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Sugar rush, and the Feed

I was inundated by a load of home-made treats with a limited shelf life yesterday that had to be eaten by today or thrown away. And if that sentence construction didn’t clue you in, I’m in an altered state of mind from all the sugar I have consumed in the last 2 days. Seriously I didn’t get this much sweet stuff the entire month of February when we have 3 birthdays, Valentines Day, and a wedding anniversary to celebrate. That was a lot of cake, ice cream, and chocolate to stuff in one month, but the sucrose content of the stuff people gave me yesterday just blew that away, with everyone giving me stuff with the usual excuse being “I made too much and I know you like this and it won’t keep so eat it!” except I put in spaces between the words so it was understandable. I’m willing to bet that you could hold a microphone to my skin and pick up a low hum, I know I feel a tadly warmish even with the AC on and a fan blowing on me.

The big story today is the father and daughter killed while riding on the sidewalk, mid block, by a speeding SUV. Father, Daughter Bicyclists Killed by Speeding SUV in Concord and Police check cell records in fatal Concord crash and Man, daughter on bikes killed by car another Concord: Father and daughter, 9, hit and killed by SUV while bicycling more UPDATE: Crash Kills Father & Daughter on Bicycles on Treat Blvd. Near Oak Grove not done yet Speeding driver kills father, young daughter on bikes another one Police check cell records in fatal Concord crash oh gods there’s still another page of links Father, Daughter On Bikes Die After Being Hit By SUV another one Father, Young Daughter Killed while Cycling still not done yet Concord SUV kills father, daughter riding bikes I can see the end of the second page Community mourns father, daughter killed by SUV more Police probe driver’s cell phone after fatal Concord crash getting close now Father and daughter cyclists hit and killed by teenage driver I’M ON THE THIRD PAGE OF LINKS! Candlelight Vigil for Father & Daughter Killed on Treat Boulevard in Concord how long can this go on? Father, young daughter killed by speeding vehicle in Concord more Mourners gather to remember Concord man, daughter, killed on bicycle ride why? WHY?! Teen Driver Hits, Kills Father and Daughter Riding Bikes another one Dozens attend vigil for father, daughter killed by teen driver more Teen driver charged with manslaughter after hitting family riding bikes I can has dun yet? California news roundup on page 4 of links now ‘They were a perfect family’: Devoted father and daughter, 9, killed while riding bikes after ‘speeding’ teen loses control of his SUV Cadillac another one Conocrd mourns deaths of father, daughter still more Concord Vigil Held For Family Struck By SUV not done yet more Cell phone use my have triggered fatal Concord crash another one East Bay: Police checking driver’s cellphone records in father-daughter cycling deaths Page 5 (!) Outrage Grows Over Concord Crash; 17-Year-old Driver Arrested for Killing Girl, Father getting close now The Water Cooler: The Nuri Family LAST LINK!! Video: Family, Community Gather to Mourn Hadessa and Solaiman Nuri OK, first there were way too many links to this story, second there was nothing the cyclists could heave done to avoid the wreck, and even SBR would not prevent an idiot at the controls of a WMD SUV from hitting them at the speed he was reported to be driving. The only thing that could have prevented this wreck would be some kind of restrictions on using SUVs, like a license or registration that required demonstration of ability to drive such a large vehicle. And I’m not talking about a regular driver’s license, I’m talking a special license for large vehicles and trucks, with very strict requirements to get that would be very easy to lose.

Well after that I really don’t feel like doing more links, but there was more than one wreck over the weekend, like this one still in CA. Rider dies after car, bicycle crash This was either a SWCC or SWSS wreck, not enough information to tell for sure. I couldn’t say how to avoid this wreck but SBR would definitely have prevented it by keeping the bike and the car in 2 different areas.

More stupid from CA. Where I saw it first. Update — L.A. cyclist Susanna Schick seriously injured in DTLA hit-and-run road rage attack and next report Cyclist Hospitalized After Alleged Road Rage Attack in Downtown and Susanna Schick: L.A. Bike Community Rallies For Road Rage Survivor more Cyclist Susanna Schick Recovering After Alleged Road Rage Hit-and-Run, Family Probes Police Presence also Bicyclist shattered by hit-and-run driver in what friends call ‘deliberate act’ still more Road Rage Prompted Collision, Says Injured Cyclist not done yet Friend And Gas 2.0 Writer Susanna Schick Victim Of Hit And Run While Riding Bike another last link Cyclist injured after downtown road rage incident, friend says At this point it isn’t known if the police have even investigated the wreck as an accident much less as an assault with a deadly.

A cyclist in OH is hit crossing in an intersection and assumed guilty (of riding a bicycle). Bicyclist collides with car Saturday SWCC wreck, cyclist not conscious when transported from the scene, not likely to remember getting hit.

Bo Jackson (remember him?) is going to ride across AL to raise funds for victims of last years tornadoes. Bo knows bikes Bo has been riding bikes as part of his rehab when they replaced his hip (remember that?).

And that is all the crazy I have time for today. I have to get to a meeting tonight and all those links in the first paragraph took all day to read and add to the blog…

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