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To the gills with coffee, and the Feed

I haven’t even looked at the Feed folder this morning as I plow through the rest of my daily correspondence required to make the house and writer function, and I have already polished off the first pot of coffee for the day between breakfast and lunch. As the glow from my eyes glares from the computer screen I will have to don shades just to filter the Feed today 😉

The big story for today is still the Pinkybike wreck in L.A. Police skeptical that cyclist was injured in road rage incident and LAPD Reversal: Cyclist Crash Being Investigated as Crime also Police Continue ‘Exhaustive’ Investigation into Susanna Schick Biking Accident, Hope It Doesn’t Create ‘Bike Versus Car’ Mentality Again, the injuries suffered by Susanna just don’t mesh with either speed reported in the media for the wreck, impossible at 18 MPH, highly unlikely at 30 unless there was something in the bike lane to run in to, which would have had to have been invisible because nobody reported seeing any sort of obstructions in the bike lane. I personally have had several wrecks at the speeds in question and on smooth unobstructed pavement like that in the incident in question have never been injured worse than road rash and bruises. The only reported road rash in this case was to the rider’s face (another reason I wear a full-face helmet). The facts in this case are like 2+2=pi, just not adding up. There is additional information being left out by someone, most likely the LAPD.

The next biggest story is the kid hit on a bike at the curb in NYC. Bicyclist Killed While Riding in the Bronx and Bronx teen on bike hit and killed It’s so nice for the driver that NYPD immediately absolved (him/her?) of any possible guilt in the wreck before the cyclist’s body had even gotten cold.

Another fatal wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running. Bicyclist dies after riding into path of car in Lee County Again the narrative does not fit the evidence. The cyclist was hit in the left rear by the right front of the car that “veered sharply left” while crossing the road. If the cyclist had been crossing with the left side facing the driver, then veering left should have resulted in a left-FRONT impact. If the cyclist was hit in the rear while crossing in front of a vehicle that veered LEFT the cyclist would have been hit on the RIGHT rear. The wreck impact as described would have had to have been a pass that was too close to the cyclist by more than the 3 feet of clearance required by FL law when passing cyclists. IOW this driver rammed the cyclist from behind while the cyclist was proceeding in a lawful manner down the road.

A driver that killed a cyclist in a left-cross is absolved of blame. Driver not charged in cyclist death in Middletown “I didn’t see him” invoked again. I hope all the LEO involved in this one have terrible nightmares the rest of their lives of blind drivers almost running them over.

The big overseas story is from the UK where a truck driver that ran a cyclist over from behind on a clear day with unobstructed sight lines is spared jail time. Family dismayed by light sentence for driver who killed cyclist and Lorry driver sentenced after he ploughed into cyclist and killed him also Speeding lorry driver who killed racing cyclist escapes jail more Lorry driver who claims he didn’t see time-trial cyclist he killed escapes jail gads, not done yet? Suspended sentence for driver who killed Karl Austin and Lorry driver receives suspended jail term after death of cyclist Karl Austin The facts of the case are undisputed, the driver had most of a mile to see and avoid the cyclist who was doing and estimated 20 MPH at the time he was hit, and the driver’s on-board speed recorder showed he was 6 MPH over the local limit for his vehicle. The cyclist was dressed in a HiVis jersey, and had a very bright blinky light on the back of his bike. The impact threw the cyclist more than 150 feet before he stopped, and died on the spot. To describe the event as “careless” is a gross understatement. And the sentence, the hardest part of which is the 4 month curfew, is nothing short of ludicrous. He should be in jail, and the hardest thing he gets is he can’t go to the pub for 4 months. TANJ!

A cyclist is injured in Enn Zed. Cyclist hospitalised with head injuries If there as less information in this report we wouldn’t even know there had been a wreck, not to mention that there were actually 2 cyclists in the article in 2 different wrecks, a motorcycle and a bicycle. I find it interesting the bicyclist had a head injury in spite of NZ’s country-wide helmet law for cyclists…

More on the new PA law that requires drivers to give 4 feet of clearance when passing. Cyclists give ‘cushion of safety’ in new law I really like Chip’s grasp of the physics involved in hitting a semi, too bad he is completely wrong about it.

And to close, a pretty bike picture. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 4.13.12 Ain’t that nice to look at?

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

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