Daily Archives: April 15, 2012

Recovering slightly from allergies after a rain, Wreck free Sunday

Well as I related yesterday I am feeling the effects of plants having sex. With judicious use of medication I have fixed things enough that I haven’t had a nose bleed all day, it just feels like I have one.

I keep trying to come up with new turns of phrase to describe allergies, or to use others’ phrasing when I run out of my own, but I like the term “tree bukakke” . This wasn’t the first time I heard the phrase used, just the only one I can make a link to.

The drivers here in the suburbs of Hell leave a little to be desired in their abilities. This morning I didn’t get 0.6 of a mile (1km) before my first encounter with an entitled driver that tried to run me off the road. Two lanes, one through and one right-turn only and I got yelled at for not being in the furthest right lane and the driver made a sudden move back to the left before actually clearing me, forcing me over to the curb to avoid contact. There are days I wish I had a video camera to record what happens while I ride. Actually I have volunteered to do exactly that for the local PD, placing cameras and recording/transmitting equipment on the bike. It’s not like I lack places to mount cameras and recorders and/or transmitters.

Currently on the idiot box I have 2 open-wheel races going, the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Indy Car race, and the Grand Prix of China Formula One race replay, both of which are good races that I have no idea who will win (or had won in the case of the replay). This is where I like to see cars, on a closed track with no bicycles closer than the pits. They can go as fast as they want and physics allow, which is what I like about auto racing. I have always had a preference for time-trial events for my personal racing efforts as that is strictly man, machine, and physics.

I’m experiencing some difficulty in keeping concentration on my writing today, between the two races on the tube and the generic Benadryl. So while I can still compose a sentence, I’m going to wrap it up today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus