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Got my tax return check, and the Feed

The tax return showed up in the mailbox yesterday instead of the Debit card account I had set up so I could buy things on the Internet as well as spend my money IRL. The IRS said in so many words that when they tried to make the deposit there was no account there to deposit into, so basically all the money I put in there previously and allowed to go to the “maintenance fees” has vanished, leaving me with nothing. And now I’m back to trying to find a way to buy the things I want that I can only get online, without exposing every penny I have to hackers and just plain thieves. Thanks for nothing PayPower .

Up first, an update on the wreck in Eastern WA between the bicycle and the motorcycle. 2 killed in bicycle-motorcycle crash identified After looking at the Google Street View of the wreck location I noticed that the cyclist’s view to the south where the motorcycle was coming from was restricted by a tree that was almost in the road. I also noted that the cyclist was observed to have stopped at the stop sign and then was hit as he crossed the road that did not have a stop sign. The cyclist had a good enough sight line to see and avoid a vehicle moving at the posted speed limit for the area, and to cross the road in sufficient time to avoid getting hit by a vehicle that was beyond his sight line at the time he began crossing the road. The area is known for having speeding vehicles on that street, so I conclude that the motorcyclist was in fact speeding when he hit the bicyclist. Both victims are being tested to determine if chemical impairment may have been a factor.

And closer to WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, LEO have found and arrested the drinver in the hit-and-run fatality of a cyclist. Arrest Made in Brownlee Fatal Hit & Run Cyclist had no chance of avoiding this one, usual rants about hit-and-run drivers, I hope he’s allergic to kittens etc… Congratulations are due to the LEO involved in this investigation.

A 15 YO in NJ is hit when he went from riding normally to salmon, crossing in front of a moving vehicle. Fanwood Driver Crashes into 15-year-old Bike Rider Ordinarily I would discount a report like this, but they claim that several outside witnesses saw the youth change sides of the street just before he was hit. Obviously the way to avoid a wreck like this is to 1) not be a 15 YO boy, and 2) not to suddenly ride into traffic from the other side of the street…

Near my old stomping grounds in TN they solved another hit-and-run killing of a cyclist. UPDATED: 2 bikers hit by trucks within a week The rider that died in this wreck was riding salmon but the driver left the scene claiming that she thought she had hit a deer. In the second wreck mentioned the driver took the cyclist and bike away from the wreck and neither has been heard from since…

A possibly drunk cyclist runs into a car in CA. Bicyclist Seriously Injured In Accident This was another wreck that had more than one outside witness, and another one where there was a suspicion of alcohol use by the cyclist, who is expected to survive. I hate drunk cyclists almost as much as I hate drunk drivers, but still well below hit-and-run drivers.

Elsewhere in CA two cyclists run into each other, minor injury reported. From the Police Log: Cyclist Injured in Crash, Petty Theft Reported There was nothing in the report that could be used to tell you how to avoid the wreck, I just included it because it was a rare report of a cyclist injury wreck on the road that did not involve a motor vehicle.

A cyclist is severely injured by a booby trap across a bike path in CO. Bicyclist seriously injured by booby trap I could not believe this act of terrorism was not even being investigated by LEO. Had someone done anything of a similar level of lethality on a street or highway, there would have been “20 cop cars with all kinds of cop equipment, and helicopters taking pictures from every angle, the northern approach, the southern approach, the eastern approach…” (thanks to Arlo Guthrie for that memorable quote from Alice’s Restaurant). I think it is interesting that when I opened the comments section the 2 comments that were already there were invisible as was the ability to add comments.

Another link to the death of a cyclist at the wheels of a drunk driver in NC. Ohio Bicyclist Dies From Crash Injuries I have said all I can or care to say about that wreck in this blog.

Cyclists in Oz are in open revolution about bike helmets. Bike-riding girls ditch helmets

Infrastructure! in Las Vegas. Bicycling takes off in Las Vegas. Are you ready to pedal? In spite of the terrible infrastructure conditions in Sin City, people are riding bikes for exercise and transportation. The comments at the bottom of the article indicate just how far we have to go yet to make Vegas a bike-friendly city.

And while I’m stuck in the house unable to do the BikeMS because as Mrs. the Poet says “We be P'” as in too poor to buy a vowel (we used to be just po’ too poor to afford the last 2 letters in the word “poor”, now we’re p’) riders in IA plan on their ride for MS. Bike ride allows cyclists to cuise cornfields while supporting multiple sclerosis research I’m so jealous…

And those are all the links that gave me fits this morning.

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