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Spring is here and I’m ready to DO something, and the Feed

I’m really in the mood to build something, but I lack a certain something required before any project can be contemplated, a budget. I have so many things I want to build: a low-racer recumbent, a 20/20 crank-forward bike, a cargo trailer that can actually carry enough food and equipment to self-sustain a week long camping trip riding from one campsite to the next, a streamliner bike, a long-range electric-assist recumbent. I have actually planned out all of those bikes and happened to have components to build them just laying around to do so, some of the bike plans would use the same components for different bikes, like the low-racer, the e-assist bike, and the streamliner are all basically the same bike geometry with slightly different configurations, but realistically I could build one of those 3, the crank-forward bike, and the camping trailer, if I had the $$ to get the rest of the materials and consumables and spent less time sitting at my computer thinking about building things.

Up first is not a bike wreck, but a warning on a new hazard developing out there on the roads. OnStar To The Rescue: Police Find Driver Suffering Diabetic Reaction Because of the obesity epidemic (caused by cars) there are millions of people out there that don’t know they are at risk to lose coherence behind the wheel as a result of out-of-control blood sugar. The results are similar to drunk driving with the lovely “benefit” of the driver not knowing they are no longer totally in control (IOW even less likely than a drunk to know they need to slow down and be careful). I’m still researching this to see what the signs are from the outside of the car that a person is Driving While Diabetic, other than looking pretty much the same as a drunk driver.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, one of the reasons why it is so deadly. Carlos Bertonatti Gets Ninth Delay In Trial For Killing Biker On Rickenbacker Causeway If drivers see that they won’t get punished for killing cyclists except to see a slight rise in their insurance to repair the sheet metal damages to their cars, then they won’t be too worried about hitting cyclists, unless they actually see cyclists as being fellow human beings that feel pain &tc…

We had 2 big stories today, one US and the other international. The Big US strory was a woman hit in a SWCC wreck in OH. Bicyclist who died in collision is identified and Bicyclist Struck, Killed By Minivan In Ross County another link Chillicothe Bicyclist Killed In Crash And how I wish that ONN was The Onion… Ross County’s 8th fatal crash in 2012 raises concerns After I read all the articles and saw several pictures of the victim’s bike, I have come to the conclusion that despite the only witness to this wreck being the driver the story is accurate, the cyclist failed to stop at the stop sign or stopped but failed to yield to the oncoming vehicle. The level of destruction to the bike and the car show how violent this wreck was. It is for cyclists like this woman, who was developmentally delayed, that SBR are most necessary.

NYPD screws up again. City Councilor Files Amicus Brief in Mathieu Lefevre Case This mass fornication just keeps getting bigger and bigger. like a smelly snowball, or that thing in the video game where you roll the sticky ball around that just keeps getting bigger and bigger until it gets bigger then the solar system.

In Middle Canukistan another report on a cyclist hit by a semi. Cyclist killed in highway crash The cyclist was hit from behind on the shoulder of the road while wearing the requisite helmet and glow in the dark clown suit (during broad daylight hours), it is now known. No word on any charges to be filed.

Also from the Great White North, the cyclist hit by a cop in an unmarked cruiser has died from his injuries without regaining consciousness. Cyclist dies of injuries: News Briefs

The cyclist that hit a jogger still has not regained consciousness or been identified. Qualicum Beach cyclist injured in collision with jogger Another reason to have wearable ID when you go for a bike ride. More RCMP discover identity of badly injured cyclist and Vancouver Island cyclist who collided with jogger dies in hospital and Cyclist dies after collision with jogger Another senseless jogging-related death. Something must be done about these people that just run around willy-nilly killing innocent cyclists. The need to have jogging licences and carry insurance and have their shoes registered…[/sarcasm]

The other really big story is a SWSS involving a billionaire’s son and a car reported to cost almost a half-million dollars. The Billionaire’s Son, The Dead Cyclist And The Tweeted Manslaughter Defense I have to say that is the first time I have ever linked to a wreck report from Forbes Billionaire Heir Accidentally Kills Cyclist With $450,000 Mercedes and The Son Of Brazil’s Richest Man Is Being Investigated After Killing A Cyclist With His $450,000 Mercedes and Car Crash: Billionaire’s Son Hits Cyclist with SLR McLaren and last link Son of billionaire tycoon in police probe following deadly crash in £750,000 supercar that his father keeps in his LIVING ROOM The pictures are of such a violent wreck I just can’t imagine the forces involved. The cyclist’s body nearly took the roof of a car designed to survive a rollover wreck at 100 km/hr without collapsing. I just can’t believe the driver was “only” going 110km/hr (~70 MPH) when he hit the cyclist. Other witnesses claim that just before the wreck they saw the cyclist riding on the hard shoulder of the 2-lane highway…

LifeStyle article about support for the family of a child killed while riding a bicycle in front of his home. Community rallies to help family of boy killed by car

Infrastructure! from TN of all places. City walk/bike trail boosts child exercise Whodathunkit? Giving children some place to be active results in children that are more active, and less fat. (Thanks to BikingInLA for the link).

