Daily Archives: April 8, 2012

And a happy day on the most important day of the Christian liturgical calendar, Wreck-free Sunday

For my Christian readers, Happy Easter!

An interesting note, Passover was last week. Because all non-emergency use of motor vehicles is banned in Israel during the holiday, people ride bicycles, and some people only drag out their bikes that one day of the year, there is a huge rise in non-life threatening injury wrecks on bicycles. Seriously, broken arms, concussions, broken legs, the whole gamut. That is what happens when you get people who don’t ride regularly riding in mass, they fall off the bikes.

This is one of 3 or 4 days a year when there is a large amount of candy consumed, something that we cyclists can take in stride. when you convert the “900 MPG(e)” of bicycles back to Calories you get 37 Calories/mile (because there is a huge number of Calories in a gallon of Unleaded Regular) which means that you don’t need to ride very far to get rid of a bunch of Calories. In fact if there was a way you could get total fat burning rather than burning carbs you could burn off a full pound of fat (3500 Calories) from a Century ride (3700 Calories), which doesn’t even count the afterburn of revving up the metabolism after you stop riding. You look at that and it’s no wonder that I’m coasting along right under 210 pounds +/- (mostly -) in spite of pulling in between 4 and 5 thousand Calories a day (which raises our food budget immensely).

Bicycles have changed my body in a number of ways, not even counting the damage from the wreck. I now have a hint of a 6-pack peeping from under my jersey, and I already related trying to buy underwear. I still buy the same size shirts I always did, because my chest and shoulders are still the same size they always were, but my pants are a couple of sizes smaller that they were when I was driving everywhere. So yay! bikes.

I gotta run now, for the evening service, so BYE!