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Just had a serious Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot moment, and the Feed

As I was going through the Feed getting ready to come write the post I got a notice that the Pinkyracer hit-and-run high-speed impact was not considered a hit-and-run by LAPD, that they had watched the whole thing from a squad car and an experienced bicycle and motorcycle racer had just fallen in the middle of the street without any intervention from the White Lexus and inflicting severe impact trauma. I got the news from LAPD reportedly dismisses hit-and-run in Pinkyracer case — in the middle of an ongoing investigation to which I ask, “What was there in the middle of the bike lane that could cause that much blunt force trauma at bicycle speeds, and why hasn’t anyone reported on it before?” Because, really, the injuries and the narrative just don’t match up. As I commented to the BikingInLA article, perhaps it has something to do with who was in that white Lexus. More Police say there was no crime in Spring Street bike accident and Los Angeles Police Dismiss Hit-and-Run as Cause of Cyclist’s Injuries

Some good news from the LAB. Driver Held Accountable for Unsafe Passing You might remember that this was the guy that tried to run after ramming a cyclist from the rear but was blocked by a city bus and a pickup driver and a cop who actually was close enough to see the wreck. I’m told there was traffic camera video of the wreck, but since this computer won’t let me watch video I can’t say that for certain.

Bouncing around the country today. a cyclist is hit by a car coming off an off-ramp in CA. UPDATED: Bicyclist injured in Norco crash ID’d From the description of the damage to the car, the cyclist was side-swiped from behind. The car apparently left the freeway after the cyclist began crossing the off-ramp and failed to allow enough room for the cyclist in the road. Someone will undoubtedly find some way to blame the cyclist for being “in the way” of the car that failed to yield. Here’s wishing the cyclist a full recovery.

More on the MA wreck. Bicyclist dead after Rehoboth crash There is now some evidence that the frame failure was due to a recalled defect on the bike, not a collision. That is really unfortunate (although that is not the actual combination of words I would use).

LifeStyle from MA. Pan-Mass Challenge cyclist develops app for annual ride For my TX readers this ride is like riding from Rockwall to White Settlement except with less traffic and bigger hills, and riding the other direction. And usually it’s less hot in MA than TX for their ride.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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