And after all that mess, a pretty picture. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 3.21.12

And those are all the links that gave me fits today (actually there were a few more that had nothing to do with bicycles, but hese are all the ones that had something to do with bicycles).

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I had to cancel a ride, and the Feed

I had someplace I needed to be last night, but I bailed because of the weather forecast. Now before you rag me about getting a little wet, let me tell you what the forecast was: 3-6″ of rain per hour, high winds (gusts of up to 50 MPH), and golf ball sized hail. I would have destroyed my new helmet, ruined my rain gear, and quite possibly been blown into a wreck, had the forecast been accurate, which it mostly was. The only thing that didn’t make it to my side of the Metromess was the golf ball sized hail which had diminished to pea sized by the time it made it here. Torrential rain, check. Howling winds, check and double check, both the sustained winds and the gusts were strong enough to be dangerous to a person riding a bike. I may be a crazy, brain-damaged blogger, but I still retain a majority of my intelligence from before, and my judgement was that this was not a good chance to take on a bike without a sturdy roof over my head. I haven’t built that bike yet, so I stayed home. Today’s weather is lovely if damp and a bit chilly, so I may throw some tights and a long-sleeved jersey on and go for a look around later.

Not many actual bike story links in the Feed today, but one that stands out is a drunken cyclist unable to maintain lane discipline. Bicyclist suffers major injuries in collision and Injured Bicyclist Arrested for DUI To avoid, don’t ride drunk, and stay in your lane. SBR would alleviate most of the problems with BUI (Bicycling Under the Influence) by keeping the drunks away from the most deadly things they would normally encounter, but I still would not recommend BUI, unless it was a choice of BUI or DUI in which case I would definitely advise a bicycle over a motor vehicle, any motor vehicle more powerful than a handicap scooter.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years running, a reported SWSS. Bicyclist injured after collision with van in Seminole Not much to say here, classic SWSS narrative, cyclist severely injured and transported, driver claims swerving in front of him. Hit-from-behind protocols, and tickets for drivers that fail to pass cyclists with the required legal clearance as demonstrated by running into them, might prevent wrecks like this with the built environment, changing the built environment to include Separated Bicycle Roads would definitely prevent future SWSS.

A child is run over in front of his home in NC. Lillington boy killed while riding bike At this point nothing is really known about this wreck aside from the location.

Two more cyclists display poor lane discipline , this time in NJ. Bicyclists airlifted after Kinnelon crash The cyclists were conscious after the wreck and backed up the report of poor lane discipline on their part during a high-speed downhill run. To avoid, stay in your lane. Learn better bike handling skills to keep a tighter line in right turns or a wider one on left turns, but stay in your lane. In extreme cases you may have to feather the brakes a bit on corner entry. A tiny bit of rear brake (TINY!!) can help induce turning.

The cyclist who was critically injured in Canuckistan after a collision with a jogger has finally been identified. Identify of cyclist injured in collision with jogger sought Aaannnd apparently not as the article I clicked on was taken down, and replaced with an earlier article at the same URL as I was creating the link. I think the story that was taken down indicated the cyclist was a 57 YO, but since it isn’t there any more I can’t actually verify what it said. So, they thought they knew who he was, but now they don’t.

Infrastructure! news from Oz. Where do cyclists belong? The synopsis, cyclists have far fewer injuries when they have a place to ride that excludes pedestrians and motor vehicles and allows cyclists to ride at a comfortable pace, has room to pass slower cyclists and some degree of protection from incursions from motor vehicles. IOW Dutch infrastructure with Separated Bike Roads. Throw in a most vulnerable to least vulnerable hierarchy of ROW at intersections with Peds>bicycles>motor vehicles (and those should be read as “Greater Than” symbols) and you have Paradise. At least until you get where you’re going, after that the transportation system loses all control over your happiness. 😛

And that’s it, all the links that stayed up long enough for me to post it in my blog.

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Apology to my subscribers

After I put out the post this afternoon I checked the site to see how it looked, and about a third of the links were broken, either stripped of their URLs or headlines (blank links) I had to open up the Feed folder and figure out which URL went with what headline, and then vice versa on the other links. I don’t know if you subscribers got the version with intact links or what, which is why I’m sending this apology post to invite you to come check the repaired version at the web site (last I checked it was still good).


Really annoyed at my cable provider, and the Feed

This is something I should really just chill about, but I can’t. I think I might have mentioned this a couple of times, but I’m a geek. I’m not a Geek with a capital “g”, just your average garden-variety geek. One of the geeky things I do is watch anime, animated cartoons from Japan. Or I should say I used to watch anime, because my cable provider decided that not enough people were watching the anime channel (Funimation Channel), and without so much as a “would you like to pay extra for that?” dumped it from the lineup. The excuse given was that not enough people watched the channel to make it worthwhile to carry it. Well I’m sure that out of the 400 or so channels they offered there were more than a few that did not get watched very often, but none of those channels were dumped, just the one that I was watching on a daily basis. Back in the old days when a credit card that wasn’t maxed out was good enough to get territorial distributorship rights I sold anime VHS tapes at local cons, but now you have to have storefront and web access to get that, no more case lots sold at cons, so the only contact point I had was Funimation Channel programming. Now I don’t even have that, and there were 2 series that had not finished (one was 2 episodes in, the other was 2 episodes from finishing) that I will never get to see the endings. Actually more than that as they had just started on the new seasons of 2 other series that were open-ended (crime dramas that always had new criminals popping up, just like the real world). Plus I wanted to catch up on the repeats of series I had already seen but missed some episodes of (I finally caught the middle 3 episodes of “Birdy the Mighty: Decode” that I missed when I was visiting my dad in TN last summer, but I kept missing the “Chobits” episodes because they would get re-aired when I was away from the house doing things). And of course in spite of the fact that I no longer have access to that channel I still have to pay the same amount for my cable/phone/Internet package. TANJ!

Up first be proximity to WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell (which is actually pretty nice this time of year) a SWCC wreck in Beaumont. Cyclist critically injured in late night traffic wreck No further information has bee released on the direction of travel for the cyclist or his condition. Apparently intersection protocols should be applied given what little information I have at this point.

A little further east from that wreck we have a SWSS. Cyclist killed in Livingston Parish and Vehicle crash claims life of young cyclist also Vehicle crash claims life of young cyclist Apparently the LEO in this case has not been apprised of the LA 3 foot to pass law. Nor most of the rest of the vehicle code for that matter. You know the one about the passing vehicle must always make sure the pass can be completed safely, that is in the vehicle code of every state. To avoid with built infrastructure use hit-from-behind protocols, or make SBR part of the infrastructure instead of sharing with people that can’t drive.

Sliding a tiny bit further east, a driver that hit a cyclist on the shoulder of the road from behind while she was riding sweep on a tour group on a charity ride, is indicted for the death. Driver charged with killing female cyclist, 22, during a charity bike-ride and Former DeKalb County investigator indicted in cross-country bicyclist’s death also DeKalb County man indicted in death of charity cyclist last link Man Indicted in DeKalb County Cyclist’s Death OK I’m sickened by this, the most lenient possible charges that could have been brought for killing an innocent human being who wasn’t even riding in the road but hit from behind on the shoulder of the highway where the truck did not even belong. Hit-from-behind protocols but the only thing that will prevent wrecks like this is SBR. And taking away cars from people that kill. Even if we don’t lock them up, when you kill with a car you should lose that car with no insurance payout to replace it. We don’t give the guns that kill back to the shooters, do we? Then why allow drivers that kill continued access to their weapons?

Continuing the eastward slide, a little girl riding a tricycle on a sidewalk is killed by a hit-and-run driver in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, (or trike). A 5-year-old girl struck and killed in Fort Lauderdale by a hit-and-run driver I don’t know what the child could have done to prevent someone from driving a large cargo van over her while she played in front of her house.

Another wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years running. Fatal bicycle crash in Lutz Another SWCC wreck as the cyclist “went into the part of a Ford Fusion” which I interpret as the cyclist got inside the car before he was hit, or maybe as he was hit (“Pardon me, but I think that may have killed me, can I take a rest in your car?”).

And completing the slide east, the killer of 2 cyclists in NC faces trial. Jury selection begins Monday in Grooms murder trial and Jury for Doolittle deaths to be chosen in Jacksonville The good thing is this is getting charged as a murder, as the driver was both drunk and stoned on “bath salts” at the time of the wreck. I have zero qualms about people getting drunk or stoned, as long as you are not in control of a deadly device like a motor vehicle do what you want with your body. however if you are driving in that condition and you kill a cyclist, I want your butt under the jail, in a coffin, filled with concrete and a stake through your heart, after you get shot with a silver bullet. IOW I want to be absolutely sure there is no way you will ever drive a motor vehicle again.

A wreck in Canuckistan that is almost a carbon copy of an earlier wreck. Cyclist killed by semi I don’t know if it was the same road or driver but this is the second wreck where a cyclist was killed by a truck turning right onto the road he was riding on. I can’t find the link to the earlier story, so I guess I must have missed posting it earlier. To be brutally honest I can’t see any version of this wreck that isn’t 1000% the fault of the truck driver no matter where the cyclist was hit. The truck was turning from one road to the road the cyclist was riding on, exactly like the previous wreck, and should have yielded to the vehicle that was already on the road. For you to avoid a wreck like this, Intersection protocols with the built environment, or ideally SBR to keep bikes and semis from ever coming in contact with each other. A later link that just came in Police identify cyclist killed over the weekend

Another wreck in Canuckistan, this one between a jogger and a cyclist. Police need help to identify injured cyclist Another example of why you should have wearable ID when you ride a bike.

Another truck killing a cyclist in Canuckistan, with about the same degree of information as the other link. Cyclist killed after hit by truck on highway The headline makes it sound like he was put down like a horse with a broken leg instead of dying from getting run over by a semi. More Cyclist killed in collision near St. Anne Ahh the cyclist was hit-from-behind on a clear road with unrestricted visibility and good lighting, and the one comment I see says how sad it was for the driver of the truck. Hey, bud how about how sad it is for the cyclist that was run over from behind?

From that same town where a driver hit a kid from behind in LA, an Infrastructure! link. Groups pedaling a message of safety Enforcing the laws would help, for cyclists as well as for drivers, as was pointed out in the link to the wreck that killed that kid.

LifeStyle in NYC. Rides in Five Boroughs Call Attention to Bike Safety Annual Tour de Ghost Bikes, bigger every year…

Another ride in NYC, this one for a recent fatality. Cyclists honor RJ Tillman, Wagner student killed in hit-run crash The sad part was as they gathered at the wreck site they were repeatedly buzzed by rude drivers attempting to disrupt the ceremony.

A pretty bike picture. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 3.19.12 If Washington Irving had been born in the 20th Century just think how different “The Headless Horseman” would have been.

Last link for those who think the government is of the insane and by the insane (as if the previous links weren’t enough). 9-year-old boy summoned to jury duty in Mass. And people wonder why we can’t get decent infrastructure with people like this running things?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Some of the problems being a bicycle rider in a car-driving world, Wreck-Free Sunday

I know what some of you might be thinking, but there will be no reports on interactions with motor vehicles in this post. No, not that either. This is a post about… underwear.

OK while you put your heads back on your necks from the psychic whiplash, this post is about white cotton briefs and the problems you can have with them if you’re a bike rider, even if you don’t wear underwear with your bike shorts. OK I just saw heads going the other way, I’ll hold up while you recover from the other psychic whiplash (or the first one after I made that other abrupt reversal).

OK are you sitting comfortably with plenty of neck support? This post is about why men’s underwear doesn’t fit bike riders natural proportions. There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? I have been training for a couple of things I want(ed) to do this summer. You know all about BikeMS, that charity ride I was going to do but that fell through. Well I have another thing that I’m working on, some shorter rides. Real short rides. Of about 1/4 mile each. Very quickly. That would be drag racing for the uninitiated. The current record for the standing 1/4 mile as recognized by the IHPVA is just over 27 seconds. I think I can do better if I make a purpose-built vehicle for this, that I have been working on for about 3 years now trying to make it hold together when I shift from low gear to high. I mention that part because it leads to the issue I got started on at the beginning of this post, underwear.

Anyway part of the reason I can’t get the drag racing vehicle to survive a shift from low to high gear is I make this shift under full power and part of it is I’m working with crap parts that have rather loose tolerances and large clearances and I can’t afford to buy good stuff, and things get twisted out of shape when I apply maximum effort, and I have been training to apply even more effort than what has been breaking the bike before.

Can you see where this one is going yet? Large amounts of power and working to be able to make more power? And just where would that power come from? You in the back doing the Horshack impression, stop waving your hand, you’re right, it’s from leg muscles. BIG leg muscles. No, bigger than that. BIG leg muscles. Are we getting the picture yet? Or are you still wondering what the heck this has to do with my underwear?

I had to get new underwear recently because the center seam in my shorts has been sawing a split down the center of the seat of my underwear. I got the size that fits my waist just fine, but it takes me a few minutes to get the leg holes over my thighs either pulling them on or taking them off before I go to bed as I have to work then gently around the quads and hamstrings until I can pull the underwear up over my waist. The waistband is comfortably snug, the leg holes likewise after I get the underwear completely on. It’s just the getting on part that is a pain in the tookus. Car drivers rarely have big quads, unless they have a 4BBL carburetor on the engine, so they don’t need to have big leg holes or lots of elastic on the leg holes in their underwear. Bike riders on the other hand do have big quads and hammies and hip adductors that require big leg holes in their briefs. I think the only other group that has a similar problem would be professional body builders. I’m not quite to those proportions yet, but with this drag race training program I might be soon be in those levels of development.

Now part of the problem is where I have to buy my underwear, the local dollar store. China-made underwear is not built for people like me, they make underwear for people with fat butts and big waists and skinny legs that only get used walking from the house to the car, from the desk to the refrigerator, and from the bedroom to the kitchen. IOW hardly at all. These people need underwear with waistbands that are much larger in proportion to their leg holes than people that ride bikes as transportation, and those people vastly outnumber people like me.

So, you see my dilemma. I can buy my dollar store underwear to fit my legs, or I can buy it to fit everything else underwear fits over. For the moment I buy it to fit my waist, because they don’t mark the packages with the size of the leg holes and I haven’t figured out what waist size would have leg holes big enough to get on easily. Probably by the time I got leg holes that big the underwear would just fall off if I stood up too quickly anyway.

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I finally got to mow the lawn, and the Feed

The planets finally got in proper alignment, or whatever it was because the lawnmower started on the second pull yesterday and on a single pull every other time I had to re-start it, after doing nothing more than putting fresh gas in the tank and letting the thing sit for a few days while the yard became walkable (barely) for me again. So the lawn is mowed and I have enough gas to do it again in a week or 2 as needed, assuming cooperation with the weather. Tonight I’m going to pedal my bike Blue over to the church for our bi-weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. I have enough bonus points on my normal attack of Eldritch Blast that I can usually get some damage as this particular magic attack completely bypasses whatever armor the victim is wearing and attacks as if the victim was nude, with pretty devastating effect. This is especially true since I’m now getting 2d6 of damage. Also I have gained the feat of Rapid Fire which allows me to use the attack twice per round with a -2 from my regular bonuses to attack. This makes my character very effective in a fight now, and I’m taking out almost as many NPC as the barbarian in our party while taking much less damage (which is good as I have only 16 HP compared to his 42). The Eldritch Lesser Pantsing blast is still being approved by the DM (who thinks it might be a little advanced for my level character).

The big story today is update on the wreck I had an initial report on yesterday of a cyclist hit in MS. Pass cyclist killed in Bay St. Louis Now we know this was a SWSS wreck, great… Pass woman hit, killed on morning bike ride and Cyclist Killed In Bay St. Louis and Cyclist killed in Bay St. Louis I was looking at the crime scene pictures and there is no shoulder on that road for the cyclist to have swerved from. For the narrative to have been true the cyclist would have had to been riding in the ditch, not on the paved surface at all. Another thing I noticed was the cyclist was hit from the left front according to the damage to the bike. That could have been tumble damage after the impact with the cyclist’s body. This is a very confusing wreck.

Next wreck a firefighter commuting to work is hit and killed. Firefighter Dies Riding Bike To Work and Aurora firefighter killed in bicycle accident Comments were shut off for that link Aurora firefighter dies after being hit by vehicle and Aurora firefighter hit, killed while on way to work still more Aurora firefighter dies after bicycle accident and Aurora Firefighter Dies After Getting Stuck By Car While Riding Bike and Aurora Firefighter On Bike Killed In Accident last link Aurora firefighter hit, killed while on way to work I flagged several comments on the links that allowed comments that blamed the cyclist for being there to get hit instead of the driver that ran the red light and hit him. There was even one that blamed Obama for the wreck… I blame the driver that could not see that there was a red light in his direction of travel and hit a human in a school crossing. There would be no way to avoid a wreck like this even with SBR, as you can’t fix stupid. And driving blind and hitting someone while running a red light qualifies as “stupid”.

A CT woman is hit in a crosswalk with her bike. Bicyclist hospitalized after being hit by car on River Road I don’t see what the cyclist could have done to prevent this as she was already in the crossing when the other vehicle made a left turn into her right of way. And as this was an intersection between a SBR and regular roads there wasn’t anything that changing the infrastructure would have done about this wreck. The only thing that could have prevented this wreck would be for the driver to watch where they drive and make sure the way is clear before making a turn.

