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Still trying to wrap my head around yesterday, and the Feed

I still have a pain from yesterday’s blog post with all the links to those 2 wrecks in CA with the assault with a deadly in L.A. and the driver that jumped the curb and hit 3 cyclists on the sidewalk outside S.F. Seriously, those hurt me physically. One because it was so similar to what happened to me when I was hit, and the other because the persons killed were doing everything humanly possible to not get hit by not even being on the road. It caused a minor flare-up in my PTSD with bad dreams last night and a general diminishment of my joy de vivre. And yes, I do have a joy for life, even in the state I’m in now. I love good food, good company, and a nice ride on my bike. And I’ll be double-damned if I will let anyone put a permanent crimp on my enjoyment of what I do. I will come back from this slight downer and continue to write this blog and try to save some lives.

From the state that kills more cyclists and pedestrians than any other in the US for 6 years running now, add another cyclist to that tally. FHP searching for Chrysler Pacifica with front end damage The driver hit the cyclist from behind with the sun at his back (cyclist was strongly illuminated), then stopped to remove evidence from the scene (bumper cover) than departed himself. If there ever was a reason to have the death penalty applied to drivers, this would be the example case. Hit-and-run, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, the potential charges are just voluminous. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid (but from what little was reported, the cyclist was doing that), and SBR to prevent.

In CA they were having a real bad week for cyclists in the bay area, as a 3rd cyclist was hit and killed by an SUV. Oakland: Bicyclist killed in collision with SUV The SUV was going in reverse at the time of the wreck. If the driver could even see there was a cyclist there or not is still in question, why the driver was driving blind is apparently too great a question to ask. There was nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck, and SBR would also have done little to prevent it, the driver still would have been backing up across a lane of traffic without being able to see what was coming.

More on the wreck that killed 2 cyclists and injured another when an SUV jumped the sidewalk in the east Bay area of CA. PHOTOS: Double Fatal Collision Suspect Calls Himself “Race Fox” on Social Media and Father and young daughter killed by reckless speeding and texting 17 year old in a Cadillac Escalade, in my community. There is some strong language in that last link Concord crash investigation could take weeks OMG! reading his FB page was like a walk through a sewer. And the people defending him admitting he was texting them just before the wreck? I wonder if they have 2 brain cells to rub together. The FB page alone should be more than enough to put his bony butt away for life, especially if they find a way to charge him with Driving While Stupid.

Still in CA more “OMG a cyclist killed a pedestrian” hysteria, as SF continues to go 100% in prosecutions against cyclists… Cyclist in fatal pedestrian crash could face manslaughter charges and Cyclist Who Killed San Bruno Man Allegedly Ran Red Lights Now I’m not saying the cyclist wasn’t a jerk, but he did wreck himself and his bike trying to not hit anybody, and there were independent witnesses that had him entering the intersection prior to the red (but after the yellow). He shouldn’t have entered the intersection on the amber phase of the signal, but he was going too fast to stop short of the intersection when he saw the light which was amply demonstrated by the damage he did when he laid the bike down to avoid the pedestrians crossing. Still: DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS! More Advocates: Despite Bike-Ped Death, Cars Still Greatest Danger to Peds

Another cyclist hit by a bus, this time in MA. Cyclist critically injured after collision with MBTA bus in Salem At this point all that is known about the wreck is the right front of the bus hit the cyclist. It is assumed that both were turning right. It isn’t known if the cyclist was trying to filter up the right side of the bus or if the bus was trying to pass the cyclist in the intersection. I will refrain from comment on how to avoid until more information about the wreck becomes available, but SBR would have prevented the bus from getting anywhere near the bike.

Still in MA, a cyclist found severely injured dies. Cyclist found on Rehoboth road dies and Police investigate cyclist’s death There was a comment that the bicycle had a broken frame that caused the wreck rather than being the result of the wreck, but nothing confirmed at this point. It appears to be a hit-and-run to me, however, until something is confirmed one way or another I will withhold judgement. More Cyclist Found On Road Dies and Cyclist found on Rehoboth road dies and Bicyclist dies from injuries

Here’s an update on a wreck I don’t remember reporting on when it happened 2 weekends ago. One of four cyclists hit by car remains hospitalized Nevermind about why I don’t remember the wreck, the initial date was wrong on the version I read when I filtered the article, the wreck was this Sunday. The driver hit 4 cyclists riding in single file on the shoulder of the road, shades of the Kanaka 5 from Canada (5 cyclists hit from behind in the bike lane back in 2010). The driver in this case had already had one hit-and-run prior to hitting the cyclists, it is not known if drugs or alcohol were factors in the wreck (as I post this, what that link will look like when you click it is a matter of conjecture, it has already changed twice since I saw it the first time). Hit from behind protocols might have helped, but the one cyclist quoted says there wasn’t any warning before people and bikes started flying. SBR would have prevented the wreck.

A moped rider in Paradise is right-hooked. Moped rider, 53, dies after truck collision in Lahaina An ICE was involved instead of pure human power but the speed and weight are similar, and the victim was riding in the bike lane. Intersection protocols, and stronger laws that make right hooks a felony.

And more about the steaming pile that is NYPD investigation of bike wrecks. Few Fatal Vehicle-Bike Crashes Lead to Arrest, Data Show and Drivers Killed 21 Cyclists Last Year, But Only Two Got Arrested

After all that, a pretty picture with bicycles in it. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 4.10.12

That’s it, “I tooks all that I can takes, and I can’t takes no more” to quote a sage of the silver screen.

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