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I had another whiskey tango foxtrot moment, and the Feed

A couple of days ago I linked to a report of a driver having a diabetic incident that was caught by the OnStar unit in the car. I made a comment that the incident reminded me that there were about a million drivers with undiagnosed diabetes out there that had never been screened, who this could happen to without warning. I made a comment about this at the linked article, and you would not believe the flack I have gotten for that remark, some of which made no sense at all. And for those wondering what the headline is referring to, think International Phonetic Alphabet…

Up first, a BUI (Bicycling Under the Influence) rider who was hit by a passing car has died in the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike in the US 6 years running. Bicyclist, 54, dies after being critically injured in crash with van and Bicyclist dies from injuries sustained in Sunday crash also Cyclist Died After Being Injured in Late Night Seminole Crash I can’t stress enough that riding under the influence of alcohol is a potentially deadly action. BUT, and this is a big “but”, BUI is thousands of times less fatal to other people than DUI. If you have to take a vehicle to get home from drinking BUI only places your life at risk, DUI places everyone within the lethal radius of your vehicle at risk, except you. Statistically DUI is relatively safe for the driver, by roughly a 3:1 ratio (for every driver killed DUI, 3 passengers or drivers of other vehicles die). If the choice is to drive or ride a bike, put your butt on that bike. Ideally you would take a cab if you get drunk away from home, but that isn’t always available.

A SWSS injury wreck in VT. Vermont State Police Log: Triathlete hit by car while riding his bike Notice the narrative, the cyclist swerved into the passing vehicle’s right quarter panel. Now, how many believe the driver cut over too soon and never allowed enough room to pass? To avoid use hit-from-behind protocols, SBR would prevent the car from being there to hit the cyclist.

It’s “OMG, bicycles!” again in NYC. Cyclist and pedestrian collide in Prospect Park … again OK 2 serious injury wrecks in almost 6 months, nobody died and both parties to both wrecks had to be transported for treatment. In one wreck the injured were treated and relesed, I still have no news about the other wreck. In between those two wrecks that did not result in fatalities, roughly 20 people were killed while they walked or stood on the sidewalks of NYC, with little to no press coverage. This is not including the pedestrians that were killed in crosswalks or jaywalking. Still, DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Meanwhile they have been mowing them down left and right in Albany, CA. Two More Cyclists Injured in March Three cyclists, 2 pedestrians, and so far only one ticket, for hitting the pedestrians in the crosswalk.

A cyclist that was hit in the Kiwi version of a right hook by a car pulling through a group of cyclists to get into a driveway asks drivers to be a little more considerate. Call for increased awareness of cyclists The driver in this case cut through a group of cyclists and then stopped short of clearing the road leaving the back of his car in the road where the cyclist ran into it. There was no way a human cyclist could have avoided this wreck.

Those are all the links that gave me fits this day.

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