Update on the condition of the ID cyclist hit in NC this week. Cyclist still listed in critical condition I managed to look up the wreck site in Google Maps Street View, and this was not a road that falls under the types of roads where bikes would be banned, it is a surface street with a median and uncontrolled intersections. IOW the cyclist had a right to be there. and it was 100% the drunk driver’s fault for leaving the road to hit him.

A strange bike wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist, 20, dies after falling into Lake Ontario near Yonge St. At this point LEO know he was riding a bike, and somehow ended up face down in the lake. What happened between those 2 events is unknown. His Bici bike was found undamaged near the body.

There have been a lot of cyclists hit-and-run in Oz recently. Cyclists left ‘like roadkill’ With all the casualties cyclists are getting a little edgy there. More Vicious cycle

Same song, different city, still in Oz. Cyclist injured in hit-run crash This one was in Adelaide instead of Canberra, but it’s still a hit-and-run against a cyclist that could have ended up dead.

LifeStyle in NYC. “Unnamed” Ghost Bike Memorial To Be Installed Outside 90th Precinct Station In Williamsburg Sunday Would that this would be the last Ghost Bike needed in the entire city…

Infrastructure! news from DC. Drivers, Cyclists and Walkers: Keep Those Heads Up, Eyes Open and Ears Clear, Please Try to stay alert out there people, especially the people guiding the WMD that can kill dozens at a single strike.

And those are all the links that gave me fits while composing this.

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Trying not to explode, and the Feed

As you may know this blog is posted from Texas. Recently our Governor Rick “I have good hair” Perry, declared Planned Parenthood not acceptable as a provider for the low-income Women’s Health Program system. The Feds disagreed, as they did every other time this was brought up under 2 presidents. Previously TX dropped the idea of excluding PP as a provider, because Federal funds pay for 90% of the $40M program, which would basically cease to exist without the Federal funds. Well the Feds called Perry’s bluff on this one and pulled their money, and the 130K+ women that depended on this program for access to basic health care as well as reproductive care are now up the proverbial unsanitary tributary without visible means of locomotion. I have also heard rumblings that those women are now members of a class-action lawsuit against Perry and the State of Texas. Personally I would like to see as a provision of that lawsuit that Goodhair be required to ride his bike to every member of the class and apologize in person, that would make him re-consider his 2009 veto of the Vulnerable Road Users bill as well as force him to put a face on the pain he caused to thousands of women. I realize this is not specifically a bicycle issue, but rather a human rights issue, but I live here and this abuse of my tax dollars really aggravates me.

Up first, people in Oz are outraged that a woman carried a baby on a bike without a helmet. Cyclist snapped with baby causes outrage Oh, the horror! If that woman was to be hit by a car while her baby was unprotected by a helmet… a helmet would do next to no good in protecting the child from harm. I don’t have the statistics from Oz, but in the US the second most common way for children under 5 to die is from sitting in a parent’s car, with head injury being the primary cause of death in those cases. I don’t see a big uproar about helmets for babies in cars, but that’s where a lot of them die. More Picture of female cyclist on a St Kilda road with baby attached causes outrage among road safety experts

First wreck link is a kid from CA hit in a crosswalk. Boy in Critical Condition After Being Hit By Car While Riding Bike In this case there was no other way for the child to get to/from his school except on this dangerous road, and cyclists have right-of-way in a crosswalk just like pedestrians. There was no way to avoid this wreck except to not be there to get hit, or for the driver to not violate the right-of-way of the cyclist, with the built environment. What would be needed to prevent wrecks like this is a safe way to get around the Interstate highway. More Bicyclist Hit By Vehicle Near Bollinger Canyon Road On-Ramp The cyclist had a helmet on prior to the wreck but was either not wearing it at the time of the wreck or it was knocked off in the wreck.

A woman in MS is killed riding her bike. UPDATE: Bicyclist killed in traffic accident Not much aside from the death and the location in that article. I tried doing a search more more links but I couldn’t find any.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, now to go mow the lawn or at least try to.

