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Light on links with a heavy social schedule, the Feed

Yes, I have few links in today’s Feed. I also had a class this morning and a RPG game this evening, so here goes…

Up first a minor injury wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist injured in collision with car on Southern Boulevard Causeway The cyclist wasn’t hurt too bad and the bike can be repaired. This looks like a wreck that would fall under the FL 3-foot passing law, but I don’t see the driver getting a ticket. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid with the built environment, SBR to prevent.

More on “OMG a cyclist hit a pedestrian!” in SF. Attorney says bicyclist in fatal crash believes he entered intersection lawfully and Bicycle groups condemn ‘reckless’ behavior following posts about fatal crash I really don’t see what the noise is about. This is only the second pedestrian killed by a cyclist in over 8 months, there was another pedestrian killed by a car that day, and the day after that were barely mentioned. The cyclist in this wreck was injured trying to avoid the wreck (he actually laid the bike down and slid on his side into the crosswalk). I have only read one account that had the cyclist actually “running” the red, all the other accounts agree with the cyclist’s statement that he entered as the light turned yellow and it went red after he entered the intersection.

Hit-and-run in SoCal. Witness a Hit and Run at Brooks and Lincoln Today? Not much to say about this one as the cyclist had little chance to react and to avoid this wreck. SBR would prevent the wreck.

Bike hate in America’s Copenhagen, Portland. Driver arrested after confrontation with cyclist This is very unusual, not that there was a confrontation, but that the LEO actually paid attention to someone other than the driver (like the other witnesses) and arrested this guy for assault and leaving the scene of a wreck. If you read the comments you can see why I find this unusual, all kinds of bike hate there…

NYPD just can’t seem to get away from cyclists. The NYPD Starts to Track Bike Accidents for Trends and NYPD Now Tracking Cyclist Accidents No, this doesn’t mean they are now going to pay attention to cyclists getting killed by cars, just when cyclists hit pedestrians. Of course they’re probably still going to ignore when pedestrians get hit by cars.

“Interesting” discussion up in the Great White North about infrastructure as two entities battle it out over who has to pay for a cyclist injured by a road defect. City, Britannia Yacht Club in dispute over roadway The cyclist was injured when he hit a drainage grate that trapped his front wheel, and now the two sides are fighting over who was responsible for the grate… In the meantime the injured cyclist has to pay for someone to wipe the drool from his chin since the wreck on his own dime. Both sides are claiming the cyclist hit the grate on purpose (!) but that the other side was responsible for the defective grate that nearly killed the cyclist.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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