Daily Archives: March 25, 2012

From Ice to Fire, Wreck-free Sunday

I took care of some “stuff” around the house so we don’t get the codes guy angry. This year it’s our tree hanging too low over the sidewalk, so Mrs. the Poet and I walked the branch down so that I could reach it with the saw and remove it from over the sidewalk. Now I have sawdust in my hair for the short period of time that I will still have hair today. At evening services tonight the congregation is going to cut funny patterns in my hair and take pictures to post to Facebook before shaving the rest of it off to give to the birdies as nesting materials.

Today we celebrated Equinox, by planting more seeds (my beans from the Full Moon didn’t make it home from the service, but the seeds we did today made it home fine, go figure). Tonight we “Shear our Sheep” with me standing in as the sheep, because I deliberately grow my hair out over the winter as added insulation for my noggin. At this time of year all that extra hair becomes more of a liability than an asset as I start getting really sweaty from all the mess of hair, and it starts getting in my eyes because it is too short to pull back in a pony tail or something to keep it out of my face. My beard starts getting a little warmer than I want as well, so everything but the eyebrows go. Actually that should be eyebrow singular, as left unimpeded it would run from one side of my face to the other and also down the bridge of my nose, but I shave the middle during the summer because having electrolysis done didn’t keep it from growing back and plucking it just made it come back as short hairs that can’t be plucked. So, anyway everything but the eyebrow will be gone this evening, and pictures of the process will be on Facebook, I hope.

Right now I’m getting the sawdust out of my hair from pruning that tree when I got home. Did I mention I hate sawing wood over my head? I have a bottle of waterless shampoo that I will use this evening to make sure the hair we give to the birdies for their nests is as clean as possible with nothing that could make them sick, because I would be very upset if I made the birdies sick.

As I’m posting, I have 2 races on the idiot box, the replay of the F1 race from Malaysia, and the Sprint Cup race from Fontana. The F1 race is in the wet, and they think the Fontana race may be cut short by rain moving in, as NASCAR can’t race in the wet on an oval. But I’m looking at the F1 cars sliding off course nearly every turn as their tires just can’t cope with the downpour in Malaysia, and they just put the safety car on the course to bring everybody down to a safe cruise speed. I have seen one of these races red-flagged because the safety car was hydroplaning almost out of control while the race cars were also sliding off the track because their under-car aerodynamic devices were flying over the top of the water and lifting the entire car off the ground. When the tires are not touching the track the car is just a ballistic device because there is nothing changing the direction of the car until it runs into something.

And I’m going to cut this post short, because I can’t concentrate on writing and watch the race(s) at the same time. and I’m missing stuff in the races while I put stuff on the screen.

Oh, and the Fire and Ice in the headline? A couple weeks ago I wore tights and multiple layers of jerseys, today I rode to church in shorts and a short-sleeved jersey and still was a little sweaty when I got to church.

PSA, Opus