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Going on a “date” with my wife, and the Feed

As I checked the Feed this morning I only had a single link, so I’m going to do things with my wife while she has a break from work and have a ‘date” at the local B&N coffeeshop and check back later with the results of the “date” and also see if there are some more links. Of course you won’t see this until after I get back, because I won’t do the rest of the post until then, so stop reading for a few minutes, and worry about the “date”, then read the rest of the post…

OK I’m back. We looked at some books in the “School reading” section of the store, and compared the books to the ones we had to read 35-40 years ago (some of the books had not been written when we were in school) looked at a few magazines (and cried over the prices, $7 and up), and had a beverage and split an Oreo Stack dessert at the coffeeshop, the wife having Black Tea, hot and I had a no-foam latte. It was nice and we had a nice chat away from the usual distractions of home and SQUIRREL! (church joke)

Up first because I like nice things at the start of the links is this picture. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 3.15.12 Isn’t that pretty?

The big story is a cyclist hit by a drunk driver in NC. NCHP: Cyclist Critical After Being Hit By Drunken Driver and Cyclist Hit, Critically Injured By Drunk Driver In Lexington more Bicyclist remains in critical condition after accident” last link Share The Road On An Interstate? Bicycle Laws Clarified. OK from what I can get from this the cyclist was in a grey area because the road was I-85 Business, not an actual Interstate. At any rate the driver was almost twice the legal limit on BAC%, and ran off the roads to hit the cyclist. If the cyclist was in fact legal in this wreck, hit-from-behind protocols would have helped prevent this wreck. SBR would have prevented the two from ever having to share the same stretch of pavement and made the wreck impossible.

Bad news in CA as LEO treat the victims of a bike v car wreck like criminals. Cyclists Terrorized On The Wiggle, Police Side With Angry Prius Driver SFPD shows again why cops need to get out of their cars frequently and find out how the other side lives. Really, the cyclist deliberately rammed the car? Is that cop insane? BikingInLA had a link to a funny picture that I can’t find now that capsulated the whole thing, a car that had run into a thin pole with bad results and an undamaged bike parked in the crease in the front end… If only that were possible in the real world without pre-crashing the car…

A cyclist is hit in AL. Cyclist Killed on Schillinger Road About all they’ll say on this one is that the bike was in the road, I’m betting they’re still figuring out how to blame it on the cyclist.

A UK article about an American bike wreck. Driver jailed for killing Fetcham medical student says sorry I covered this a week ago but sometimes news travels slow over the Pond.

Another wreck in AZ. Phoenix cyclist killed after being hit by car Notice they mention the street was dimly lit, but not that the cyclist was or the car had defective headlights. More Bicyclist towing homemade trailer killed by motorist in Phoenix and the Street View of the wreck site 3500 W Georgia Ave Notice the terrible sight lines caused by the privacy walls Phoenix bicyclist dies after being hit by car and one more 60-year-old bicyclist killed while crossing Phoenix street

More information on the Mathieu Lefevre wreck in NYC. New Video Shows Brooklyn Cyclist Moments Before Death, May Prove NYPD Wrong Another video that proves the truck driver had faded far left but did not have his signal on prior to the cyclist pulling up on the right in a gap of about 8 feet in width from the curb.

Another link to the cyclist hit by a cop car in the Great White North. Elderly Cyclist Hit By Cruiser Still the same level of information being given as they try to figure out a way to blame the cyclist for being there to get hit…TANJ!

Infrastructure! news from CA. Initiative in Tulare County urges bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians to ‘share the road’ Why do I think that drivers will see that sign and interpret it as “Cyclists and pedestrians get out of the way”?

One of the problems with regenerative braking on e-assist bikes has been that batteries would not accept the high currents that regen can produce without dumping some of the current through resistors and wasting that energy. Now an improved supercapacitor may allow using 2 energy storage media for steady-state and accelerating/deccelerating. Graphene Supercapacitor Holds Promise for Portable Electronics The problem with available supercaps has been poor energy density preventing installing a large enough cap bank to use for all the accel/deccel cycles, especially for long downhills.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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After having a Geeky Tuesday, the Feed

The lawn was still too wet to mow yesterday so I had a geek-fest of anime and webcomics instead. I felt so much better after that I was able to go to bed about 2 hours earlier than normal and also fall asleep that much earlier. Usually I’m stressing so much that even after I go to bed I’m tossing and turning for over an hour before I can shut my brain off and get to sleep. As a consequence I was awake about 2 hours earlier than usual this morning.

Up first in what looks to be mainly court cases in the Feed, a CA driver is convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in the hit-and-run against a cyclist that was “in the way”. Jury Convicts NELA Man Who Sideswiped Cyclist I don’t understand how he could be guilty of the assault with a motor vehicle, but not guilty of leaving the scene. Maybe the logic was “it wasn’t an ‘accident’ so he didn’t leave the scene of an accident”? Anyway, to avoid use hit-from-behind protocol with the built environment, but SBR would have prevented the incident in the first place.

Still in CA a distracted driver is convicted of killing a child and gets less punishment than the cyclist that killed the pedestrian in San Francisco. Distracted driver convicted and sentenced for killing 8-year-old boy on bike This driver was convicted of a more serious crime than the cyclist linked to yesterday, but got a much lighter sentence, notice that the probation is “informal” for the driver, and a total lack of restitution for the death of the child compared to the $15k restitution for the death of the retired woman tourist killed in SF.

A cyclist riding on a sidewalk gets a ticket after getting hit by a car in the Great White North. Cyclist ticketed after accident This is a good lesson to not ride on the sidewalk in the GWN, and a lesson to authorities that the roads are not safe to cycle on there.

And the Big Story is from Oz today as a semi cuts off a group of cyclists as they passed a stopped bus. Cyclists and truck collide and One morning, three cycling accidents That headline was not right, it was one wreck with three victims, not 3 separate “accidents” Cyclists and truck collide Truck collides with cyclists at Port Botany Cyclists in hospital after truck collision From all the links the mode of the wreck would be a left-cross if it were in a country where they drive on the right side of the road, but since they drive on the wrong side in Oz it was a right cross. The cyclists apparently had gone single-file to pass the stopped bus when the truck made its turn directly in front of them. This was not a wreck that human cyclists could have avoided even using intersection protocols. SBR would have prevented cyclists from being on the same road as the bus and truck making this wreck impossible.

And that’s all the news that gave me fits today.

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Hanging around and giving you the Feed

Today I’m waiting on the lawn to dry out enough that I can push the lawnmower through it, and reading the Feed and trying to decide what to put in the blog and what just isn’t a bicycle story and has to be left out.

The big story today is the cyclist that was given probation for killing a pedestrian, just like 99% of the drivers convicted of doing the same. Bicyclist pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter and Bicyclist pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter also Bicyclist pleads guilty in death of SF pedestrian even Randolph Ang, Cyclist Who Killed Pedestrian, Gets Probation and Community Service not done yet Bicyclist Won’t Go to Jail for Pedestrian’s Death more Bicyclist pleads guilty in crash that killed woman another one San Francisco cyclist who killed tourist to become bike safety advocate still more Cyclist Randolph Ang Sentenced To Probation In Death Of Tourist last link Randolph Ang, San Francisco Cyclist Who Killed 68-Year Old Pedestrian, Strikes Probation Plea Deal The thing about this that really chaps me is first only about 7% of drivers that kill are even prosecuted while the conviction rates are abysmally low for even those, and second drivers convicted of the same offense as Ang usually get a year probation and less than 200 hours of community service. Hardly ever do they have to pay restitution, and having more than a year of probation is so rare I couldn’t find it with a Google Search. Anyway, DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Going from a cyclist getting 3 years of probation to a driver that was given a pass by the NYPD. NYPD Accident Investigation Blames Dead Cyclist For Williamsburg Crash The cyclist in this case was hit from behind by a truck that did not have signals on as it made a wide right turn at a red light, and got blamed because he was passing on the right. TANJ!

Back to CA for another report on the driver that hit-and-run killed a cyclist then hid in bushes to escape LEO. Driver Sentenced in Cyclist’s Death I have already made my statement about this wreck in an earlier post. Another link HIT-AND-RUN DRIVER WHO KILLED CYCLIST SENTENCED

Still in CA, I think cows have the right of way. Woman riding bike hit by cow in California This is sometimes a problem here in TX as well. Usually the cows are well-behaved and don’t have this problem.

A rider is hit in PA. UPDATE: Bike rider, 66, sent to hospital after morning crash in Franconia The bike in the picture (which I’m assuming is the bike in question) was hit head on, which pretty much explicitly states the direction of the bicyclist’s travel. At this point the question is who was on which side of the road, and until I can answer that I can’t say how to avoid the wreck with the built environment, but SBR would have prevented it for sure.

A cyclist is hit-from-behind in the bike lane in AZ. PD: Man riding bicycle dies after Scottsdale collision The cyclist was swerved into and they can’t figure out the charges to file?

Another report on the cyclist hit crossing a highway with the right of way in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running. Bicyclist Killed on Suncoast Trail This is 90% infrastructure and 10% cyclist/driver…

And an ID bike rider is killed in a wreck that gets barely mentioned. Burley Artist Killed in Friday Crash

Infrastructure! from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclists Seeking Changes at Lake Hollingsworth

And that is all the news that gives me fits.

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