may know this blog is posted from Texas. Recently our Governor Rick “I have good hair” Perry, declared Planned Parenthood not acceptable as a provider for the low-income Women’s Health Program system. The Feds disagreed, as they did every other time this was brought up under 2 presidents. Previously TX dropped the idea of excluding PP as a provider, because Federal funds pay for 90% of the $40M program, which would basically cease to exist without the Federal funds. Well the Feds called Perry’s bluff on this one and pulled their money, and the 130K+ women that depended on this program for access to basic health care as well as reproductive care are now up the proverbial unsanitary tributary without visible means of locomotion. I have also heard rumblings that those women are now members of a class-action lawsuit against Perry and the State of Texas. Personally I would like to see as a provision of that lawsuit that Goodhair be required to ride his bike to every member of the class and apologize in person, that would make him re-consider his 2009 veto of the Vulnerable Road Users bill as well as force him to put a face on the pain he caused to thousands of women. I realize this is not specifically a bicycle issue, but rather a human rights issue, but I live here and this abuse of my tax dollars really aggravates me.

Up first, people in Oz are outraged that a woman carried a baby on a bike without a helmet. Cyclist snapped with baby causes outrage Oh, the horror! If that woman was to be hit by a car while her baby was unprotected by a helmet… a helmet would do next to no good in protecting the child from harm. I don’t have the statistics from Oz, but in the US the second most common way for children under 5 to die is from sitting in a parent’s car, with head injury being the primary cause of death in those cases. I don’t see a big uproar about helmets for babies in cars, but that’s where a lot of them die. More Picture of female cyclist on a St Kilda road with baby attached causes outrage among road safety experts

First wreck link is a kid from CA hit in a crosswalk. Boy in Critical Condition After Being Hit By Car While Riding Bike In this case there was no other way for the child to get to/from his school except on this dangerous road, and cyclists have right-of-way in a crosswalk just like pedestrians. There was no way to avoid this wreck except to not be there to get hit, or for the driver to not violate the right-of-way of the cyclist, with the built environment. What would be needed to prevent wrecks like this is a safe way to get around the Interstate highway. More Bicyclist Hit By Vehicle Near Bollinger Canyon Road On-Ramp The cyclist had a helmet on prior to the wreck but was either not wearing it at the time of the wreck or it was knocked off in the wreck.

A woman in MS is killed riding her bike. UPDATE: Bicyclist killed in traffic accident Not much aside from the death and the location in that article. I tried doing a search more more links but I couldn’t find any.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, now to go mow the lawn or at least try to.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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