A personal account of a wreck where the cyclist did everything right and still got hit, and the driver escaped any criminal prosecution.

Volagi Cycles

Sometimes as cyclists, we conveniently push the thought of just how dangerous road cycling really is out of our heads on a regular basis. If we were to truly fathom the inherent danger it would probably force us all to cower inside only to become couch jockeys with a tub of Cheetos and gallon of Coke. Fortunately though, we’re able to look past the worst case scenarios and get out and enjoy the ride.

The danger though, is frighteningly real.

The remains of the wheel above belong to a friend of mine, who was recently rear ended by an inattentive driver doing an estimated 70 MPH! Unfortunately, Todd was doing everything right by wearing a U.S. Army issued reflective vest, he had reflective ankle bands and had two flashing taillights on his bike, and still got hit (Todd is mostly ok FYI, he has a sore back and some other…

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  1. Clearly, a reflective vest was not the answer for that cyclist. No hints about what might have been are in that article. Yes, it is horrible that the motorist escaped prosecution, but I really don’t like Cheetos or Coke all that much. What protocol in that case? I have suspicions that involve riding on fog lines, but they are not enough.


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