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Back to the grind (literally), the Feed

OK while tha lady that has been hired to take care of Dad’s hygenic needs does her thing, I have a few minutes to filter the Feed and create cogent comments on how to react in the same situation. For those following at home we are going to be taking Dad to his first follow-up exam since the wreck this afternoon, The swelling around his shoulder and broken arm has gone down so much that the splint is just hanging there (which is why they don’t put broken bones immediately in a cast any more) so either he gets a cast today or he gets re-wrapped and a return visit for the cast. What I’m most hopefull for is something to relieve the pain from his back muscles going into spasm when he has to move. If they can come up with something for that it would improve his life 150%. I need something like that too, but none of the current anti-spasmodics are on the list of approved medications for the BP meds used in the study I’m on right now, so I’m doing as best I can with ibuprofen and diphenhydramine to help me sleep.

Up first is a CA cyclist that left crossed himself as he turned into his driveway at the end of a ride. Oakdale bicyclist struck and killed near his home and Bicyclist Hit, Killed Near Oakdale also Bicyclist dies in Oakdale crash The remains of the bike show a wreck of incredible violence that appears to be 100% the fault of the cyclist for not waiting for traffic to clear before making the left turn to his home. To avoid, just wait your turn to make your turn. Using Dutch neighborhood design principles and not putting people’s homes on high-speed arterials would prevent a wreck like this.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bikefor the last 6 years running a drunk driver is given a free pass because the violence of the wreck knocked the reflectors off the victim’s bike and they were not found at the scene. Investigator, prosecutor explain misdemeanor charge in fatal Flagler DUI crash The bike was destroyed so badly in the wreck they couldn’t find all the pieces (including the reflectors) so they gave the driver a “freebie” on killing the cyclist. Note the experiment the father of the cyclist did with the plastic cup for visibility at the scene of the wreck.

A bit of a bother in the UK over the head of a taxi service telling cyclists that they need to pay road tax (something that hasn’t existed in the UK since 1937, the current tax on vehicles is for pollution), just days after telling his drivers that he would pay the fines if they drove in the restricted bus/bike/taxi lanes from which his service was prohibited. Updated: Addison Lee backlash: Politicians and cyclists unite to condemn views of minicab firm boss First of all don’t come down on cyclists in the same week you told your drivers to break the law with impunity, second get up to date on the laws you want them to obey, third even if they were subject to the tax, as zero-emmisions vehicles bicycles would be taxed at no fees and get their stickers for free, just like electric cars and hydrogen fueled vehicles…

Final link, a memorial ride for 2 cyclists after the driver that killed them last year is convicted of 2 counts of murder. Riding in memory of the Doolittles I am so glad to see those 2nd degree murder convictions after this wreck…

I realize that this is a bit sparse for a Monday post, but I have been clearing out the Feed folder so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed when I got the blog back running from TN.

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