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Busy day planned after I post the blog, and the Feed

I have to deliver the mortgage check to the thieves people servicing the loan today, and hope the tax check has cleared so the mortgage check doesn’t bounce. The $$ we would have used to bounce-proof the mortgage check went into paying for a month’s worth of food yesterday. Such is life lived on the edge. As the saying goes, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.” And that would be rude.

It looks like I might fall behind pace for completing 2400 miles this year due to a lack of places to go. As my regular readers know, I ride to get to places that are too far to walk to in a reasonable time, and that are not served by transit, or that I would have to carry more stuff on one or more legs of the trip than I could manage on the bus or walking. IOW I ride to get where I need to go, and lately that hasn’t been to enough places that are far enough away to meet my mileage goals. And part of that has been due to a lack of $$ more than a lack of places to go. I need to get some stuff, some of it from quite some distance away, that I haven’t gotten because I can’t pay for the items once I get to the store. Now that I have my tax return that will change a little.

Up first by reason of “WTF?!”. Suspected drunk driver hits five teens on bikes The driver hit 5 people on bikes, dragging one bike for an extended distance, then got out of the car and tried to hide in trees after driving as far as his damaged car would take him. To prevent this wreck as a cyclist with current built environment there’s nothing you could do, and even SBR wouldn’t help against a drunk driver unless there were car-proof armored bollards capable of taking out a large vehicle guarding all approaches to the Bike Roads. More links in chronological order. Mount Carmel Teens Hit By Vehicle and Police Say Teacher Was Drunk When Teens Were Hit another More Reaction From Mount Carmel After Hit-And-Run Crash also Shamokin Area teacher suspended after allegedly running into teens not done yet Police Continue Investigation While Victims Of Mount Carmel Hit And Run Remain In Hospital That was a lawyer’s take on the subject 3 still in hospital another link Police: Teacher Hits 5 Teens With Car and last link Teacher Accused of Drunk Driving, Striking 5 High School Students

Still in PA, a slightly less violent wreck in the police blotter. Friday’s Sentinel police log The incident is in the paragraph that begins “Lorrie A. Shaner, 50, of Carlisle was charged with vehicles turning left“… IOW this was a classic left cross intersection wreck. To avoid with current infrastructure apply intersection protocols, and again SBR would prevent this entirely.

By TX standards this wreck was right next door to the preceding one. Bicyclist Hit, Killed in Smith Township I know the OH and the PA wrecks were hundreds of miles apart, I was making a TX joke. This wreck appears to be hit-from-behind, the standard protocol applies.

Another OH fatality, this one a SWCC. Sylvania bicyclist killed in collision on Greenbelt Not much meat in this report. If true then don’t run red lights to avoid, otherwise intersection protocols. SBR would prevent such wrecks, of course.

An almost-appropriate sentence in IL. 10-year prison sentence for hit-and-run driver The driver was drunk and suspected of also being impaired by pot when she was arrested a short time after killing the cyclist, and has been arrested for DUI and possession more than once since the wreck. IMNSHO 10 years in prison would be a good start at proper punishment, but there needs to be more, like making driving a car equal to felony possession of a weapon. Also mandatory payments to the cyclist’s surviving dependants for life or until age 21 for the minors. The article did not mention if the cyclist had any dependants to support in the nearly 2 years since the wreck that killed him.

Trouble in Paradise as a motorcycle crosses the centerline and hits a bicyclist head on. Motorcycle and bicycle collide; 2 men injured, 1 critically There’s little doubt about whose fault this wreck is, as well as how to avoid a similar wreck. To avoid fade right when a motor vehicle crosses the centerline. To prevent make SBR.

Stop the presses, a cyclist has hit another pedestrian in San Francisco. Pedestrian injured in collision with bicyclist expected to survive and Pedestrian, cyclist injured in SF Castro District collision also 72-Year-Old Castro Pedestrian Struck By Cyclist Expected To Survive and SF Media’s Double Standard on Traffic Crashes Rears Its Head Again OOOhhh are they ever not kidding about that one! and final link Pedestrian, cyclist injured in crash in Castro

Infrastructure! news from NYC. The ‘Hipster Highway’ is still a speedway: advocacy group says two-thirds of drivers speed on McGuinness Blvd. With drivers routinely exceeding the speed limit by twice the posted limit, and big rigs seriously compromising their stopping and reaction distances by going 75% over the limit, this road is in serious need of traffic calming.

Also in NYC Infrastructure. Councilman Stephen Levin Proposes Bill Requiring NYPD To Investigate Serious Bike Accidents Just another law for NYPD to ignore like the laws requiring investigation of serious injury wrecks. Unless they put Ray Kelly in jail for every uninvestigated wreck the law requires to be investigated nothing will be done.

A little jab at the legal infrastructure in the UK as regards to “cars paying for he roads”. I agree with David Cameron “I want to give the motorist a fair deal.”

And local LifeStyle as a bicycle culture develops just 40 miles to the west from WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell. Big wheels turning: Bike culture in DFW Bike culture in DFW, whodathunkit?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, sorry it’s so late, real life intervened, again.

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