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Another Mule Day, and the Feed

Yep, still trying to restock the pantry after running low on a lot of things last month, including allergy pills. This will be a 2 ruck and bike panniers day according to Mrs. the Poet, and I’ll need to bring the tie-downs for lashing external cargo to the rack that’s too big to carry in a ruck. Apparently there is a big sale on toilet paper in the mega-pack and Mrs. the Poet doesn’t want to miss out on this bargain. I feel sorry for Blue, and a little concerned for my legs. Mrs. the Poet will be tasked with bringing home things that need to not be squished, like bread and some of the produce. Blue will be tasked with bringing home the really heavy stuff and also things too big to stuff into a ruck, I get whatever fits into my ruck. If we get volume-limited Mrs. the Poet gets the light stuff Blue and I can’t carry. Whee!

More on the soap-opera that has become the Pinkybike wreck investigation in CA. Police Reopen Cyclist Crash as Possible Aggravated Assault At this point I’m thinking the driver or passenger in the Lexus is either in LAPD or highly connected with LAPD.

Another cyclist hit in the same town where the idiot in the Escalade drove over the curb and hit 3 cyclists on the sidewalk, this time with fewer victims and much less damage. Cyclist, 11, injured by car in Concord This is a case of a driver not looking where the car was going but only watching for possible threats from the street. As a cyclist there is no way to avoid a wreck like this and still be able to use the roads, SBR to prevent along with significant penalty for hitting a cyclist/pedestrian, like loss of the vehicle.

Speaking of that other wreck LEO are checking the cellphone records of the driver. Police check cell records in fatal Concord crash

A driver knows they’re boned by the evidence in CA. Soquel horse trainer pleads no contest in the 2011 death of a cyclist The victim’s BAC% should have been ruled inadmissible in the case. He wasn’t hit because he was drunk, he was hit-and-run because the driver did not bother to not hit him.

More on the idiot cyclist that killed a pedestrian in SF. Traffic Video Allegedly Contradicts Cyclist’s Story In Deadly S.F. Pedestrian Collision Since this video is not available to be viewed (even if I could not view it with this computer) and does not show the light in question I reserve judgement about the timing of the wreck, but those that have seen it say the cyclist was not laying the bike down to avoid the wreck. But they say that it does show the pedestrians were also not in compliance with the portion of the applicable CA code that requires peds to not enter the crosswalk until all vehicles already in the intersection have cleared it, so lots of blame to (apparently) go around here, but still DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS! Of the 3 deaths in bike/ped wrecks in SF in the last 2 years 2 were pedestrians and one was a cyclist, so out of self-preservation if nothing else DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS! More SF officials announce efforts to reduce traffic fatalities

Hit-and-run in PA. Perry County teen hit by pickup while riding his bike The wreck was described as being near an intersection but not actually in the intersection and the cyclist was not riding salmon, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid. SBR to prevent. The narrative sounds like rednecks out to scare the cyclist by a buzz job that got too close, possibly a random assault of a cyclist in response to the recently activated 4-foot passing law in PA.

A drunk driver kills in Paradise. Bike rider dies after collision in Hilo Wednesday morning (April 11) and Hilo bicyclist killed by suspected drunken driver More 20-year-old bicyclist killed in Hilo hit-and-run and Man, 20, dies in hit-and-run collision in Hilo another one Fatal bike vs. vehicle crash in Hilo OK the facts of this case are a hit-from-behind by a drunk driver that was exceeding the speed limit (as proven by the utility pole that was taken out by the vehicle)… Now how the heck you’re supposed to avoid something like this on a narrow residential street is utterly beyond me. But SBR to prevent, maybe.

A driver person in a car hits 3 cyclists from behind in TN and no charges are filed. Father Struck, Killed During Family Bicycle Ride WTF? There were 5 people riding legally on the road and the driver only missed 2 of them and because he might have had the sun in his eyes the driver gets a pass? And TN has a 3-foot passing law that hitting a cyclist is proof that you didn’t give 3 feet. TANJ!

And in SC a driver is arrested almost a year to the day after he killed a cyclist. Inman Man Charged In 2011 Deadly Hit-And-Run Accident Not enough information about the wreck to tell how to avoid it, but putting this idiot behind bars for a long time might let everyone avoid another wreck, at least with him. SBR would prevent wrecks like this.

And in NYC more lazy investigation by NYPD before the victim’s body is even cold. [UPDATE] SUV Driver Kills 18-Year-Old Bronx Cyclist, “No Criminality Suspected” The investigation hasn’t even been completed before the driver is exonerated by NYPD (Never Yet Prosecuted a Driver).

LifeStyle from Houston. Watch the road: Friday is Bike to Work Day in Houston You couldn’t pay me enough to ride a bike in Houston, and this from a giy that has more than 12K miles commuting in Dallas County.

LifeStyle from Oz. What got you on a bike? What got me on a bike was taking off the training wheels. 😉

Infrastructure! from Seattle. Judge tosses out bicyclists’ lawsuit over SLU streetcar tracks OK under WA state laws the right lane is now obstructed and unusable for cycling because of the streetcar, so bikes may now legally take the left lane in that stretch of road… And the city really should post signs alerting drivers to that.

Infrastructure from S.F. CA. Traffic School For Cyclists On The Way, Says SFPD At least now cyclists have a way to avoid those ridiculous fines.

More Infrastructure. Five Things Drivers Need to Understand About Sharing the Road with Cyclists We know this, but drivers are for the most part clueless about it.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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