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Another allergy attack, and the Feed

Before I did the filtering this morning I went out to purchase replacement CFL bulbs after several “let their magic smoke out” a couple days ago. For the non-technical among my readers, electric and especially electronic devices are actually run on “magic smoke”, and you have to be very careful to keep that magic smoke inside the device. Ever see the smoke come out of some electronic gear? Did it ever work right again? See, “magic smoke” makes electronics work…

Anyway, the wind was blowing like it frequently does in TX in the Spring, which means lots of dust and pollen is in the air, and now it’s in me because I breath like a cyclist, in great volume. Between the dust and the pollen my eyes feel like they’ve been sandblasted, and I’m starting to get trickles of blood from my nose, bit indications that tonight will be “fun” in ways that are normally not aligned with the word “fun”. Fortunately we have diphenhydramine available in large quantities, so I won’t know about the “fun” as I won’t be conscious for it. Or most of it at any rate.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, what at this moment appears to be suicide by train until more information comes out. Bicycle rider killed by Tri-Rail train in Deerfield Beach The cyclist was just walking down the track in front of the train and did not get off the tracks when the train engineer used the horn…

From another part of FL, updates on the investigation of murder by motor vehicle of a cyclist. Hit-and-run victim remembered 1 year later I thought they had caught this guy, but from this story it seems the driver and his truck are still at large. Anyway the wreck was head on with the truck on the wrong side of the road, a cyclist would have to be psychic to be able to avoid one like that. SBR might be able to defend against a wreck like that, but I doubt it.

A scary incident in CO. SUNRISE: Bicyclist injured as bullets fly in Springs Again I have no idea how to avoid something like this. The stupid part is the shooter had the perfect weapon and then used a gun, when all they had to do is just run the guy over and leave and report the car as stolen. But because a gun was used the LEO will have to investigate this as an assault with a deadly weapon or even attempted murder. Not the brightest of moves on the part of the shooter.

To back up the statement in the previous paragraph, I present this article. WALLA WALLA: Man acquitted in cyclist’s death Even in the off chance you are charged, a driver has little to fear from the justice system in the death of a cyclist.

In the furthest south of south TX, a ghost bike goes up for a cyclist killed by a truck. Memorial bike honors memory of accident victim Yeah, he was riding salmon.

UK news that a small road defect caused a cyclist to be “flung” into the path of a car. Coroner says pothole most likely cause of crash that led to cyclist’s death, as DfT publishes review of problem Apparently the pothole formed overnight between trips by the cyclist, which is part of the reason it hadn’t been fixed.

And that is all the news that gave me fits…

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