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Finding the new “normal”, and the Feed

Dad has taken a minor set-back as the trip Monday led to an exhausted Tuesday. The good news is that we now have a person bringing solid food by that knows how to cook well and still can make the food light enough for Dad to be able to eat it. The problem for Dad right now is he needs lots of nutrition, but because all he can do is just lay on his back or limp painfully to the bathroom he doesn’t need much in the way of calories, which pretty much prevents him from getting enough nutrition. Also the current thermostat setting of 80°F pretty well kills my appetite too. Well, that and my near total lack of activity beyond running around the house for my Dad.

The big story today is Bo Jackson is riding a bike (5 bikes actually, one at a time) across AL. Bo Jackson begins bike ride for tornado relief and Bo Jackson leads Alabama relief ride also Bo Jackson begins bike ride for tornado victims more Heisman winner Bo Jackson begins Alabama bike ride another one Bo Bikes Bama: Names on bike bear witness to tragedy

First wreck is a 10 YO recovering from getting hit while crossing the road. 10-year-old recovering from Appleton bicycle crash The cyclist did not clear the intersection before the cars started coming, but because of her age and the question of did she enter under a green light she didn’t get a ticket. But one of the drivers that hit her got one for having the view obstructed by something hanging from the mirror.

Another red light running kid cyclist in CA this time. Teen cyclist injured in car accident in Oxnard For this and the previous paragraph, to avoid use intersection protocols, to prevent install SBR.

Not much about the wreck in this report from MA. Fire Log: Injured Cyclist Airlifted for Treatment Geez. Not even a name for the cyclist… pretty serious injury though.

And from NC one of the top states for assaulting cyclists with guns (and conversely one of the lowest for IQ tests) someone shot another cyclist. Rocky Mount bicyclist injured in drive-by shooting To avoid find wicking body armor, to prevent LEO need to do a better job enforcing gun laws as well as driver’s license tests, there are some real idiots out there…

An AZ cyclist hit while following all the rules has died from the injuries in this update. Bicyclist injured in Yuba City crash dies Still no official word on how the wreck happened but my bet is the driver did it. At this point I don’t even know if the wreck was intersection or from behind.

A Portland OR teen is hit from behind in the bike lane and the driver barely slowed. Portland teen injured in hit-and-run Hit from behind protocols to avoid, SBR and better enforcement of not driving on them (the wreck was in a bike lane) to prevent. Did you see how many times people pulled into the bike lane to pass in the video? >shudder<

Another AZ wreck that having an alert responsible driver at the wheel would prevent. Amy Alexander Police Report Sheds No Light on Why SUV Drifted Into Bike Lane, Killing Cyclist; Kids Noticed What Mom Didn’t The kids said the vehicle was in the bike lane when it hit and killed the cyclist, making the driver at fault. So why the hand-wringing about why the driver was driving in the bike lane? And the $420 fine for killing a man is just outrageous.

A wreck in NJ. Bicyclist Martin Rutecki critically injured in Glassboro crash SWCC, the only person at the scene that was conscious was the driver who denied not paying attention to the road. I can’t see the bike, so I can’t say for sure what happened

Canuckistani LEO are trying to figure out how to blame the teen cyclist for getting hit from behind in the bike lane. Teen cyclist struck and killed by taxi Note the mention of the mantra of cycliing in West Canuckistan: “Reflective gear, lights and a helmet are all recommended while biking at night“. Not “Watch where you drive that multi-ton killing machine and don’t hit people riding bicycles!”

Last link is a report on a man that thwarted a bike theft, when LEO fianlly got around to catching up to the chase. Man follows bicycle thief for 30 minutes Total time between calling the cops and somebody slapping on the cuffs, nearly an hour.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. Go Bo!

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