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Apology to my subscribers

After I put out the post this afternoon I checked the site to see how it looked, and about a third of the links were broken, either stripped of their URLs or headlines (blank links) I had to open up the Feed folder and figure out which URL went with what headline, and then vice versa on the other links. I don’t know if you subscribers got the version with intact links or what, which is why I’m sending this apology post to invite you to come check the repaired version at the web site (last I checked it was still good).



Really annoyed at my cable provider, and the Feed

This is something I should really just chill about, but I can’t. I think I might have mentioned this a couple of times, but I’m a geek. I’m not a Geek with a capital “g”, just your average garden-variety geek. One of the geeky things I do is watch anime, animated cartoons from Japan. Or I should say I used to watch anime, because my cable provider decided that not enough people were watching the anime channel (Funimation Channel), and without so much as a “would you like to pay extra for that?” dumped it from the lineup. The excuse given was that not enough people watched the channel to make it worthwhile to carry it. Well I’m sure that out of the 400 or so channels they offered there were more than a few that did not get watched very often, but none of those channels were dumped, just the one that I was watching on a daily basis. Back in the old days when a credit card that wasn’t maxed out was good enough to get territorial distributorship rights I sold anime VHS tapes at local cons, but now you have to have storefront and web access to get that, no more case lots sold at cons, so the only contact point I had was Funimation Channel programming. Now I don’t even have that, and there were 2 series that had not finished (one was 2 episodes in, the other was 2 episodes from finishing) that I will never get to see the endings. Actually more than that as they had just started on the new seasons of 2 other series that were open-ended (crime dramas that always had new criminals popping up, just like the real world). Plus I wanted to catch up on the repeats of series I had already seen but missed some episodes of (I finally caught the middle 3 episodes of “Birdy the Mighty: Decode” that I missed when I was visiting my dad in TN last summer, but I kept missing the “Chobits” episodes because they would get re-aired when I was away from the house doing things). And of course in spite of the fact that I no longer have access to that channel I still have to pay the same amount for my cable/phone/Internet package. TANJ!

Up first be proximity to WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell (which is actually pretty nice this time of year) a SWCC wreck in Beaumont. Cyclist critically injured in late night traffic wreck No further information has bee released on the direction of travel for the cyclist or his condition. Apparently intersection protocols should be applied given what little information I have at this point.

A little further east from that wreck we have a SWSS. Cyclist killed in Livingston Parish and Vehicle crash claims life of young cyclist also Vehicle crash claims life of young cyclist Apparently the LEO in this case has not been apprised of the LA 3 foot to pass law. Nor most of the rest of the vehicle code for that matter. You know the one about the passing vehicle must always make sure the pass can be completed safely, that is in the vehicle code of every state. To avoid with built infrastructure use hit-from-behind protocols, or make SBR part of the infrastructure instead of sharing with people that can’t drive.

Sliding a tiny bit further east, a driver that hit a cyclist on the shoulder of the road from behind while she was riding sweep on a tour group on a charity ride, is indicted for the death. Driver charged with killing female cyclist, 22, during a charity bike-ride and Former DeKalb County investigator indicted in cross-country bicyclist’s death also DeKalb County man indicted in death of charity cyclist last link Man Indicted in DeKalb County Cyclist’s Death OK I’m sickened by this, the most lenient possible charges that could have been brought for killing an innocent human being who wasn’t even riding in the road but hit from behind on the shoulder of the highway where the truck did not even belong. Hit-from-behind protocols but the only thing that will prevent wrecks like this is SBR. And taking away cars from people that kill. Even if we don’t lock them up, when you kill with a car you should lose that car with no insurance payout to replace it. We don’t give the guns that kill back to the shooters, do we? Then why allow drivers that kill continued access to their weapons?

Continuing the eastward slide, a little girl riding a tricycle on a sidewalk is killed by a hit-and-run driver in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, (or trike). A 5-year-old girl struck and killed in Fort Lauderdale by a hit-and-run driver I don’t know what the child could have done to prevent someone from driving a large cargo van over her while she played in front of her house.

Another wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years running. Fatal bicycle crash in Lutz Another SWCC wreck as the cyclist “went into the part of a Ford Fusion” which I interpret as the cyclist got inside the car before he was hit, or maybe as he was hit (“Pardon me, but I think that may have killed me, can I take a rest in your car?”).

And completing the slide east, the killer of 2 cyclists in NC faces trial. Jury selection begins Monday in Grooms murder trial and Jury for Doolittle deaths to be chosen in Jacksonville The good thing is this is getting charged as a murder, as the driver was both drunk and stoned on “bath salts” at the time of the wreck. I have zero qualms about people getting drunk or stoned, as long as you are not in control of a deadly device like a motor vehicle do what you want with your body. however if you are driving in that condition and you kill a cyclist, I want your butt under the jail, in a coffin, filled with concrete and a stake through your heart, after you get shot with a silver bullet. IOW I want to be absolutely sure there is no way you will ever drive a motor vehicle again.

A wreck in Canuckistan that is almost a carbon copy of an earlier wreck. Cyclist killed by semi I don’t know if it was the same road or driver but this is the second wreck where a cyclist was killed by a truck turning right onto the road he was riding on. I can’t find the link to the earlier story, so I guess I must have missed posting it earlier. To be brutally honest I can’t see any version of this wreck that isn’t 1000% the fault of the truck driver no matter where the cyclist was hit. The truck was turning from one road to the road the cyclist was riding on, exactly like the previous wreck, and should have yielded to the vehicle that was already on the road. For you to avoid a wreck like this, Intersection protocols with the built environment, or ideally SBR to keep bikes and semis from ever coming in contact with each other. A later link that just came in Police identify cyclist killed over the weekend

Another wreck in Canuckistan, this one between a jogger and a cyclist. Police need help to identify injured cyclist Another example of why you should have wearable ID when you ride a bike.

Another truck killing a cyclist in Canuckistan, with about the same degree of information as the other link. Cyclist killed after hit by truck on highway The headline makes it sound like he was put down like a horse with a broken leg instead of dying from getting run over by a semi. More Cyclist killed in collision near St. Anne Ahh the cyclist was hit-from-behind on a clear road with unrestricted visibility and good lighting, and the one comment I see says how sad it was for the driver of the truck. Hey, bud how about how sad it is for the cyclist that was run over from behind?

From that same town where a driver hit a kid from behind in LA, an Infrastructure! link. Groups pedaling a message of safety Enforcing the laws would help, for cyclists as well as for drivers, as was pointed out in the link to the wreck that killed that kid.

LifeStyle in NYC. Rides in Five Boroughs Call Attention to Bike Safety Annual Tour de Ghost Bikes, bigger every year…

Another ride in NYC, this one for a recent fatality. Cyclists honor RJ Tillman, Wagner student killed in hit-run crash The sad part was as they gathered at the wreck site they were repeatedly buzzed by rude drivers attempting to disrupt the ceremony.

A pretty bike picture. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 3.19.12 If Washington Irving had been born in the 20th Century just think how different “The Headless Horseman” would have been.

Last link for those who think the government is of the insane and by the insane (as if the previous links weren’t enough). 9-year-old boy summoned to jury duty in Mass. And people wonder why we can’t get decent infrastructure with people like this running things?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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