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Yesterday’s allergy relief was short lived as the pollen came back with a vengeance this morning. I woke up to eyes glued shut, blurred vision when I could get one opened, and a general sense of lethargy and a feeling that I just wasn’t processing on all cores, using another computer metaphor. I find I use those metaphors frequently in communicating my mental state; I describe my memory problems after the wreck as “the files are still there, but the FAT is scrambled so they can’t be found when you’re looking for them” as the most prominent example. Any way, thinking skills are definitely hampered by factors outside the body today.

Up first because of proximity, a town 2 over from WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell adopts the safe-passing law that Gov Goodhair vetoed back in 2009. Plano adopts tough fines to give cyclists more room I suggest that when the town where WoaB is headquartered adopts this legislation that an ammendment be added that specifically excludes Rick Perry, his wife, children, and grandchildren from protection under this law. He blocked it for everyone else, why should he get any benefit from the same law adopted by local jurisdictions?

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years running, another victim. Police: Driver who hit bike rider may have been racing The cyclist was hit from behind by a car moving at such a great speed that it pushed a full-size pickup truck off the street and into a tree after it hit the cyclist with locked brakes. From what little I have been able to find out about this wreck the cyclist was either on a shoulder or in a bike lane when hit and had no time to react to the car before impact. IOW there was no way to avoid this wreck. SBR might have prevented it by removing the car from the cyclist’s environment. More Bicyclist killed in car accident and Bicyclist hit, killed by man who may have been street racing also Bicyclist killed in St. Petersburg crash, police say racing may be factor another link Police: Driver Street Racing Kills Bicyclist not done yet Police investigate if driver who struck bicyclist was street racing finally Bicyclist, 40, In Bike Lane, Killed In Crash

A child cyclist in KY is killed by a blind person driving an SUV. Family Mourns Boy Killed While Riding Bike The kid didn’t really give the driver much of a chance to see him before the wreck, but it is still the driver’s fault for not driving like there could be short people in the street in a residential area. More UPDATE: 6-year-old hit by SUV, killed

Another hit-and-run murder of a cyclist in NYC. Car Hits and Kills a Boy in Brooklyn Actually not murder as a deliberate act to kill the cyclist, but still a homicide as the driver failed to remain at the scene after running the cyclist over. This is another example of why SBR are needed, as the cyclist’s fall would not have placed him in mortal peril on SBR. Another link Search for hit and run driver who killed teen You can see from that link the bicycle was not even touched in the wreck, just the cyclist. also 13-Year-Old Boy Falls Off Bike In Bensonhurst, Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver and Bensonhurst Teen Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run and another link Teen cyclist killed by hit-and-run driver in Brooklyn

Death in NC. Cyclist killed in Summerfield crash Another blind driver is given a free pass for manslaughter. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, SBR to prevent. More Katherine Shubert Dies After Being Hit While Cycling In Summerfield

A wreck in SC damages a building and injures several people. Vehicle malfunction to blame for Ocean Lakes accident Uh-huh. The (elderly) driver lost control of the brand-new vehicle because it broke, hitting a cyclist, 3 cars, and a house.

A wreck in way Upstate NY the Great White North. Cyclist injured in Fort Erie collision It seems like the driver stopped blocking the lane the cyclist was using while waiting for motor vehicle traffic to clear. The only thing that would prevent a wreck like this would be public executions of stupid drivers like this, and not even I am willing to go that far.

Another bike wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist struck Another sidewalk cyclist hit, again to avoid get off the sidewalk and into the street, to prevent get real SBR.

More CARnage in the GWN. Cyclist killed in Whitby collision and Cyclist killed in Whitby also Cyclist struck by car and killed in Whitby The wreck seems to be a hit-from-behind, use that protocol to avoid, SBR to prevent cyclists from being in proximity with Supersized Unnecessary Vehicles.

Infrastructure! news from NE, riding on sidewalks more dangerous than riding in street. Bike Safety: Street Actually Better Than Sidewalk I believe this counts as a “No Duh!” statement for people experienced with bike safety. And for the VC contingent, the difference between sidewalks and SBR is the difference between a country road and an Interstate Highway for cars. SBR are marked with signs announcing their presence to motor vehicle traffic, and when done right that signage gives traffic on the SBR priority over traffic on motor vehicle only roads. Sidewalks have none of that, and drivers don’t expect fast-moving traffic to come from a sidewalk.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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