Why no 04/01 joke, and the Feed

With as much as I like to be funny I’m sure some people are wondering why I didn’t do April Fools this year. Well, I did, I just did it with such a straight face that nobody noticed. Look at yesterday’s post. I was quoting from a Heinlein novel Job, A Comedy of Justice, not a funky Biblical translation from the 1970s. But the rest of what I wrote, and throwing in the Chuck Jones cartoon, so mis-directed everyone that nobody got the joke. The joke being “Why is a ritualist in an openly Pagan UU church even mentioning a secondary deity from Christianity? Much less devoting an entire service to his change in status from the beginning of the Bible to the end.” Well I did get a few zingers in during the homily and one during the closing, so it wasn’t a total loss.

The big story today is the SWSS death of a respected college professor. WOU Professor Killed In Hit And Run Accident later WOU professor killed in bicycle accident and WOU professor hit and killed while riding his bike also Western Oregon professor dies in collision last link Bike crash kills Western Oregon University professor of special education north of Monmouth The one thing that struck me about the crime scene pictures was what was not there: skid marks from the weapon vehicle trying to avoid the collision. During this encounter the driver of the weapon vehicle never used the controls in such a way that limits of traction were even approached, much less exceeded. If the wreck went the way the driver described it there should be tire marks on the road from the frantic swerve to the left. Anyway, hit-from-behind wreck, to avoid use the protocols, to prevent SBR needs to be built. Real Separate Bicycle Roads, not MUP in parks that don’t actually go anywhere.

Next biggest story is Levi Leipheimer getting hit by a car in Spain. American cyclist Leipheimer ‘lucky to be alive’ after being hit by car in training in Spain and Levi Leipheimer Hit by Car on Training Ride This just goes to show that even an experienced cyclist in a fairly bicycle-friendly country can still get hit and hurt without SBR. I know Levi knows the protocols and applies them on every ride when he isn’t racing, but it still wasn’t enough to keep him from getting hit. It probably did keep him from getting killed though.

Another report on that bike/car wreck in MO I told you about Saturday. Bicycle rider injured in collision with car in Hannibal Still nothing more solid about the actual wreck.

A cyclist is hit from behind by a drunk driver driving without a license in CA. Bicyclist injured after collision with car on Market Street in Santa Cruz Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols would not have helped in this case as the cyclist was already off the road in a bike lane when he was hit and lacked any other place to escape the wreck. SBR with a barrier that could prevent a drunk or determined driver from reaching the cyclist would do the job.

In the same area of CA as the previous wreck a cyclist loses control of her bike and suffers injuries requiring transport to a hospital. Woman hurt in bike crash on Soquel San Jose Road No word on what caused the loss of control, so just keep your SA up and your speed in control to avoid a similar wreck.

Judges in the UK continue to get it wrong in cyclists’ death cases. Motorist spared prison after he admits error in crash that killed cyclist The driver ran into a cyclist covered in HiViz and flashing lights, says “Ooopsie” and gets off with the gentlest taps on the wrist possible under the circumstance. There was nothing obstructing the driver’s vision but his own stupidity when he hit the cyclist from behind on a clear day. To get community service and less than $5000 in restitution is a travesty.

A wreck in Oz. Cyclist killed at Magenta Just another SWCC, nothing more to see here, move along!

Infrastructure! news from WI. Appleton police focus on reducing bicyclist, pedestrian injuries Naturally the majority of the enforcement attention is given to the victims and next to none is applied to the potential killers in this scenario.

And last link, something so stupid I’m not even going to add anything here. Helmets key to safe biking, officials say

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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