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Spring is here and I’m ready to DO something, and the Feed

I’m really in the mood to build something, but I lack a certain something required before any project can be contemplated, a budget. I have so many things I want to build: a low-racer recumbent, a 20/20 crank-forward bike, a cargo trailer that can actually carry enough food and equipment to self-sustain a week long camping trip riding from one campsite to the next, a streamliner bike, a long-range electric-assist recumbent. I have actually planned out all of those bikes and happened to have components to build them just laying around to do so, some of the bike plans would use the same components for different bikes, like the low-racer, the e-assist bike, and the streamliner are all basically the same bike geometry with slightly different configurations, but realistically I could build one of those 3, the crank-forward bike, and the camping trailer, if I had the $$ to get the rest of the materials and consumables and spent less time sitting at my computer thinking about building things.

Up first is not a bike wreck, but a warning on a new hazard developing out there on the roads. OnStar To The Rescue: Police Find Driver Suffering Diabetic Reaction Because of the obesity epidemic (caused by cars) there are millions of people out there that don’t know they are at risk to lose coherence behind the wheel as a result of out-of-control blood sugar. The results are similar to drunk driving with the lovely “benefit” of the driver not knowing they are no longer totally in control (IOW even less likely than a drunk to know they need to slow down and be careful). I’m still researching this to see what the signs are from the outside of the car that a person is Driving While Diabetic, other than looking pretty much the same as a drunk driver.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, one of the reasons why it is so deadly. Carlos Bertonatti Gets Ninth Delay In Trial For Killing Biker On Rickenbacker Causeway If drivers see that they won’t get punished for killing cyclists except to see a slight rise in their insurance to repair the sheet metal damages to their cars, then they won’t be too worried about hitting cyclists, unless they actually see cyclists as being fellow human beings that feel pain &tc…

We had 2 big stories today, one US and the other international. The Big US strory was a woman hit in a SWCC wreck in OH. Bicyclist who died in collision is identified and Bicyclist Struck, Killed By Minivan In Ross County another link Chillicothe Bicyclist Killed In Crash And how I wish that ONN was The Onion… Ross County’s 8th fatal crash in 2012 raises concerns After I read all the articles and saw several pictures of the victim’s bike, I have come to the conclusion that despite the only witness to this wreck being the driver the story is accurate, the cyclist failed to stop at the stop sign or stopped but failed to yield to the oncoming vehicle. The level of destruction to the bike and the car show how violent this wreck was. It is for cyclists like this woman, who was developmentally delayed, that SBR are most necessary.

NYPD screws up again. City Councilor Files Amicus Brief in Mathieu Lefevre Case This mass fornication just keeps getting bigger and bigger. like a smelly snowball, or that thing in the video game where you roll the sticky ball around that just keeps getting bigger and bigger until it gets bigger then the solar system.

In Middle Canukistan another report on a cyclist hit by a semi. Cyclist killed in highway crash The cyclist was hit from behind on the shoulder of the road while wearing the requisite helmet and glow in the dark clown suit (during broad daylight hours), it is now known. No word on any charges to be filed.

Also from the Great White North, the cyclist hit by a cop in an unmarked cruiser has died from his injuries without regaining consciousness. Cyclist dies of injuries: News Briefs

The cyclist that hit a jogger still has not regained consciousness or been identified. Qualicum Beach cyclist injured in collision with jogger Another reason to have wearable ID when you go for a bike ride. More RCMP discover identity of badly injured cyclist and Vancouver Island cyclist who collided with jogger dies in hospital and Cyclist dies after collision with jogger Another senseless jogging-related death. Something must be done about these people that just run around willy-nilly killing innocent cyclists. The need to have jogging licences and carry insurance and have their shoes registered…[/sarcasm]

The other really big story is a SWSS involving a billionaire’s son and a car reported to cost almost a half-million dollars. The Billionaire’s Son, The Dead Cyclist And The Tweeted Manslaughter Defense I have to say that is the first time I have ever linked to a wreck report from Forbes Billionaire Heir Accidentally Kills Cyclist With $450,000 Mercedes and The Son Of Brazil’s Richest Man Is Being Investigated After Killing A Cyclist With His $450,000 Mercedes and Car Crash: Billionaire’s Son Hits Cyclist with SLR McLaren and last link Son of billionaire tycoon in police probe following deadly crash in £750,000 supercar that his father keeps in his LIVING ROOM The pictures are of such a violent wreck I just can’t imagine the forces involved. The cyclist’s body nearly took the roof of a car designed to survive a rollover wreck at 100 km/hr without collapsing. I just can’t believe the driver was “only” going 110km/hr (~70 MPH) when he hit the cyclist. Other witnesses claim that just before the wreck they saw the cyclist riding on the hard shoulder of the 2-lane highway…

LifeStyle article about support for the family of a child killed while riding a bicycle in front of his home. Community rallies to help family of boy killed by car

Infrastructure! from TN of all places. City walk/bike trail boosts child exercise Whodathunkit? Giving children some place to be active results in children that are more active, and less fat. (Thanks to BikingInLA for the link).

And after all that mess, a pretty picture. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 3.21.12

And those are all the links that gave me fits today (actually there were a few more that had nothing to do with bicycles, but hese are all the ones that had something to do with bicycles).

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