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Going off-air for a while

I just got news that my father was in a car wreck and will need someone to help him out around the house for a couple of months until the casts some off. I will try to get his computer set up so I can do my blog from there, but no guarantees. I will be packing tomorrow and travelling tomorrow and Thursday, so the quickest I could be back posting would be Friday if I can use Dad’s computer (and he still has Internet access).

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The indignities of aging, and the Feed

I’m not what would normally be considered “old” (53) but I find myself getting injuries that I have no idea how I got them. For instance my gluteus medius injury I got in December still hasn’t completely healed, somehow I keep repeating the same injury over and over again. And on the same leg I have a pain in the distal quadriceps, right above the knee that feels like it is a skin tear but without the “stretch mark” scar of a skin tear. I can feel a tiny bit of swelling under the skin but otherwise there is nothing to see or feel to give me a clue about the injury, or any indication why it hurts so much. I have had to back off my training for the drag racing standing start sprint because of the pain, not so much because it hurts to do it, but I get increased pain in the hours after a hard ride. While I’m riding the pain all goes away, the best I feel all day is when I’m on a bike (after that initial “ouch” of getting the feet around the first turn of the pedals). I completely agree with the T-shirt that says growing old ain’t for sissies. because this shit hurts.

Up first is a bit of infrastructure that will aid in building better infrastructure. A Biking Crash-Test Dummy Could Make Us Smarter About Cycling I would welcome tests that measured the rotational forces on the head and brain from the helmeted dummy just falling down in a series of crashes from 10-20 MPH with different types of helmets ranging from none to a full face Snell Foundation motorcycle helmet (the current Gold Standard in impact protection for two-wheeled vehicles). Another test I would like to see is the buzz job gone bad where the driver mis-judges where the side of the car and the cyclist are and hits the cyclist with the passenger-side mirror but misses the bike completely. I know that the bike will get tumble damage, but I also want to see what happens to the cyclist as passing speed increases and as the bicycle speed increases. These are wrecks where there is no solid data on what happens during impact and after impact.

Our big story is from CO. 11-year-old seriously hurt in bike-car crash and Police: Girl Seriously Injured After Being Hit By 2 Vehicles also 11-year-old cyclist suffers serious injuries in Fort Collins crash with car OK I think we know what the problem was in this wreck. The cyclist was in the crosswalk when the light turned green for the other direction and the drivers just blindly hit the gas and were at speed by the time they got across the road, ignoring the fact that the intersection was not clear. Not even SBR would prevent a wreck like this when drivers just automatically go on green without looking to see that the road is clear in front of them. What would help would be mandatory loss of vehicle for an at-fault wreck with a pedestrian or cyclist, but that would be an after-the-fact rather than a proactive measure.

A sidewalk cyclist is hit then insult is added to injury in the form of a ticket. University of Denver student injured in traffic accident and DU Student Breaks Leg After Getting Struck By Car While On Bike also DU student hit by SUV cited for biking on sidewalk Come on Denver PD, where’s the ticket for the driver that failed to yield to traffic on the sidewalk? To avoid don’t ride on the sidewalk, to prevent use SBR, and train drivers to not stick their cars across the SBR without looking.

Another teen cyclist injured in CA. Boy, 13, on bicycle hit by car on Winter Street in Holliston and Helicopters Transport Injured Cyclist Not much about the wreck in these links, just the cyclist was badly injured and was wearing a helmet. The described location was well away from an intersection so I would hazard a guess that the kid was hit from behind. Hit-from-behind protocol to avoid, and SBR to prevent.

A SWSS wreck in TN. Sparta bike rider killed Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, SBR to prevent, and better education for LEO to properly punish drivers for failure to pass with 3 feet of clearance.

Update on the woman killed while riding in a bike lane in the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike in the US 6 years running. Community weighs in on fatal bike crash I don’t see what the problem is with the investigation. The driver made an illegal lane change and killed a cyclist, he should get the death penalty (permanent loss of driving privileges and criminal charges of possession of an illegal weapon if caught driving).

More on the hit-and-run death of a 13YO in NYC. Search Continues For Driver Involved In Fatal Brooklyn Hit-And-Run and Brooklyn Boy Falls Off Bike, Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver plus Hit-And-Run Driver Sought In Brooklyn Teen’s Death more 13-year-old Brooklyn boy falls off bike & is struck and killed by SUV even Family Mourns 13-Year-Old Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver in Bensonhurst still more Tears for Brooklyn boy killed in hit-run and Teen Mowed Down By Hit-And-Run Driver After Falling Off Bike last link Hit-and-run driver kills 13-year-old This will be treated with the same respect and dignity for the cyclist as all wrecks are in NYC. Zip, zilch, nada. “No criminality expected.” The only way to prevent wrecks like this is to make enough room that if a cyclist falls down then he or she won’t fall into the path of a motor vehicle, i.e. SBR.

More on the CARnage in NYC. 2 Killed, 3 Seriously Injured: Dangerous Weekend For Pedestrians, Cyclists It is Hell out there people, cars are killing more New Yorkers than guns.

More from NYC. Important Safety Tips For Cyclists New And Old Some good stuff in there, some trash, but you have to take those nuggets of wisdom where you find them. There was some good stuff and some funny stuff in the comments.

More on the 6YO cyclist killed in KY. Classmates remember kindergartner killed Not much I can say to this one.

In the Great White North, a cyclist is hit from behind. Cyclist killed on Highway 15 I noticed a distinct lack of blame placed on the driver that hit the legal cyclist in this wreck. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, proper infrastructure to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from NE. Legislature gets into safe-cycling act Yes Nebraska has a 3-foot passing law now. Why doesn’t TX have one, Gov Goodhair?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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