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In a rush rush rush, the Feed

Well in a rush and in pain. I had to mow the lawn this morning, and my hip muscles decided to go on strike, the ones that had been bothering me most of the winter. I thought they had finally healed up, because it had been a couple of weeks since I last had any trouble with them, but I was wrong. About halfway through when I couldn’t walk any more I had to stop and sit down for a while, which was a whole ‘nother story in pain. After that subsided a bit I had lunch and completed mowing the lawn, whereupon I retired to my bed with a massager to force the muscles into compliance with my desires and followed that up with a couple of ibuprofen and now I can sit at the computer and wince a bit when I move… what would normally be a 2 hour job turned into more than 4 hours, between having to wait until the mower decided it wanted to start (it runs fine when the temperature is above 75°F but refuses to even putt-putt once the temperature drops below 74) and having to stop and regain use of my hip. So now I’m typing like a house afire trying to get all the links read and posted.

Up first is an update on the cyclist who was hit riding salmon in Brownsville near the US-Mexico border. Boy, 14, identified as victim of weekend accident OK now we know the destination, and I was wrong, it would have been more than 5 miles out of his way to ride with traffic rather than salmon. The takeaway from this is bicycle infrastructure needs to be installed at the border because there appears to be a significant amount of bike travel through there anyway, they might as well do something to accommodate it.

A cyclist is killed by an Amtrack train, on an article I left a comment on that raised quite a ruckuss. Man struck and killed by train in Antioch As I said in my comment, trains are easy to see, easy to hear, and only found on train tracks making them easy to avoid. I apologize (again) for emotional discomfort this may have caused the survivors of the deceased cyclists, but momentary or permanent you have to do something stupid to get hit by a train.

More on the driver actually getting a ticket for breaking the new PA passing law after hitting a cyclist. Driver cited under new bicycle law after striking cyclist on Fahy Bridge The comments on this article are just hilarious (not). Seriously, do some people not know that calling someone gay as an epithet is a hate crime? Another Cyclist Hit by Car on Fahy Bridge

In the Great White North a cyclist’s killer is sentenced. Man sentenced for drunk driving that killed cyclist in Long Plain The perp has just passed 2 years in jail and will have to spend another 2 years for a total of 4 years behind bars, plus 2 more years of supervised probation (no drinking allowed) then another 12 years of no driving (but they still didn’t make driving itself a crime for the perp).

More on Levi’s Spanish wreck. US cyclist Levi Leipheimer breaks leg after being hit by car in Basque training I think they meant “when”, or “by”, rather than “after”. US cyclist breaks leg in accident with car

In Enn Zed, a man is arrested and charged for leaning out of a car to assault a cyclist. Man faces court for pushing rider off bike I have an idea, set up a gantlet (that is how it is supposed to be spelled) of cyclists with frame pumps and U-locks 100m long with a cyclist on both sides every meter (so that everybody has room to swing) and if the perp wants he can walk down that and go home, or he can go to jail until his trial. If he breaks into a run he has to go back to jail. If he dies, then no big loss. Don’t have to pay for the trial or putting his worthless hide in jail.

LifeStyle from San Diego. Bike rally honors cyclist killed during commute This is for the cyclist who was killed riding salmon that wasn’t riding salmon by at least one driver that left the scene. this whole wreck was just so confusing what with the rider riding the wrong way then the right way and all the drivers stayed at the scene and then one driver didn’t even though news and crime scene pictures show the impact on what was supposed to be the first car in the wreck (which now they are saying wasn’t the actual first car in the wreck, just the same model as the first car in the wreck). If I hadn’t just shaved my head I would be pulling out my hair…

Now I have to jump in the shower and go to a board (bored) meeting and decide how the church should spend money. yuck!

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