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Mule day duties again, and the Feed

Today is grocery-buying day, also called Mule Day at our house because someone (me) gets to act as a pack animal and bring home the merchandise from the store. Well today the mule doesn’t have much to carry, as the budget for this week is $5.01 after raiding the couch cushions and picking up every penny we saw on the sidewalk. As Mrs. the Poet says we are no longer po’, we’re down to p’ (can’t buy a vowel). Fear not there are still ample supplies of beans and rice in the pantry, I just need to get items that don’t keep very well, like milk and bread. Those are items we normally consume a lot of here at the “ranch”, that I will have to get the cheapest available, even if that means buying white bread (ugh!) Starvation is not imminent, we have plenty of food, just not the food we would normally eat this time of year. There is the distinct possibility that we might actually cook the frozen okra that has been in the freezer since sometime around 2009.

Anyone that has been on the wrong side of a local delivery truck at a stop light will appreciate being next to one of these. Smith Electric will build EV trucks in New York, files $125m IPO All-electric delivery truck, saves about $90K over the lifetime of the truck in fuel costs and maintenance (at current prices). IOW this truck pays for itself in savings compared to a diesel. The batteries go in what would be wasted space under the cargo area and in front of the rear wheels, making for a bicycle and pedestrian friendly design that diverts these road users away from the potentially fatal area of the truck. So I heartily endorse these over huge semis with diesel engines.

Up first, the family of the victim of the hit-from-behind wreck of the sweep rider of a group of more than 30 cyclists on the shoulder of a road in AL responds to the driver’s indictment. Family of Killed Cyclist Responds to Indictment Sure the driver is sorry now, he’s looking at a potential year in jail and $5K fines. For. killing. a. human. being.

A MI hit-and-run results in minor damage and slight injury to a cyclist. Bicyclist not seriously injured in Center Avenue collision with truck, police look for driver The bike looks pretty good, the cyclist will probably be sore and stiff for a few days, and I have no idea how they plan on catching the driver given that there is probably no damage to the weapon vehicle.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, someone that should be riding a bike hits someone riding a bike. Boy on bicycle hit, injured by 15-year-old driver in Brooksville and Underage driver accused of hitting 10-year-old on bicycle, fleeing Side story in the second link a 15 YO riding a bike modified for half-pipe tricks (no brakes, among other things) ran a stop sign and into a vehicle or in front of a vehicle, so 2 stupid 15 YO in this story. As for preventing this wreck, the first thing I can think of is parental control, keeping car keys in a safe place, etc. Second thing would be infrastructure where a 15 YO would not find it necessary to steal a car to get around unless he was REALLY lazy. There wasn’t enough information given about the first wreck to be able to tell how a cyclist could have avoided it as it was described as a SWCC, but 10 YO cyclist, it’s a possibility.

And a cyclist is hit-and-run by a driver fleeing from a previous hit-and-run. Bicyclist Critically Injured by Mercedes in Bensonhurst This was a wreck the cyclist could not have avoided as the driver came around a corner out-of-control and then hit other vehicles. It is probable but not certain that SBR could have prevented this wreck. You can see that the vehicle probably side-swiped the cyclist because of the lack of damage to the bicycle which could probably be placed back in service with a few adjustments, from what I could see from the pictures. Also notice that you can see a discarded bicycle helmet in the street a fairly large distance from the bike.

A driver is jailed for 2 years and fined $5K in AR. Woman gets two years, $5,000 fine for fatal hit-and-run accident Given the number of previous wrecks she had in that vehicle, she got off remarkably light for killing a man.

A salmon cyclist is killed in CA. Bicyclist killed in traffic accident on Balboa Ave by I-805 and Bicyclist killed on Balboa Avenue The problem was the cyclist riding with the sun at his back, on the wrong side of the street. To avoid, ride with trafic. And SBR would have definitely prevented this wreck.

In the Great White North, a cyclist has a “coming together” with a streetcar. Cyclist in hospital after collision with streetcar There was nothing about the mode of the wreck in the article, but I have to remind people that streetcars are only found where there are streetcar tracks. I’m not going to go as far as to place the blame on the cyclist, but unless there was a third vehicle involved that forced the cyclist into the path of the streetcar, I’m going to make it a high probability that the cyclist was mostly at fault.

NYPD’s mass fornication just keeps getting smellier. Lawsuit Seeking Information on Cyclist’s Death Gains Support Eventually NYC is going to make NYPD pay for these lawsuits by taking it out of the sued officers’ pay.

Infrastructure! from DC. D.C. struggles to keep pace as bike population grows DC residents are switching to bikes faster than the city can paint bike lanes to accommodate them… And drivers don’t know the laws or how to drive around bicyclists.

Last link is a driver that should have been riding a bicycle in PA. Police: Man pulled over in Upper Allen shouldn’t have been driving until 2040 Multiple DUI, Habitual offender status. Illegal vehicle. And where did he spend the night? The report doesn’t say so probably not in jail…

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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